Monster Q and A

April 27, 2010

Q: Do you answer every question you get? Some of them are so absurd and others have been answered so many times that it feels like some weeks you are stuck on repeat. No offense, but I think I know your opinion of Bryan Danielson or CM Punk by this time, or that you retired because you do not want to work on the road, regardless of if they gave you a gimmick where you could fly, or whatever. Why not just ignore these ones, or introduce a frequently asked questions section to post these questions in?

A: My daughter edits the questions so generally I just find it easier to just answer them again briefly than bother deleting them out. There is also the issue that not everyone reading these has been here from the beginning so I donít mind repeating myself somewhat. I do delete some questions though, ones I find too dumb to bother with or ones that would just be too complicated to answer in this format.

Q: What are your feelings on Daffney? Any encounters why you guys were in WCW? I think she is tremendously talented in the ring and has a unique look and character. She was punk/goth before it was cool.

A: Iíve always gotten along well with Daffney. She is a somewhat crazy but really nice girl.

Q: In your opinion why has William Regal never had a run or even a shot at a World's title? Not only has he been one of the soundest workers for years but he also has massive amounts of charisma and character. He's a renaissance man who has proved he can play every role in the industry from General Manager to comedic foil. The amount of heat he is able to draw is ridiculous. Regal as a heel champion just seems like money to me.

A: There are a lot of guys in the business who never get a shot at being Champ. I think itís a bigger travesty that he is just so under utilized in general. Even if you donít see him as World Champ he has so much more value than they are getting out of him. To specifically answer the World Title question, I think in most cases Vince has a perception of everyone that works for him and his perception of William Regal is not Main Eventer. That may be because of his build, or the fact that his style is not the normal ďWWE styleĒ who knows.

Q: I know you hate money questions, so I'm sorry. My question involves champions and pay. I don't understand one thing about the politics of a champion, I suppose. You have mentioned that the higher up on a card you are, the more money you draw. I guess logically the champion would be the highest drawing. Most people pay money to see the champion defend his title (or to see him lose it), right? Isn't it therefore in the best interests of the guys who would wrestle first match or so (as in, not really in the title picture) to have a higher drawing champion? If that's the case, why would it have taken so long to give a guy like Jeff Hardy the belt? Also, when ratings are down, why isn't basically the entire roster lobbying for a new champion, perhaps a fresh one? It would benefit them all, would it not?

A: You donít understand this business at all. All those guys at the bottom at the card you are talking about donít have ANY say in who is champion.

Q: I just read on a message board online that, according to Vince Russo's new book, Disco Inferno, back when he was in Creative, had some grand booking scheme in WCW of which the big swerve involved both yourself and Mike Tenay being unveiled on one show as, I kid you not, ALIENS. What do you think of this ludicrous idea and were you ever made aware of it, at the time? Also, who do you think would've made the better extra terrestrial between both you and Tenay?

A: Disco mentioned it to me although the version I was told was just that Team Canada would be revealed as Aliens, leading to the PPV titled 2001 A Space Odyssey, at some point in 2001. I thought this was one of the dumbest things Iíd ever heard and WCW wasnít exactly churning out winning booking ideas back then.

Q: When watching WWE, I can't help but think the company is in a similarly vulnerable state as it was when WCW took over in the mid-90's. Heyman, on the ECW DVD, compared the original ECW to Nirvana shaking up the music scene. Do you think there is room right now for another company - be it TNA or someone else - to be that edgy product that comes around every few decades to shake things up? Or is WWE just too big of a corporate giant now (more than they were in 1995).

A: I think there is just too big of a gap between WWE and everyone else for any real shake up, at least one big enough to affect WWE or the industry as a whole. Iíve said this since day one: Stop trying to compete with WWE, quit trying to Shake up the Industry, TNA, ROH, or anyone else who wants to be #2 should just try to put out a good product that is different from WWE in some way and WORTH WATCHING, and then grow at their own rate.

Q: I grew up in the 80s watching the Von Erich family use the iron claw as a submission hold, but donít remember anyone using this in years. Is there a reason why this hold is not used anymore?

A: Yeah, itís boring as hell. Matches are more about excitement and action now, where back in the WCCW days it was more about emotion.

Q: Thoughts on the Undertaker inside and outside of the ring. I have never heard a bad word said about him in ďshootĒ interviews.

A: He is a complete professional and a likable person. You donít hear bad words about him because there isnítí anything bad you can say about the man.

Q: In WCW and WWE, if Creative approached you with a storyline or an idea for a feud but for whatever reason you felt you couldnít do it, would they give you much leeway? Would they take your potential reservations about it onboard?

