April 20, 2010

Iíve got a bit of a rant for you guys today, and believe it or not it has nothing to do with TNA or the fact that Rob Van Dam just won the TNA World Title with no build on free TV. Although I suppose there is a certain connection to Mr. RVD, because Iím going to rant about pot smokers and the fact that today is April 20th.

I donít know the origin of the 4:20 reference (and for those of you who have never heard the term) itís some kind of insider pot reference, sort of like what Kayfabe is to wrestling. I think the idea was that it was an insider term pot smokers used to let each other know they were going to go smoke a joint (or what ever the proper term is now). If I asked my fellow pot smoker what time it was and he replied 4:20, weíd both know it was time to go smoke.

Okay with that brief and I hope somewhat accurate explanation out of the way, I need to get on to my rant. Today is April 20th, and for those who havenít made the connection itís 4/20. If you are like me, you are probably thinking ďso what?Ē but apparently to the pot smoking community this is a real big deal and one that can not go uncelebrated or promoted.

When I went online this morning I was dumbfounded at the amount of Facebook and Twitter posts I saw, by Indy wrestlers, all stating their joy and celebration of this glorious day 4/20. I have no interest getting into the morality issue of drug use, as anti drug as I am I really donít care enough about whether these guys do or do not smoke pot. What has me riled up today as the amazing stupidity of these people for stating and effectively brag about ones love of pot in a public forum.

Anything posted on the Internet is effectively available for the whole world to see. What possible good can come out of posting publicly that you smoke pot? At the very least you come off like adolescent school kids, laughing and bragging to their friends about how cool you are for getting to third base with their girl friend. At worst you are potentially damaging your career and publicly admitting to illegal drug use.

Letís not get into the fact that marijuana is still technically an illegal drug in most places, letís just look at the potential damage these post can do to your career. If you are a pro-wrestler, you no doubt want to, at some point, be a success at it. The best place to be a success in the wrestling business is WWE. If youíve followed this business at all, and since you are in this business you certainly should, you should be well aware of the fact that Vince McMahon (The most powerful man in the Wrestling Industry) is extremely ANTI-POT.

There have been several guys in WWE that have had their pushed yanked out from under them (and thus taken pay cuts) as a result of pot related Wellness failures. Some guys have been outright fired and lost their jobs because they were caught repeatedly smoking pot. I have also heard of several developmental prospects that have had their contract offers rescinded because they tested positive for Marijuana on their initial wellness screening test.

Why the Fók would anyone in the wrestling industry go out of their way to draw public attention to the fact that they smoke pot? Iím not suggesting that Vince McMahon is searching the Internet and black listing anyone he sees endorsing pot use, but you never know when something like this can come back to bite you in the ass. Itís already a real long shot for most Indy workers, to get a shot at the big time, so you sure as hell donít need to hurt your cause by posting potentially damaging information about yourself online.

Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to get a shot at WWE? There are thousands of workers out there trying to get into WWE, and unless you are that one in a million stand out performer like The Rock, your chances could come down to the current mood or whim of the 3 or 4 people who evaluate you, should you be lucky enough to get a try out. If just one of the guys evaluating you are anti-pot or if there has been heat from above recently on anyone in the company for smoking pot, and you are even suspect of being a pot advocate, your chances of getting a job could go right down the toilet. Everything youíve worked hard for and dreamed about could go up in smoke (pun intended) because of an adolescent desire to make pot jokes and references online on April 20th.

If you want to succeed in this business you have to be putting your best foot forward at all times; you have to protect your public image at all times. Iím not even saying donít smoke pot (although that would be my advice if you were to ask) Iím just saying if you are going to smoke pot, be smart enough to keep your damn mouth shut about it; because you are just sabotaging your own career.

Lance Storm

p.s. I almost didnít post this because when I finished writing it I was reminded of something Al Snow told me once. He told me there was no point offering advice, because I wise man doesnít need it and a fool wonít heed it. I fear Al is right, but I posted it anyway. Hereís hoping at least a few fools are smart enough to heed it.