WWE: Vince McMahon

April 7, 2008

It was a real slow wrestling week so I thought it would be a good time to take another look back at one of the promoters I worked for during my career. I havenít got that many left to cover and Iím now up to the big one, WWE and Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

I actually logged more years working in WWE than I did for any other company during my career. WWE bought my contract as part of their WCW purchase in the spring of 2001, and I didnít finish up with the company until the late summer of 2005. I worked for WWE for about four and a half years, three and a half of those as a wrestler, and my final years as a trainer in their developmental system. That may not seem like all that long to anyone else but when you consider my entire WCW run was but 10 months, four and a half years seems like a long time.

I dealt with a lot of different people during my time in WWE so I have look at more than just Vince McMahon. All of my business dealings were with either Jim Ross or Johnny Ace, both of which I got along with very well and I never had any problems. Iíd worked with Johnny in WCW so we already had a good relationship, and JR was always very professional. Both were very accessible and easy to deal with.

Creative is where a lot of you probably expect me to have issues, but to be honest I donít. Most fans comment that WWE was where I was most misused and how they did nothing but waste my talents but I think that is unfair. Everyone remembers the ďBoringĒ angle and the ridiculous dancing routine (which sucked, donít get me wrong) but you have to remember the good along with the bad.

I was a big part of the Invasion angle and I had an Intercontinental Title run and an excellent program with Edge for that Title. There was the UnAmericans run where Christian and I defeated Edge and Hulk Hogan for the World Tag Team Titles. The UnAmericans morphed into my teaming with William Regal for my 2nd and 3rd World Tag Team Title reigns. William and I had a great run as champs, which was a lot of fun, feuding with both RVD & Kane and the Dudleys. I segued into one last Tag Team Title run with Chief Morley after William Regal ran into heath problems, before my push declined and things got ďboringĒ for lack of another term.

Of my three and a half years on the active roster approximately 2 and a half of those where quite productive and rewarding and it is just unfortunate that it was my last year struggling in the creative quagmire that is most remembered. I choose to remember the great singles matches I had with guys like, Kurt Angle, HHH, or the WCW World Title match I had on RAW with The Rock, rather than the cabbage patch or boring days. You have to take the good with the bad, and it pays to try to focus on the good.

As an actual promoter you have to rate Vince McMahon as the absolute best. I worked in more Countries, in front of more people, made more money, and achieved my greatest fame while working for WWE. WWE is the biggest and most successful wrestling company there is so you certainly canít fault his promoting. As a person Iíd rate Vince pretty damn high too. Vince was always accessible, extremely friendly, and easy to deal with. Heís a little intimidating the first time you meet him but once you get past that heís a pretty damn good boss.

Before I blow too much smoke in the upward direction we should get to my favourite part of these commentaries, the money. Does WWE, like so many other companies Iíve worked for in the past, owe me money? The answer isÖtechnically yes, although Iíve never called them on it and they likely arenít even aware they do. The money in question is fairly minimal and was from when I first joined the company. When WWE purchased WCW they purchased my WCW talent contract. In my contract I had my regular weekly salary as well as a per night bonus for every show that I worked.

As soon as WWE took over my contract I started getting my cheque from them for my regular salary. At the time I wasnít working any shows so that was all I was owed. Before too long WWE had me renegotiate my contract and I signed a WWE contract, which they honored to the letter, but there was a small over lap before signing the WWE contract where I started working shows and I never received my per night bonuses for those shows. This may have just been an accounting oversight and since I never brought it up, it was never corrected.

You may think I was crazy for not saying anything, they were after all obligated to pay me that money, but I was just starting out with WWE at the time and I was more worried about rocking the boat and coming off like a WCW Prima Donna, than I was with an extra bonus on a few pay cheques. In the grand scheme of what I made in WWE this was really a drop in the bucket, and while I can technically say WWE owes me money, itís my own fault for never trying to collect it. Perhaps this is where the saying, ďYou are your own worst enemyĒ, comes from.

Till next week,
Lance Storm