Career Retrospective

April 24, 2008

I wrote the following for my “Storm Front” article for “Fighting Spirit” Magazine, back in January, and it is being reproduced with permission from Uncooked Media Ltd.

Happy New Year everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season. I’m pretty sure 2008 is going to mark the first year of my full and complete retirement, so I thought it would be fun look back on my career and let you guys know what I would put on my career retrospective DVD if one such DVD were ever going to be made.

It’s always good to start at the beginning, so we have to include my pro-wrestling debut in Ponoka, Alberta in October of 1990 where I faced an also debuting Chris Jericho. The match was a 10-minute draw, and contrary to what Jericho said in his book, I only contend that it was the 2nd best match on the card. That is more a statement to the poor caliber of the show, than it is an endorsement of our match. I even have some match footage of Chris and I wrestling in training camp, which could be included as an extra.

Another match, which I think would be a great addition to the set, is my very first title win, which happened in only my third match. I won the CWC Heavyweight Title defeating Earthquake Muldoon. The highlight of this match is that the guy filming the match used a hand held camera and kept rotating the camera on it’s side to better frame tall shots, so when you watch it back the ring keeps rotating and half the match we are running spots up and down the screen instead of from side to side. You have to love Indy level production.

From here I’d jump to 1992 and my teaming with Chris Jericho as “Sudden Impact”. I’d love to include a match of ours from FMW in Japan but we only did the one tour and to my knowledge no footage of that tour exists. We did however do a couple TV tapings in Canada and I’d include our tag match vs. Lenny St. Clair and “Gentleman” Jimmy Jordan from Winnipeg. This is just a brief TV match but is highlighted by colour commentary from Nick Bockwinkle.

1993 was a big year for me with my break in Europe with CWA. I have one match in my collection from that period and it was a Jr. Heavyweight Title match against Hiro Yamamoto (Tenzan) from Hanover, Germany (Oct. 1993). This is only handheld footage but is an awesome match, which I am still very proud of. The crowd heat we had was amazing.

In 1994 I moved on to Smokey Mountain wrestling and working for Jim Cornette. I was back teaming with Jericho here, this time as the Thrillseekers. The biggest match we had in SMW was The Night of Legends match against the Heavenly Bodies, which is still to this day one of the biggest blood baths I’ve ever seen. I would include this match along with a couple of the cheesy Thrillseekers music videos we did in SMW, because they were so unbelievably bad!!!

1995 I headed back to Calgary (CRMW) and had some awesome matches seen by almost no one. I would include two matches from this time, both of which aired on local cable access. The first was a European rules match (we wrestled in rounds) with Johnny Smith and the other a Mid-Heavyweight Title Ladder match with Chris Jericho. In a strange twist of fate Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) was playing for the Calgary Stampeders at the time and saw this match on TV.

In 1996 I was off to Japan with WAR and I had a ton of great matches there. There is a great 8 man match I was involved in at the WAR 4th Anniversary show in July of 96. I teamed with Yuji Yasuroka, Ultimo Dragon, and Rey Mysterio to face, Geto, Juventud Guerrera, Jushin Liger, and Chris Jericho. I would also include the match were Yasu and I regained the WAR IJ Tag Titles defeating El Samurai and Jushin Liger on Nov. 96 as it is one of my favourite matches from Japan.

From Japan it was off to ECW. The first ECW match I would include was the match I had at “As Good as it Gets” where I faced Chris Candito. I had a lot of great matches with Chris and this was our first in the ECW Arena. From here I would include a highlight package of my feud with Candito leading up to my official heel turn and the debut of Damn Marie. I’d also include the Impact Players match from the Arena with Jado and Geto, I absolutely loved that match and the crowd reaction was amazing. The Extreme Death Match I had with Tommy Dreamer on the Hardcore Heaven PPV (May 99) is an also must for the DVD. As an ECW extra I also have backstage promo outtakes of the Impact Players and Cyrus, which are amazingly funny.

From here we go to WCW and the biggest push of my career. I think you absolutely have to include the US Title Tournament where I won the Title. Include the Thunder promo where I renamed it, as well as my subsequent wins of the Hardcore and Cruiserweight titles. For the sake of time I would likely edit all of this down to one video package as including 5 matches here is a lot considering I only spent 10 months in WCW. I’d likely include my complete World Title shot with Booker T as it really was the conclusion to the amazing 4-week title-winning run. As a WCW extra I would include the house show match I had in Amarillo, TX with Terry Funk (Sept. 2000) I have this match from a handheld; it is an amazing match with unbelievable crowd heat.

My WWE career has a lot to choose from but the choices are easy. I’d include my IC Title match with Edge at Summer Slam, the match were Christian and I defeat Hulk Hogan and Edge for the Tag Titles at Vengeance in 2002. To include my short lived run as a baby face I would include the Highlight Reel segment I did with Chris Jericho where I officially turned baby faced and teamed with RVD to defeat Chris Jericho and Christian.

To round out my post WWE career I would include my ECW ONS PPV match with Chris Jericho, My ROH World Title match with Bryan Danielson, which I am extremely proud of, and then my very last match with Robert Roode in my real home town (where I grew up) North Bay…Ontario, Canada. As an extra from this part of my career you’d have to include the Spinarooni I hit in my match with Christian for BSE in Toronto in Dec. 2006.

That rounds out the DVD with about 20 matches, and a few cool extras. It’s a shame this DVD will never be made, I’d like to think there are a few fans out there that would love to see it. I guess you could always take matters into your own hands and try to track all these matches down yourself. I’ve got a copy of every match mentioned above so they do exist. Good hunting!!!!

Lance Storm