Mania Predictions/Outcome

April 5, 2006

This will be a quick one. I want to get to my commentary about my ROH appearance this past weekend but since I posted my predictions before Mania I committed to checking out the results and seeing how accurate I was. Keep in mind I did not see the event yet so I canít comment on match quality.

Iím certainly no Amazing Kreskin, but at least I kept above 500, with my Mania predictions. The thing that threw me off the most was I was banking on the HHH Title victory and switched a few of my predictions based on not wanting to switch that many titles. Lets run them down match-by-match and then work out my accuracy percentage.

Kane & Show Ė Carlito & Masters: I predicted a title switch here figuring that anything else would make this WrestleMania match a pointless squash. Iím not off to a very good start, this ended up a pointless squash. My score (0-1)

Money in the Bank: I predicted an RVD win here and itís reassuring that I am not completely out of touch. Iím very happy Rob got the big win here: My Score (1-1)

Benoit Ė JBL: This was one I was really on the fence with but I went with Benoit and I was wrong yet again. I was split for a couple reasons. I predicted a baby face SD champ coming out of this show so having a Heel secondary champ is always good, but again I didnít think they would switch so many titles. HHH not winning the title really screwed me over in this prediction. My Score (1-2)

Edge Ė Mick Foley: Thank goodness my buddy Edge and Foleyís professionalism didnít let me down in this one. I picked Edge and they delivered. Sounds like they went all out in this one as well. My Score (2,2)

Booker T & Sharmell Ė Boogey Man: I didnít know Sharmell was going to be part of the match when I made my prediction, and once I found out this fact I did (honestly) change my non-finish prediction to a Boogey Man victory. My prediction was more they would not beat Boogey Man, which definitely happened. I may be stretching a touch but Iím calling this a successful prediction. My Score (3,2)

Trish Ė Mickey: here again I fall victim to the HHH lose screwing me up. When I originally typed up my predictions I had Mickey all the way, but when I looked back there were too many title switched. I figured Trish could lose this one but I predicted the title would stay put. I figured on a RAW rematch and Monday Night switch. WRONG again. My Score (3,3)

Taker Ė Mark Henry: I got this one right but I think everyone likely did. Taker all the way 13-0 or 14-0 which ever it is. My Score (4,3)

HBK Ė VKM: It sounds like I hit this one right on the head. Not only did I get the result right but I predicted a real strong match and from what Iím reading they delivered. HBK with the win. My Score (5,3)

Angle Ė Orton Ė Mysterio: I was hoping this would close the show, but at least I got the result right. What an amazing night for Mysterio. I still canít believe WWE has a World Heavy Weight Champ who is 5í 3Ē and around 150lbs. Got so say though switching the title and not pinning the Champ is LAME!!!!! My Score (6,3)

Pillow Fight: I predicted ďDoes it MatterĒ and I contend that I could not have been more right. Torrie actually won, which is a bit of a surprise with the push they have been giving Candice, but Iím calling this a successful prediction. My Score (7,3)

HHH Ė Cena: Boy did this one throw me. I think I even mentioned that this was such a forgone conclusion that they should keep the title on Cena, but I didnít believe for a second they would. I got this one wrong and it messed me up the whole night. I guess this will be the RAW re-match and the Monday night title switch. My Score (7,4)

Well 7-4 isnít that bad, I almost got twice as many right as I did wrong, it certainly could have been a lot worse. I hope you enjoyed my predictions, and better yet, I hope you enjoyed Mania.