A: This all depends on the situation and the people involved. Stuff like this can only be explained on a case by case basis. It all depends on how high on the idea they are and how big your reservations might be.

Q: What's your opinion on the following scenario: The TV-situation in many countries around the world means, that in these countries, RAW and SD does not air in its full lenght. Only in 45 minutes-international versions. So, Fans in this countries doesn't order any PPVs. Now, these fans try to get the full versions of the shows illegal via Internet, watch them, get emotional invested - and order PPVs. OK or still wrong?

A: Are you asking if I think its okay if people watch RAW and SmackDown online? Itís not really pirating when the thing you are pirating is FREE in the first place.

Q: For some reason, I'm assuming someone else is going to ask you about WWE banning head shots with a chair so I want to ask you this: do you more research and awareness should be given to the fans (especially wrestling fans) on the long term affects of something like constant trauma to the head? Granted, this could be said about other sports like (American) football and even hockey as it can be technically be described as a "young" with not enough research.

A: I donít think we need to start holding educational seminars for fans on head trauma no. We just need to take care of our athletes. Also if you want to be accurate Iím not against safe chair shots to the head. If swung properly and taken properly (with a hand up) chair shots to the head can be done where you donít actually get hit in the head with the chair. It comes down to skill level and safety. That being said better safe than sorry so Iím more than okay with the outright ban.

Q: I was watching a few AWA and Japanese matches featuring Hulk Hogan, and noticed he seemed do more wrestling in those instances than in WWF and onward. His matches with Muta, Nick Bockwinkel and Antonio Inoki seemed to actually be more than a few moves and alot of theatrics. Do you think this has to do with different crowds wanting different things or what?

A: It likely has more to do with him getting so over in WWE that he found a formula that worked and was easy (he was working an absurd schedule) that he just stuck with.

Q: Speaking of The Great Muta/Keiji Mutoh, what is your opinion on him? Do you think the recent addition of Inoki into the WWE Hall Of Fame increases the chances of another Japanese legend like Mutoh, who had more prominence in his tenor in North America than Inoki, to be considered for the Hall of Fame?

A: I think putting Inoki in was more political than anything else so it may not open the door for someone like Muta but Iíd be all for him getting in.

Q: Apologies if you've addressed this before, but what are your thoughts on Matt Striker as a color man? I know you do not catch Smackdown much but I would highly recommend trying to watch an episode or two just for Striker's commentary. He is fantastic.

A: Iím not a huge fan of Striker on commentary. Heís informative and WAY better than I would ever be but I donít think he translates the emotion of a match particularly well.

Q: In recent history I have said "Jericho is the greatest wrestling heel since Andy Kaufman." and "Jericho is the greatest heel in company [WWE] history." While I don't ever meet as big a Jericho fan I am never challenged on these statements. I just wondered what you thought.

A: I think wrestling is way to subjective to ever pick a greatest of all time at anything. Jericho is great no doubt but when you look back at some of the great heel over the years being the greatest is a tall order.

Q: Have you commented on the WWE's year long gimmick PPV schedule? I want to say I've been waiting for you to, did I miss it?

A: I donít think I did comment. I hate the idea of Gimmick or Concept PPVs. I think it is a bad trend for the business. I think gimmick matches should be done when appropriate for a specific angle not just because itís that time of year. I also hate having too many gimmick matches on one show. I think it burns out the gimmicks as well as the crowds at the show.

Q: Since everyone tries to have a new innovative move for their finisher, I was wondering which finishers from today's younger wrestlers you like and dislike. Personally I think the GTS looks amazing when sold properly.

A: The GTS is real good; the only draw back is with really big guys it gets hard to do.

Q: In the last Q&A you mentioned that many wrestlers may not want to use a retired wrestler's finisher because they don't want the audience identifying the finisher with someone else. Are there any finishers that we don't see anymore that you would love to see brought back out? I for one love that Sheamus uses the Razor's Edge as I think it's a quality finisher that looks powerful.

A: I hate the Razors Edge because the direction you are travelling when you hit the mat itís very difficult to not bang your head. Bumps are safest when taken straight down. Iíve seen a couple guys bang their heads taking the move from Sheamus, which I think is why they have been having him use the kick more.

Q: Have you watched any of Last Call with Scott Hall on his youtube channel? I find the stories between Scott and Zybysco entertaining whether they're all accurate or not and I couldn't have ever imagined being a fly on the wall on the road with my favorite wrestlers when I was coming up.

A: No I have not watched Scott Hall on YouTube.

Q: With the way Goldberg left WWE, and with numerous stories that have been told about how he hates the professional wrestling business, do you think it's right for him to be put in the Hall of Fame next year, as he is rumored to be?

