Q & A

April 20, 2007

Q: I watched the match you had with Bryan Danielson and at the end of the match the crowd chanted "YOU STILL GOT IT" how does it feel to hear those chants and I know you said you don't want to get on the road but even for a quick second does that kind of response makes you think about possible return?
A: A response like that is greatly appreciated, but I still have no interest in being on the road again.

Q: I just read about Lesnar and Angle having a friendly shoot years ago, which supposedly Angle won handily. It made me wonder who on the current WWE roster would be best able to take Angle in a shoot.
A: A shoot what? This is the part of the question that always gets under my skin. A shoot just means real, but are we talking a real wrestling match or a real fight? In a wrestling match no one would touch Kurt in his prime, but in a real fight Iíd put several people ahead of him. I doubt Kurt has the killer instinct to take someoneís eye out to win a fight, where I know guys in this business who would.

Q: Why do you think Mr. McMahon is willing to do the things he does to himself? From getting his head shaved, to not protecting himself from chairshots and the like, is it purely to put on a good show or as a way of 'leading by example'?
A: I think a lot of it is just pride. If Vince is going do something he wants to do it to the best of his ability, and he sure as hell isnít ever going to chicken out and do something half assed. I also think he knows that if he does stuff like, taking a stink face, NO ONE will ever be able to say no when they are asked.

Q: What do you think about John Cena? The internet really gives this kid a lot of hell even though personally I've think he's improved greatly over the last year. Do you think the internet is too harsh on him or he brings it on himself?
A: I like John, but I also think the Internet has the right to think whatever the hell they want and boo or cheer John. John is a poor wrestler, but an amazing performer, and fans can react however they see fit.

Q: I'm a big fan of yours. I just finished watching your match with Jericho at One Night Stand (which is amazing) and it got me thinking about my dream match of Storm vs Jericho vs Benoit vs Angle and how I truly believe you could have been on the same level as them but WWE never seemed to let that be. What are your feelings on WWE never letting you reach past where you were as I believe you are just as good if not better than the aforementioned wrestlers and could also be put in the same category as Finlay and Regal.
A: I think from a wrestling ability stand point I am in that league and I think Iím safe in assuming all but perhaps Kurt would agree with me. There is so much more behind getting a sustained push in WWE than just in ring ability, and as much as I would have enjoyed receiving that push, I am not losing sleep over not receiving it.

Q: You mention a lot of Sc-Fi and fantasy books and authors that you are familiar with. Have ever read any comic books? Have you read anything by Brad Meltzer or Greg Rucka, authors whose novels you are probably familiar with, and have written stories exclusively for comics, not just adaptations of their novels?
A: Iíve never really been into comics, but David Morrell is writing a Captain America series that I plan to check out.

Q: In many current Q and A's you have blamed teddy long on counting to 3 at the wrong time or messing up finishes. I would think it would be the wrestlers job to kick out and not the refs job to have to make sure he kicks out. Shouldnít there be no false finishes until the main event anyways, as it takes away form the main?
A: It is the wrestlers job to kick out and if the boys not kicking out were the problem I would not have mentioned it nor would he have been moved into his managerial role. Teddy was counting to three despite guys kicking out and it killed several matches. Are you actually suggesting never covering your opponent till the finish of the match? That would be one piss poor boring show!

Q: Some think that HHH being Stephanie's Husband gives him creative control to an extent, and say that he puts himself on top purposely to take advantage of that. What are your thoughts on this from what you saw of him when you were with the Company?
A: It absolutely gives him an advantage, but what can you do about it. Shane gets more of a push because heís a McMahon, and if I was a part of the family Iím sure I would have also. You put anyone of the boys in HHHís position and they too would benefit. A performers value is based on perception, and you tend to perceive the people you know best and like most in the best light possible. If I were booking, no matter how honest I tried to be, my friends and the people I like would get a better push because of it. I would likely see them in the best light possible and thus believe they deserve more of a push.

Q: I was just wondering, out of all the people you've worked with over the years, who is most like their in-ring character and who is least like their in-ring character?
A: RVD is likely most like his. I would go as far as to say Rob doesnít have an in-ring character. Rob is just Rob, he wrestles. Hornswaggle, is likely the least like it. Did you now he isnít really a little person? Itís just his in ring character; heís my height back stage.

Q: Every time I watch a WWE PPV, it seems like it ends 15-20 minutes before 11. Is there any reason WWE does this or is it a rule from the PPV company? Because I feel ripped off sometimes when there are short matches that could have been given more time if it didn't end early. The only time it was ever acknowledged was after the December to Dismember fiasco.
A: PPV isnít TV so they arenít a 3 hr show. The PPV time slot given the company is about 2 hrs. and 50 min. If the show doesnít end by 10:50 the satellite feed ends and you go black. Generally they aim to finish the show at 10:45 or so because to go much longer than that you risk not airing the finish of the main event.

