WrestleMania 23

April 2, 2007

With WrestleMania this past Sunday everyone is likely expecting to hear my thoughts on it all today, but I can’t really do that. Truth be told I didn’t watch WrestleMania 23 this past Sunday. I wanted to see the show I just couldn’t find a convenient means by which to do so. I’ve spoken before about my aversion to paying to watch wrestling, and how after 17 years of doing this job it just feels wrong to be paying for it. That being said I was interested enough in Mania 23 to part with a few dollars to watch it but still could not find an acceptable means.

Pay Per View is not an option for me, as I do not have PPV capability at my house. I would have needed to upgrade my cable package as well as purchase a Digital Cable Box to enable me to order WrestleMania. With the cost of this plus the additional $50 price tag for WrestleMania I would have had to fork out nearly $350 dollars for the WrestleMania experience in my home, which the ever present miser in me just couldn’t come to grips with.

There was another option for me to consider but that too didn’t work out. In Canada WWE PPVs are available at Famous Players’ Theaters, so I could have gone down and watched the event on the Big Screen at my local theater. This would have been pretty cool as I’ve often though it would be a great atmosphere, but I can just imagine the mob scene of me walking into a movie theater chalked full of wrestling fans. I sometimes find it troublesome going to a regular movie with my wife when I get recognized and pestered for autographs. I can’t image how crazy it would be when the majority of movie goers are crazed wrestling fans.

So with no real means to watch the show, I missed out, no WrestleMania for me. Missing WrestleMania is nothing new for me mind you. I sat in the WCW Box at Mania 17 in Houston, wrestled on Heat in the Sky Dome in Toronto for Mania 18, defended the World Tag Team Titles again on Heat in Seattle at Mania 19 (man we got screwed that year), completely missed out on Mania XX at MSG in New York, and was retired (semi-retired) by WrestleMania 21 in LA.

So while I can’t really comment on the show, I have read the show results on line and figured I could at least recap my prediction and see how I did in predicting the “Show Case of the Immortals.” Let’s take the matches in order to keep it simple:

Money in the Bank: I predicted Mr. Kennedy would win this one and he did. I also added that I believed he would jump to RAW to use it, but we will have to wait on that prediction. He has already feuded with Taker and Cena needs new challengers so we shall see. (1,0)

Great Kahli – Kane: I predicted Kahli wining this one and it looks like I’m off to a great start as he did just that. (2,0)

Chris Benoit – MVP: This one I was on the fence with, and likely should have gone with what I would have done if I were booking. Instead I picked an MVP upset, and to be honest I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. (2,1)

Undertaker – Batista: I figured this match to go on last, which I certainly missed the boat on, but I said Taker would win the Title and continue his winning streak and I was right on the money with that one. (3,1)

ECW Originals – The New Breed: Another missed prediction. I expected the New Breed to pull this one out and WWE would drive another nail in the ECW coffin. RVD was victorious with the 5 Star Sprog Flash. I guess this means he came to terms on a new contract and will be staying. (3,2)

Battle of the Billionaires: I think everyone predicted this one. Lashley wins and Vincent Kennedy McMahon is now Bald. As an added bonus Trump takes a Stunner, Kudos to Trump for taking one for the team. (4,2)

Melina – Ashley: Another miss for me, but in my defense I was pretty much undecided and was just taking a stab in the dark. In my other two misses I had pegged Heels up so this was my balance the deck and put a face up. With the additional Baby Face victories, Melina retaining makes sense. Still a miss by me though. (4,3)

John Cena – Shawn Michaels: I picked Cena in this one and I managed to stay above 500 with Cena’s victory. Got to take your hat off to HBK for not only doing the honors as the say, but also tapping out to the STFU in the process. (5,3)

Well 5 out of 8 isn’t too bad and at no point during the show was I batting below 500. While 63% won’t get you into a good University it will at least keep you from repeating the year. I think I also deserve bonus points for correctly predicting the 4 biggest matches of the night. I got both Title matches correct, as well as Money in the Bank, and the Battle of the Billionaires. I just took a quick peak back at last years predictions. I took a little artistic license with last years picks but by a strange coincidence I scored almost exactly the same percentage with 7 out of 11 and a 64% success rate.

That’s WrestleMania for another year.
Lance Storm