A: Iíd have no problem with Bill in the HOF and Atlanta would be the City to do it. As far as how he went out, he took his Stunner on the way out, so I have no problems with it. Everyone has bad mouthed aspects of the business over the years. Billís a great guy and he was a big part of the Monday Night Warís so I think he is a good HOF candidate.

Q: Iím a man in my late 30s with a slight belly. Iím not obese or anything but it certainly doesnít look or feel healthy. In your experience would you say it would be noticeably harder for me to lose the belly via high intensity cardio and a healthy diet than a man in, say, his early 20s?

A: As a general rule itís going to be harder the older you get.

Q: Can you give any examples of the difference in management organisation between WWE and WCW?

A: The big difference, at least during my time in each company, was that WWE had a Boss (Vince McMahon) and in WCW no one really knew who was in charge. In WCW there were various bookers, several of the boys had creative control, there were Turner executives to answer to, as well as the lady in the legal department who everyone called when agreements between talent and office couldnít be reached. In WWE if there is a problem or disagreement, all you had to do to settle them is ASK VINCE. What he says goes, end of story.

Q: As someone who no doubt had plenty of matches called by him, what's your view on Mike Tenay? I see him as a wonderful play by play guy with enormous and almost unrivalled knowledge of the business and believe that, despite being regularly overlooked and underrated, he is a real asset to TNA just as he was for the fledgling WCW back in the mid 90's.

A: I think Mike had a bigger positive Impact (no pun intended) in WCW, and I much preferred his work back then. I think in TNA he was often forced to try to explain too much (both too many angles and far too complicated angles) that it really hurt his ability to just call a match, and his work suffered as a result.

Q: If you remember that epic spear Goldberg delivered to Christian on Raw back when you two were traveling together, how much pain was Christian in the next morning or did it just look a lot worse than it was?

A: Christian is just really great.

Q: I know that you have always kept your feet on the ground and remained level-headed throughout your career, but what would you say has been your most 'Hollywood' moment?

A: I donít think Iíve ever really had one. I donít like attention and I donít like being around many people so the ĎHollywoodí stuff isnít for me.

Q: What do you think about WWE having unified tag team titles? Why don't they just merge them both in to one title as they did when Chris Jericho became the undisputed champion if they're not going to have ShoMiz defend each title?

A: I think they just think it looks more impressive to carry both belts to the ring, and it helps explain why they are allowed to work both shows where other champions (with only one belt) canít.

Q: I read your "favorite wrestling city, based on diners" commentary, and you've written numerous times that you're very health conscious... So I gotta ask... Do you allow actually yourself Butter and Syrup on your pancakes???

A: I never used butter but I did use syrup. Most places even offer low calorie syrup.

Q: What did you think of the nWo's parody of Arn Anderson's retirement speech back in WCW? Were Bischoff and Nash out of line or did the Horsemen take it too seriously?

A: I found it disrespectful. If it was done for business then it should have been an angle that went some where. If Iím going to be a heel and come out and make fun of someone itís to build to that person getting their hands on me and hopefully drawing money.

Q: Why do some wrestlers wear trunks over their tights i.e. Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels back when he still wore tights?

A: Because they like the way they fit better.

Q: Why do you think Vince Russo is still in TNA?

A: Because someone there likes punishing the wrestling business.

Q: I don't recall seeing chair shots used in US pro wrestling prior to ECW. Were they a Japanese import, or was there a history I didn't know about?

A: Theyíve always been used itís just pre ECW they were used sparingly so they had impact and to further a big angle, not just to get a pop. FMW in Japan and then ECW were likely the culprits that started gratuitously using chair shots.

Q: Did you ever work under Vince Russo and, if so, what were your impressions of him?

A: I worked under Russo in WCW, and Iíve never seen eye to eye with the man. I donít think he understand or particularly likes the wrestling business.

Q: I recently purchased the first Best of AJ Styles in TNA dvd and I just don't understand why TNA is so hell bent on making him a heel. He's been paired up with Mortimer Plum tree, Vince Russo, Tyson Tomko and now Ric Flair. I haven't been a TNA fan for very long, but I really get the impression that the fans really prefer to cheer for the guy. Your thoughts?

A: Iíve bitched and complained every time theyíve trie to turn AJ heel. AJís biggest asset is that he can do phenomenal stuff in the ring (thus the nick name). Guys who do amazingly cool things in the ring are better baby faces because people like to see that stuff and cheer for it.

Q: How gross is the canvas in the ring?

A: Depends on where you work. WWEís Iíd eat off of, some Indy shows you wouldnít even want to touch.

Q: What do you think about wrestlers not making the save until their ring entrance music starts up? Does it defy logic or should we just accept it as part of the show and it's no big deal?