Q: Before the fall of WCW, Bischoff ran an angle involving a big surprise at the Great American Bash. Bischoff stated something along the lines that it would piss Vince off immensely, and that there was nothing WWE could do to stop it, as Bischoff claimed that WCW had the best lawyers in the world. Then, come the Bash, the big surprise was a Goldberg heel turn, which was not only not a shock, but also lame. To your knowledge, was something else planned that had to be scrapped or was it just a ploy?
A: I donít know about that case specifically but both have occurred over the years.

Q: I have always been a fan of yours and just started reading your commentary. I just read the one where you said Finlay almost lost his leg in WCW, can you explain. I was also wondering what your thoughts would be on a DVD of injuries in the ring.
A: When Fit was in WCW he was doing a lot of hardcore matches and on a live event they didnít have extra tables on the ring truck and used ones from the building. Normal tables are particleboard and crumble when they break. The tables that night were Formica, which break more like a sheet of fiberglass. When fit hit the table it broke like a sheet of fiberglass and sliced right through his one leg just below the knee. He suffered a lot of damage to his leg and I believe still does not have any feeling below the knee in that leg.

Q: Since there are wrestling schools, are there schools on becoming a booker in wrestling? I want to be a booker for either WWE or TNA. What do I have to do to be great? What do I have to do to NOT become like Vince Russo?
A: There likely are schools that will take your money to teach you this but it will be a HUGE rip off. Unless you have years of experience in the business no one will hire you to book for them. WWE does hire no wrestling writers but they need a degree and legitimate writing credits, either TV, Movies, etc. If you applied for a booking job and said you went to ďSo and Soís Wrestling School for bookersĒ, you would get laughed out of the building or beat up, maybe both.

Q: I was wondering how "Calgary, (dramatic pause) Alberta Canada" came about. I was wondering because at work the other day I informing a client about a company that was based in Calgary and every time I told her where the corporate headquarters were, I said it the same way you would, and almost burst out laughing the whole time because I knew she had no idea what I was doing.
A: It really started because that was just the way I said it. I started exaggerating the pause a bit more on the advice of Paul Heyman.

Q: On another topic, I remember when the Victoria and Lance brother and sister thread broke out on the old message boards. However I don't recall if you ever brought up if Victoria found out about the thread and what she thought about it.
A: Her, Trish and I joked about it quite a bit. She thought it was quite funny until I mentioned that I once said we were Identical twins and someone pointed out that we would have to be the same sex to be Identical twins. I responded to this, ďWell, why do you think she has such a low voice?Ē Actually she even got a kick out of that one. Victoria is great and we got a kick out of it.

Q: What are your thoughts about companies pushing the weight limits in the cruiserweight divisions? Like in wcw when they had bigger guys like you and disco win the cruiserweight title and your larger than a typical cruiserweight. The announcers even said later in your wcw tenure that you held the cruiserweight title but no longer qualified for it.
A: I mentioned the weight issue when they first told me about the cruiserweight win in WCW and we talked about using the confusion behind my naming it the 100 Kilos and under title to get around it, and we actually had the announcers question my weight a couple times. On the whole I think it is bad for business when they bend the rules on stuff like this.

Q: How long do you see WWECW actually existing before Titan Tower pulls the plug?
A: As long as they have the TV deal, why pull the plug? The show likely costs them very little, so it is most likely a money maker.

Q: You've said that right now in the WWE there are too much titles (and I agree). So my question for you is what title(s) should be eliminate or unify?
A: I said I think there are too many titles. If they are going to do all brand PPVs regularly I would like to see them unify the Tag Titles, unify the US and IC, and maybe only defend a specific World Title per PPV. Iíd like to see just one World Champ to but to do that you might have to completely kill the brand switch which could cost too much money.

Q: I was watching the video u posted on your site in a commentary a while ago with u and Jericho from 1993 and i was wondering, was it just you two living together for a while in that apartment? And how much money were u able to make working small arenas like that, was it liveable? Because that didn't look like it had any more then 100 people in it at the most.
A: That was shoot in the hostís house, not where Chris and I lived. At that time I had a side job bouncing in a Bar to help support myself and I think Chris had already started working in Mexico and would have been making his living there and just working the local shows for a few extra bucks and the fun of it, in his off time from Mexico.

Q: When you were in your wrestling prime how many hours a day did you put in the gym?
A: I trained 5 days a week for about 90 minutes per day.

Q: Considering how amazingly well Finlays return to active competition has gone (arguably his biggest run), do you think there are any other agents or former talents tempted to try and make a return? Do you think any of them would be able to return at a level where they could be taken seriously again rather than viewed as a short-term novelty?
A: I donít think so, no. Most of the current agents stopped working due to injuries and havenít been able to stay in the ring shape that Fit had. Arn, and Dean have bad necks for example.

