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April 10, 2013

Q: When you watch wrestling now, and you get that 'itch' that makes you pop, do you find it more because of the wrestling or the booking?

A: I'd say more the wrestling. I still love good quality wrestling.

Q: Would you ever consider a return to the WWE ring (if asked) for a brief angle to help the initial promotion to the main roster of one of your former students?

A: I'd consider anything short term. I just have no intentions of going back on the road regularly, I'm quite happy with my school Storm Wrestling Academy.

Q: Does your daughter still work on your Q&A's?

A: She worked on this one but since I don't do these that often anymore not much.

Q: In your last Commentary, you're reply to a question asking "Do you consider yourself a "Legend" in the same manner as non-HOF former WWE wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and Rikishi?" was "By my definition of the term "Legend" none of us are." What is your definition of a legend?

A: I don't have a specific definition but to me to warrant the Legend designation you have to at least transcend the sport to a degree and be know by non-wrestling fans for your wrestling accomplishments.

Q: Since your marriage seems successful, what advice would you give to someone (specifically a guy) who is looking for a relationship with a woman? What should he look for in terms of the "right girl" and such? How did you choose your wife?

A: I don't think you "choose" your wife. I met someone I didn't want to live without, so I asked her to marry me. To have a successful marriage, your marriage has to be your number one priority. Too many people's number 1 priority is ME, mine is and always will be US.

Q: What is the difference between a storyline and an angle?

A: An angle is the intersection of 2 lines. You take two people and you figure out the angle that will put them on a collision course and you then sell tickets to that point of intersection. A storyline can be a tale that goes on forever and never really comes to a point.

Q: Do you think it would be insulting for someone on the current roster to be using a past legend's finisher as part of their offense, but not as their actual finisher? (ie. someone using the Stunner)

A: Everyone uses the DDT. If the "Legend" is too recent then you will come off as a copycat.

Q: Did you ever have what you thought was a good idea, but it was rejected when you pitched it to management in WCW or WWE?

A: Countless times, yes.

Q: How did you come up with the gimmick, "If I could be serious for a moment ..."?

A: That's not a gimmick it's a catch phrase. I used the line in a promo because it was ironic (not sure if it was written for me or I added it) and it got a good reaction so we decided to keep using it.

Q: Do you prefer to perform in the ring with any particular size of wrestler? Against smaller opponents you may seem to have an unfair size advantage, against larger opponents you may look good as the successful underdog.

A: When I was working regularly I liked to change it up so a variety over time was always best.

Q: I'd love to see Edge return to WWE in some capacity. How do you think he would do in a GM or commentator role?

A: Edge would do well in any role, but I think at least for the foreseeable future he's quite happy at home with his dogs. He has a great house and some awesome dogs.

Q: Is there a procedure for when a fan jumps the barricade?

A: Yes, the closest guy gets to hit him.

Q: At a comic con Q&A session this year CM Punk called himself a "phony wrestler." He was answering a question from a fan about he and Kofi Kingston being pulled over by the police, they thought they were in possession of drugs and possibly dangerous based on their appearance. What's your opinion on any wrestler who refers to themselves as phony no matter what the context that it being used in?

A: I would have to hear how exactly he said it to pass judgment. I have a lot of respect for Punk so I doubt he would use it in a manner that would offend me.

Q: Do you call all of your matches in the ring? Besides the finish is there anything you discuss prior to the match?

A: Every match is different depending on the situation.

Q: I was curious as to how well your various injuries have healed since your retirement. Are you feeling more or less like a normal man your age, or do the injuries you suffered over your career still nag at you?

A: I still have some nagging injuries certainly, but I am in far better shape than most people my age. As a matter of fact I'm in better shape than many people half my age.

Q: After a match in WWE and WCW, is it customary to shake hands with the referee and valet/manager (if involved) as well as your opponent?

A: Valets and Managers for sure. Referees you do sometimes but not always. Often referees have additional matches so they aren't always available for post match thank yous.

Q: In your opinion, who do you think made a better "booker": Heyman or Cornette?

A: I don't rank people. Both had their strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed working for and with both.

Q: Do you think that China will ever become a good market for wrestling and contributor of talent to the business?

A: When I read this question I thought you miss spelled Chyna and was confused as hell at first. I honestly have no idea, I'm not sure how or if pro-wrestling translates well in their culture.

Q: What are your thoughts on Beulah, Dawn Marie, Francine, Kimona and Bill Alfonso?

A: I never really worked with Beulah, but spoke to her a few times in the locker room and really like her. Damn I loved working with. Francine was always fun to work with, Kimona I really didn't know, and Fonzie is an absolute nut but would always do whatever he had to for the sake of a match.

