Mania & HOF

March 31, 2009

I just have a few things I want to cover before I head off on my much-anticipated vacation. If you haven’t heard already, my wife and I are off to Hawaii for a week. This spring marks land mark birthdays for us both (I turn 40, and likely shouldn’t comment on her age) as well as our 15th wedding anniversary, so we are celebrating all three with a trip to Hawaii. This has been a horrible winter with an ungodly amount of snow so the thought of sitting on the beach for a week greatly appeals to me.

My friend and favourite author David Morrell has even provided me an unexpected birthday present to make the trip even better. I doubt David knows my birthday is on the horizon but I just received an advance reading copy of his next book “The Shimmer” in the mail, which pretty much makes this trip perfect.

I will not be watching WrestleMania on Sunday, because this will be a completely wrestling free vacation. The wrestling industry has resulted in enough time away from my wife over the past 15 years; it will not be interrupting our anniversary vacation. My 15th wedding anniversary (which is actually in May) takes precedence over the 25th (actually the 24th) anniversary of WrestleMania.

This brings me to WrestleMania, and I few topics I need to discuss before the big event. Firstly I need to adjust one of my predictions since they have added a bit of a stipulation to the Chris Jericho – Legends match. With this match now being an elimination style match, I predict Jericho defeats Snuka and Piper before going on to lose a fall to Steamboat with an assist by Flair. Legends will be the official winners of the match.

I’m also thrilled that Molly Holly and Victoria have been added to the Divas Battle Royal. Both are great workers and great people and I’m glad they have the opportunity for a final appearance at WrestleMania. Battle Royals are never great matches but it’s certainly a bigger ending point to a career than a random TV match.

I also want to comment on the HOF and Howard Finkle’s induction into it this year. I am so glad that WWE has finally decided to induct the Fink into the Hall of Fame and could not be happier for him. For my money Howard Finkle is the greatest wrestling ring announcer, period. He is the Bret Hart of ring announcing; he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. I may be a little biased because Howard was the WWF ring announcer when I was a fan so his voice is associated with so many great wrestling memories from when I was just a fan, but that being said I was a bigger NWA/WCW fan than I was a WWF fan back then and I have no recollection of who did the ring announcing for them.

Howard just has a great voice, and an unparalleled enthusiasm and love for this industry. He is the longest standing employee of the company; I think his employee number is 1, believe it or not, so if his standing as the greatest ring announcer wasn’t enough to warrant his induction into the HOF, his longevity in the company certainly should be. I’m not positive of this fact but I believe Howard Finkle is the only man to appear on camera at every WrestleMania to date (There is a chance Vince has as well but I don’t think so). If this is the case I hope they have a video package with a clip of Hoard at every WrestleMania for the HOF.

All of this aside I think I’m most happy because there is likely no one in the industry whose induction into the HOF will mean more to them. This induction will mean the world to Howard Finkle and I’m glad he is getting his due, and will finally have his day in the sun. I won’t be there to offer him my congratulations in person so let me offer them to him here.

Congratulations my friend, I could not be happier for you, and I’m glad you are getting some of the recognition you so greatly deserve. You are a fixture in this industry. If there is any justice in the world you will get to introduce the Shawn Michaels – Undertaker match on Sunday. That is a Hall of Fame match, if there ever was one, so who better to introduce it.

Enjoy the show everyone, I’ll be enjoying the beach and a good book.