Q: I'm a huge fan of Yoshahiro Tajiri. I always winced while watching his matches due to the obvious impact of his kicks. How forcefully does the guy actually connect? Because the sound or his foot connecting is almost unreal?
A: Iíve always found Tajiri hit and miss. Some days they are amazing kicks that look great and are fine to take, but I have also seen several occasions where he just knocked guys out.

Q: What did you think of the Money in the Bank match being first up at Wrestlemania? The fans in attendance were literally shocked to see it first. It did a great job of getting the crowd hot, but the crowd was dead for every match after that until the Taker/Batista match (which was very misplaced in itself). Was it smart to put a potential show stealing match first?
A: I actually predicted that match to be first. You want to start of a show on a good note and looking at the card the only other option was Benoitís match and that depended on your faith in MVP and how much the crowd accepted him as a threat to Benoit.

Q: Why does Canada and Minnesota seems to produce so many high quality wrestlers?
A: Because they were territory based cities. Minnesota was the home of the AWA so it produced a lot of workers. Calgary had Stampede and Montreal also had International wrestling. When a City is a home base for a promotion talent flock to those centers and thus that City gets credit for producing more workers. A lot of guys came out of Texas because of World Class.

Q: Will HD High Definition change wrestling for the better or worse?
A: Iíve never seen HD TV so I have no idea.

Q: Would you care to give us a rating of your favourite and least favourite airlines?
A: I flew Middle East Airlines once, which was very bad. Contrary to my gimmick, Iíve had a lot of problems dealing with Air Canada over the years, and liked traveling with American Airlines.

Q: When you were teaching in OVW, who did you think had the most potential to succeed in WWE? Right now in the WWE, which of the wrestler you trained have surprise you the most? (in-ring abilities)
A: I knew Bobby Lashley would go far in WWE the first time I stepped in a ring with him. Matt Capottelli was by far the most talented, and nicest guy I worked with in OVW, and when he wins his fight with brain cancer heíll get his chance to prove me right.

Q: Are you surprise of the longevity of the tag title reign of Paul London & Brian Kendrick? (Considering that Vince like more to push bigger guys). London is simply amazing in the ring.
A: There really wasnít much of a division to move the belts around so they left them on London and Kendrick and itís made them something special. Despite not having a lot of great feuds they ALWAYS produce an entertaining match to watch.

Q: I just finished watching your ROH Straight Shooting Interview. Is this the toughest interview you ever give? I mean, 3 hours non-stop speaking, you must been completely exhausted after that? By the way, great match against Bryan Danielson, love it!
A: I can talk endlessly about wrestling. The interview was a piece of cake.

Q: What do you think about the camera angles WWE uses? I find that they switch the angles too often and I'd rather have a wide shot for all the big moves (ie. chair shot, someone going through a table, superplex).
A: I think they do the camera switch in an attempt to protect the business in case contact doesnít look good. Iím not a big fan of it because if your contact is good it also masks that somewhat. I have faith in myself making things look good on my own.

Q: Why would Vince McMahon use the name Great American Bash? Why not just use Bad Blood. I thought he'd prefer to use something that is his own creation instead of using something that is obviously associated with the NWA and WCW.
A: Itís a great name, so why not use it.

Q: Since you just did a commentary on the gym, would you be interested in doing one about proper dieting with a meal plan or something? As we know 80% of how you look is what you eat.. and for some guys (like myself) dieting is hard to get sometimes.
A: I disagree, I donít believe how you look is 80% of what you eat. If that were the case you wouldnít have to go to the gym, you could just eat right. Everyoneís metabolism is different and depending on how hard you workout, and your own metabolism, you can afford different diets. I hated cardio so I kept a much stricter diet. I know guys who need cheat days and compensate with far more cardio.

Q: Did you ever have a crush on any of the women in wrestling?
A: Not a crush, no. There were some that I liked more and found more attractive, but I never was interested in relationship with any, because I was and am married and not looking for anything like that. If I were single during my career I may have looked at them differently and got to know some of them on a different level, but I never put myself in a position to do such.

Q: I just wanted to know what music you used when touring Japan and if the choice of music was all down to you. Also What music to you use to the ring nowadays when you do the odd show?
A: When I worked in Japan I primarily tagged with a Japanese kid and we used his music. We used the Miami Vice theme for a while as well as the MacGyver theme song.

Q: Are you ever contacted for Meet and Greet Conventions / Fan Fests? I've gotten in to these as a hobby in the past year and always have a great time meeting past WWF / WCW / ECW stars, but you're one of the wrestlers I'd still like to meet. Will we ever see you at one of these?
A: Iíve been asked to do a few but I generally donít have the time to travel because of my school.