Q: In your review of WrestleMania 21, with respect to Undertaker vs Randy Orton you write: "I remember this being the last time I truly though The Streak was in real jeopardy". My question is: you didn't think it was in jeopardy when he challenged a babyface Batista for the World title? Especially where the match didn't even go on last (which was stupid IMO)? Why not? Or will you get into that when you review WrestleMania 23?

A: I don't recall what I was thinking for Mania 23 but I think it was a case of big Dave already being made and not that young, so I figured why beat the streak when the other guy is already made.

Q: I could be wrong. But it seems like the best part(s) of your career took place when you were a heel. Despite that, did you prefer being a face more? Did you even like being a face at all, if you ever were?

A; I enjoyed being a face at the beginning of my career, Japan and Europe specifically but on the whole I just much prefer being a heel. It's more the driver's seat role.

Q: I know you worked with Goldberg in WCW and WWE. How well did you get backstage and what was he like to work with in the ring?

A: I always got along with Bill backstage he is a great guy. I didn't like working with him in the ring as much, because we were pushed at such different levels at the time we never had the opportunity to really have a true match.

Q: Just read your commentary on "The Wrestler" from 1974. "The One and Only" staring Henry Winkler is from the same era and I think more accurately depicts pro wrestling. Has some funny cameos as well. If you ever have a couple hours to burn check it out.

A: I remember watching that a long time ago and enjoying it.

Q: What is your favourite women's match, and have you ever met either of those women?

A: I don't pick favourites, but I've met almost all of the women wrestlers I've liked so I'd imagine I've met one or both of who ever would be in my favourite women's match.

Q: Do you miss being on the road? Obviously it's very time-devouring, but do you miss the action, the comradeship and having fun with the guys? It must be a once in a lifetime experience.

A: Once in a lifetime is almost laughable. I've been on the road with the boys hundreds of times maybe even a thousand. I miss aspects of it at times, but on the whole I'm quite happy where I am now.

Q: Years ago you turned me on to the TV show Corner Gas. I was wondering if you've seen the shows "Dan for Mayor" and/or "Hiccups" which star Corner Gas alumnus. If so, what is your opinion?

A: I checked out both, and thought they were decent. I preferred Hiccups.

Q: In the recently released CM Punk DVD Punk makes the statement that in his "world the best good guy fights the best bad guy at the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania." Punk was of course referring to his feeling passed over when the Miz got the main event. I am, however more interested in the booking philosophy behind that statement. Now of course it is impossible to state every variable but in your opinion when booking a big show do you put the two biggest stars (heel and face) against each other or do you think it is better to use them in two different programs.

A: There are exceptions to every rule, and you will never have everyone agree on who are the 2 biggest stars anyway, but as a general statement I agree with him.

Q: With the 49ers creating a problem about "Gays in the locker room" I was wondering if you might discuss how the locker room in the various wrestling organizations dealt with homophobia. Was it encouraged? Discouraged? By management? Or was the various personalities allowed to deal with things on their own?

A: The topic never came up. You are there to do a job, so you do your job. Its not like we are sitting around naked waiting to see if someone wants to look at our hose. I've shared a locker room with gay guys, I don't care. I've shared a locker room with girls, I don't care. I generally turn my back when I get changed, if someone gets a kick out of checking out my ass good for them.

Q: You've definitely made it clear your stance on performance enhancing drugs and that you'd never use them but my question is, has anyone in wrestling whether it be a promoter or fellow wrestler try to push them on you? Try to get you to use them for a cycle or test them out?

A: Everyone always assumed I was on them already, so no.

Q: How difficult is it for the married/committed wrestlers to stay faithful while on the road?

A: If you are committed to being faithful it's not hard. There is certainly opportunity but if you want to be faithful you avoid those situations.

Q: I am having a huge confusion on going to College or just go straight into the World of Pro Wrestling and begin my wrestling career. What do you think I should do? And being a Canadian, how do I get the WWE to notice me? I am 6'5 and I'm 19yrs old.

A: WWE is a big fan of guys with degrees so not only does it provide you with a plan B, it increases your chances of success with the plan A too.

Q: What advise would you give to a guy who's 17 years old, 6'2" 170lbs and trying to gain muscle mass?

A: Be patient, gaining weight takes time. Eat at least 5 smaller HEALTHY meals a day, get lots of sleep, and hit the gym.

Q: Hogan / Warrior 2 at Halloween Havoc was a train wreck of epic proportions. If you had a say, how would you have booked that match?

A: If I had a say I wouldn't have.

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