WrestleMania 26 Prediction Recap

April 5, 2010

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated, but I’ve been on the road the majority of the last week and haven’t had the time. I will try to get 2 or 3 commentaries posted this week to get caught up. Before I get to anything new stuff I want to wrap up my Mania predictions before WrestleMania is too distant a memory. I did so ungodly horrible this year it isn’t even funny. Up until this year my worst year has been a 44% accuracy rate and my over all average is approximately 55. Both of these numbers are about to go WAY down. On the up side however I thought this was a great show which I really enjoyed.

Show-Miz – Truth & Wisdom: I just took a wild guess on this match because to be honest I figured it didn’t really matter much. I went with the faces just more hoping that it would lead to a program for the Hart Dynasty, but WWE decided to turn the Hart’s face instead so they are now working with the winners of this match Show-Miz. I’m 0-1.

Orton – Rhodes – Dibiase: This match was the peak of my success. I picked Randy to win and he did. This was a solid enough match and Randy came out of it a very strong face which is pretty much what I figured was all it could accomplish so this one I hit on the head and moved me to 1-1 my highest momentary percentage. It’s all down hill from here.

MITB: This match is always a prediction killer, because there were 10 possibilities, and of course I missed. Sad thing is I even posted my top 2 picks and neither of those guys won. This was a really great match and likely not nearly as dangerous as previous years. Swagger wins, which shocked the hell out of me. 1-2

HHH – Sheamus: I don’t think I’ve ever predicted a HHH match correctly yet, and this year was no exception. I pegged Sheamus getting the nod and not only did HHH win but it was clean with the pedigree. I would have liked to see a non-finisher finish in this match but it was a solid match that I enjoyed. 1-3

Punk - Mysterio: I was pretty disappointed in this match, not only did I miss picking the winner but I thought this match was way too short and thus not nearly as good of a match as these two could have had. Rey wins clean and I move to 1-4

Bret – Vince: I didn’t know what I expected from this match going in (I knew Bret would be very limited physically) but not in my wildest dreams would I have expected this. The endless beat down of Vince and the involvement of the rest of the Hart family just didn’t work for me so by the time Bret got Vince in the Sharp Shooter I was just glad it was over and the finish was what it needed to be. I picked Bret getting the win so I move to 2-4

Edge – Y2J: This match I thought was quite great and likely could have been even better if they got another 5 minutes or so. I was very surprised when the crowd got so behind Jericho and then of course disappointed when he also picked up the win, moving me to 2-5.

Divas Tag: I didn’t know this match was going to be on the show when I posted my prediction, but before anyone got in the ring I made a quick prediction figuring you could all take my word on this one. I had no idea so I just went with the Faces getting the win, which of course wasn’t what happened. 2-6

Cena – Batista: This match ended up being a lot better than I expected and the crowd live was so into this. Great job by both of these guys and of course I picked Big Dave to win, half based on my pick of the other World Title switching instead, and I’m on to a dismal 2-7

Taker – HBK: I expected this match to awesome, so at least I got that part right. I knew Taker winning was the safe bet, but I figured to go with the long shot hoping to come out looking like a genius and instead I came out looking like a fool. Oh well not the first time and thanks to the work of these two men I was at least a happy fool. What a great match, it’s a shame JR wasn’t calling it because had that been the case it would have been even better. AWESOME AWESOME match and I end the show with a record of 2-8

Yes, I got two 2 right out of 10 for a whopping 20% accuracy rate. I should have been able to flip a coin and done better than that. Now when I combine this with my past 4 years of predictions (63,63,44,50) I drop from 55% to a horrendous 48%. Maybe I’ll do better next year, I’m guessing I pretty much have to especially since next years WrestleMania is on my Birthday.