Q: Hey Lance, how is it possible that a man who's been part of several Team Canada gimmicks does not drink beer or watch hockey? Did creative not know you weren't a "true" Canadian when they included you in these stories? LOL
A: Hey they gave my a large penis too, what the hell does creative know about reality based?

Q: I was reading in a earlier Q&A that Rey Mysterio is the only man that has photographic evidence of you drunk. Care to share the story behind this?
A: Iíve only been drunk twice in my life, once in Europe and once in Japan. The Japan drunkenness was at a WAR 5th Anniversary party. Jericho, Juvi, Rey and myself were all drunk singing Karaoke. Rey claims to have photos from that night.

Q: I read your column "The Gym." What's the best way to jump start leg development? Even after squats, deadlifts, and running, my legs are lagging behind the rest of the body.
A: Some guys have legs that are just tough gainers. I would consider cutting out the running if you are more concerned with strictly gaining mass.

Q: I just watched Night of the Legends, which I was unable to attend live and a few things came to mind. 1. In your match, how concerned were you that Jericho might not be able to continue do to blood loss and/or the broken arm.
A: I wasnít too concerned. I asked him if he was okay at one point and he said he was fine, so I didnít think about it again after that.

Q: 2. How much of a toll does the blood loss take in a match like that?
A: Iíve never lost that much blood, but apart from being real messy it didnít seem to cause Chris any trouble.

Q: 3. Did the R & R Express or Lee and Candido take offense to wrestling for the tag belts so early in the card as compared to your tag math?
A: Not that I know of. It was a big show and a lot of featured matches, you have to take what you get.

Q: 4. What ever happened to Brian Lee?
A: I have no idea. I havenít heard a thing about him since his last run as one of DOA.

Q: 5. Did you burn those ugly tights from that match?
A: The tights looked a lot better up close. I may still have those in a box in my basement.

Q: 6. Was Tammy Sytch that difficult to deal with?
A: Not back then she wasnít.

Q: 7. Is there anyone more knowledgeable from a wrestling history standpoint than Jim Cornette?
A: Tommy Dreamer might be. Dreamer is like Rain Man when it comes to Wrestling.

Q: 8. Did you ever work with the R & R Express (I am assuming you did not since they and the Thrillseekers were faces)?
A: I never did, no. Jericho worked them once in Japan for WAR.

Q: 9. Did you ever work with Doug Furnas? If so, what was your opinion of him in the ring?
A: I worked with Doug in ECW. Chris and I actually beat him and Phil La Fond for the ECW Tag Titles. Doug was an amazing athlete but not what I would consider a rign general.

Q: 10. What is your opinion of Tracy Smothers in the ring?
A: I love Tracy both in and out of the ring!

Q: Just wondering what you think of Teddy Hart? I really think, regardless of his family association, he's an amazing performer. I hope he doesn't end up going to WWE and getting wasted like all other cruiserweight types. I'm surprised he's never toured Japan and got some experience over there. Anyway, cutting to the chase, what's your opinion of Teddy and how far do you see him going in the next few years?
A: I think everyone pretty much agrees that Teddy is an amazing performer; itís his conduct that tends to get him in trouble. If Teddy professionalizes (if that is a word) his conduct somewhat he can go as far as he wants to.

Q: I was just wondering where do you train when you were on the road with WWE/WCW. Is there like an agreement between WWE and a certain gym in each town or do you go wherever you want by your own? Also, did you noticed if some wrestlers or divas never train on the road?
A: There isnít an agreement with a specific gym chain, but you hit the same towns over and over so you learn which clubs in which towns are the best and are willing to take care of you. Most clubs allow the boys to train free just for the exposure of having us in their club.

Q: If it wasn't for having to be on the road again, would you be interested in working as an agent in the WWE? I think it fits you, as most WWE agents are generally some of the most respected wrestlers (Malenko, AA, Finlay..)
A: I would love that job, if it could be done without being on the road.

Q: In Japan and Mexico, they hold their masks with a high amount of esteem. Do wrestlers generally allow other wrestlers to see them maskless, or is that a reserved for close friends or respected peers? I ask this because you have met Liger and Ultimo Dragon, and I was curious as to how that went.
A: The Great Sasuki was the only masked wrestler I worked who wore the mask backstage while putting a match together and it offended me.

Q: I read one of your recent Q&A posts where you said that injuries from being in the ring (I'm focusing specifically on herniated/bulging discs) don't ever go away. Yet I seem to recall that Trish had this very injury back in 2005 and used yoga to fix the problem. She certainly didn't look the worse for wear when she returned later in the year (or since then, for that matter).
A: Discs injuries, etc. can become more inflamed and time off will help but they do not go back to normal. Christian was off with a slipped disc and that can go back into place but will still be prone to slip out again. My time off since retiring has helped my back a ton, but I still have the 4 bulging discs.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm