WrestleMania 29: Predictions

April 2, 2013

Well it's time for my WrestleMania prediction commentary. I've had several people asking me for weeks now if I was going to do one, and of course I am, I just needed to wait until the final RAW before Mania took place. I always wait till the week before, in case changes are made to the card, as well as waiting to see the entire build to the event so I have as much information to go on. With no multi-man matches this year, I know there are tags I mean matches involving more than 2 options for winners, so my chances should be pretty good.

Last year I had the most successful year since starting my annual predictions in 2006 hitting a 75% accuracy rate. My worst year was 2010 reaching only 20% but I assume that was a year with a MITB and a few other matches that are rather hard to predict. Before starting with this year's show let's take a look back at my 7 year track record.

Mania 22: 63%
Mania 23: 63%
Mania 24: 44%
Mania 25: 50%
Mania 26: 20%
Mania 27: 38%
Mania 28: 75%
Average: 50%

Yup, after 20+ years in the wrestling business, I'm averaging the same as a random coin toss when it comes to predicting WrestleMania match winners. Hopefully this year I'll do as well as last year and get my average up above 500. Here we go.

The Rock vs. John Cena: I picked Cena to win last year and paid for it, but I'm going to stick with him this year and predict he picks up the win. I just can't see him losing 2 years in a row.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger: This is one I was a little on the fence with for quite a while, but I've decided to go with Del Rio retaining the title. I don't think the Swagger thing has heated up as much as they have hoped and I feel WWE is generally reluctant to switch both titles on same show. I'm not super confident with this pick but I'm going Del Rio.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk: I'm to the point where I doubt I will ever pick against the streak and with the heavy ending to RAW this week and the tie in with the later Paul Bearer (Bill Moody) I just can't see Undertaker losing this one. Undertaker goes to 21-0.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H: This is a tougher one for me; I can see reasons for this match to go either way. Brock won the first match, Hunter's career is on the line, HBK is out there with him, I can certainly see HHH picking up the win. That said Hunter really is more of an office guy now and everything I'm hearing says that Brock is staying around, so do you really want him going to 1-2 in WWE and having a loss against every opponent he's faced since returning to WWE from UFC? I'm predicting Brock Lesnar beats HHH again. Here is my logic. There are 2 big rematches on this show and I think most people are predicting 50/50 booking with the guy who lost the first time getting his redemption this time. This match will no doubt be on before the Rock-Cena match so HHH losing a second time could really help the Main Event with people thinking if Brock can win 2 straight maybe Rock can too, especially with rumors that WWE might build to Rock vs. Brock next year at Mania. Triple H is pretty much retired anyway and I can't really think of anyone out there who would be a big meaningful opponent for him moving forward, that is of course unless HBK "accidentally" costs Hunter his career and they come up with some "Unsanctioned" stipulation next year for one last final hurrah between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. I'm not saying that will happen I'm just saying Hunter coming back again next year, to face just a guy on the roster, doesn't really make sense so he could do good business here and building Brock even stronger.

Team Hell No vs. Ziggler & Big E: I was pretty confident we were going to get a tag title switch in this match and I was fully prepared to pick Dolph and Big E in this match and then RAW came along and Team Hell No got left laying with the Heels completely dominating. This is usually a hint that they will get theirs at the PPV and Team Hell No will prevail so I'm stumped. I do expect Ziggler and Big E to end up with the Tag Team Titles but it is possible that won't happen until sometime after WrestleMania. There is also the possibility of Ziggler losing here and cashing in the MITB briefcase on Del Rio and winning the World Title. This is a tough one. I don't have a lot of confidence in this pick but I'm going with Team Hell No retaining the titles. I think there is a possibility in the Dolph Ziggler cash in, so I'm picking Team Hell No.

Fandango vs. Chris Jericho: WWE seems to be really high on Fandango so I see him picking up the win here. It just doesn't make sense to beat a guy in his debut match and Jericho is pretty much Teflon at this point so I'm confident Fandango is getting his hand raised in this match.

Rhodes Scholars & Bellas vs. Tons of Funk & Funkettes: This match could certainly go either way, and in the end it doesn't matter all that much. Getting pinned in an 8 man mixed tag isn't hurting anybody, so I'm going with the feel good moment of Team Funky picking up the win and everyone shaking their booty.

Mark Henry vs. The Ryback: For me this comes down to who needs it most. I'm not sure Ryback has had a significant win on PPV yet so I think he needs this win so much more than Mark. Mark has been a killer much longer than Ryback and Mark just being Mark gives him all the credibility he needs. Ryback losing this one I think really hurts him, where Mark will be fine either way. I'm picking The Ryback.

The Shield vs. Orton, Show, Sheamus: I'm picking The Shield in this one. I don't think they have been beaten in a match yet and I don't see any reason to start now. Orton, Show, and Sheamus are not a regular team so having a miscue either on purpose or by accident by someone on this team leading to one of them getting pinned is what I would do. Thinking long term The Shield staying strong just makes sense.

I'm not picking a winner for the IC Title match between Wade Barrett and The Miz because they technically are no longer on WrestleMania seeing as they got bumped to the pre-show. These are Mania predictions and I don't want a non-Mania match messing up my average. I ended up changing a few of my picks at the last minute, which will likely cost me but I'll keep my fingers crossed for at least 5 out of 9 to improve my overall average. Enjoy the show everyone, I'll be back next week with the results.

Lance Storm

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