Non Wrestling RANT

March 22, 2009

I just read the stupidest thing in my local paper and I have to rant about it. This has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling, apart from the fact that I would like to have this jack ass in the ring so I could knock some sense into him…or just kick the shit out of him, either or.

Hotel owners in the small Saskatchewan town of Wynyard are up in arms about a recent crackdown by the RCMP (our version of State Police) on liquor infractions. Apparently since Sgt. Ron Russell came to town in July there has been nearly a doubling of Impaired Driving and other Liquor Violence charges being laid, and local hotel owners are complaining that it is hurting business.

Can you believe this? This cop has decreasing violence in their town and taken potential dangerous killers off the road, and bar owners are bitching because it’s hurting business. The primary complainer named in the article is a (if I can use an opinion driven adjective) Jack Ass by the name Larry Borzack. He has organized a town meeting to speak out against the crackdown in hopes of forcing local RCMP to ease up on the enforcement of THE LAW, in an attempt to increase business and sell more booze. He is actually claiming that this police officer is “picking on everyone in the community” with his actions.

This is just unf—king believable. The number of cases I read about in the paper of people being injured or killed by drunk drivers and this f—kwad wants police to stop enforcing impaired driving charges because people in his town are “afraid to go out and have a drink” and are now more often than not getting off sales to take home.

Since when does public safety and the enforcement of THE LAW take a backseat to Bar Business and alcohol sales. Perhaps this Jack Ass should complain about them enforcing the drinking age as well, I’m sure he could sell a lot more booze if he could sell alcohol to minors. Come on now, it would be good for business, let’s start liquoring up our kids too, it’s for the good of the community. If people in this town don’t feel they can go out to a bar and have a drink with out getting arrested for violent or impair driving charges, too f—king bad. Public safety needs to be a bigger concern than one guys right (I guess 5 guys rights) to sell booze.

There are only 5 bars in the community so hopefully the anti law enforcement contingent at the up coming meeting will be a small one, but I would not be surprised to see a large group of drinkers at the meeting supporting their cause. I do want to add this one cautionary warning to the town of Wynyard before they hold their town meeting. If you instruct or even hint at Sgt. Russell that he should ease up on his enforcement of these laws and even one person gets hurt or killed in a liquor related incident in your town, will you be able to live with yourself? Not to mention the fact that if such an injury or death does occur, I hope the family of the victim sues the living shit out of City council, Larry Borzack, and anyone else that speaks out in favour of said changes at this meeting, because they are saying F—k you and your right to public safety, we want to be able to sell booze and make money as well as drink and drive in our community. This isn’t even just a local issue because I just looked up Wynyard on a map and it’s located on a major highway in Saskatchewan so drunk drivers from that community will be crossing a major highway and endangering travelers from all over the Province.

Drunk driving is just UNACEPTABLE under any circumstances in my opinion, and I’m sorry if you can’t run a business without allowing drunk driving you need to find a new business.

That’s my two cents,