A: I think itís both. It does defy logic but it gets a bigger pop and most people just accept it now.

Q: If you could book the "perfect Wrestlemania card" using only past Wrestlemania matches and not using any title or wrestler more than once, what would it look like?

A: Great question but this would take way too much work. Maybe if Iím stuck for a full commentary sometime Iíll dedicate some time to this because Iíd have to go back and research a bit.

Q: Do you know, or can you make an educated guess, when the Undertaker's winning streak at wrestlemania became something that was taken into consideration by the writers when booking the show?

A: I have no idea. Iíll need to just ask him the next time I get to a show. As I watch all the WrestleManias back maybe Iíll be able to tell. Until there is a match that I think maybe should have gone to the other guy they wouldnít have had to make the call to maintain a streak.

Q: Does Vince M. walk around backstage doing the funky chicken, or does he only do it when he walks to the ring?

A: Like most great things in wrestling they are based in reality just exaggerated while on stage. Vince does have a bit of a natural swagger, but it is played up greatly when he performs.

Q: After watching your recent RF shoot, I was wondering if you'd ever do one of their "Face Off" series interviews, where you'd sit in front of the camera with another wrestler and go through questions together. If so, who are a couple of people you'd like to sit down and shoot with??

A: Don Callis and I would be awesome. Jerry Lynn and I on ECW would be great. If it was discussing the wrestling business and not just our careers, Iíd love to sit down with Jim Cornette or Paul Heyman.

Q: You were a big part of the Invasion, you were also a big part f the night ECW arrived as a faction and later in the show joined with WCW. Do you have any memories of that night and how you felt it went?

A: They angel we did in the ring for the ECW part was awesome, likely the best thing that was done during the entire Invasion. I also remember when we were getting ready for the Main Event when we would join WCW to form the Alliance saying to Paul that all the heat we created with the ECW thing was going to be flushed down the toilet as soon as we joined up with WCW.

Q: What is the point of Cody Rhodes having his knee pads above his boots. Like Ric Flair or later day Bulldog? Does this provide any protection or does it negate the point of the pads and make them purely aesthetic?

A: Iím stunned by how many times I get asked this question. Go kneel on the floor with your body upright and ask your self what part of you is touching the floor. If you are a ground based wrestler who would only need knee pads for knee drops and kneeling, slightly below the knee is where you would want padding. For high flying guys who come off the top and land like you would for a splash you land higher on your knees and need the pads actually on your knees. Iím amazed fans can never figure this out on their own.

Q: Anyone in WWF/E you wanted to work with but never had the chance?

A: Another constantly repeated question: Bret, Shawn, Savage, and Steamboat. Of the three I think Steamboat and I might be the best fit. As a heel that guy would be a dream baby face to work with.

Q: Did you ever work with The Big Boss Man?

A: I donít believe so. We were in WWE together briefly but did not work together. Great guy.

Q: Did you know that the The Ideal Canadian had the same wrestling shoes as you?

A: Yeah the pricks a theif.

Q: What do you think of the current legal situation/threats going on between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo/TNA.

A: I think itís a bit absurd. Cornette cuts heated promos on people all the time, and I have a hard time believing people in TNA genuinely thought this was anything but a heated wrestling promo and nothing more. I will grant you doing this in writing wasnít the smartest move, but come on. If he was planning on actually killing Russo he wouldnít put it in writing and send it to his place of employment. Even in his email Cornette clearly states heís just blowing off steam. How many people havenít said, ďMan Iíd like to kill that guyĒ before.

Q: I was just wondering if you have heard of or seen any of the Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker series where a wrestler or promotor re-books a territory and time period in professional wrestling history and would you ever consider doing one? Would you be interested in giving a re-booking for one the several failed attempts over the years at turning TNA around?

A: I havenít seen any of them and I donít really like the concept, because I think itís unrealistic. When really booking you have so many more people to answer too and variables to consider, so you never just get to do what you want so just fantasy booking is just that fantasy.

Q: When Sting turned heel on March 8th, you wrote in your commentary that it made no sense for him to run in when he did, as the faces were being beaten up anyway. I hate all of Russoís swerves and this was no different. But if Hogan and Abyss were on top, wouldnít the fans be confused as to why a third babyface is interfering unecessarily? The booking was similar when Hogan joined The Outsiders at Bash at the Beach. He gave Randy Savage the leg drop, who was already flat on his back, and I can think of some post-Russo WWF angles with this same scenario too.

A: All are just examples of shitty booking. For starters there needs to be ground work laid so once the ďswerveĒ happens, no matter how surprised we were we understand it. The Hogan thing and the Sting thing had no ground work and no reason behind anything so there was really no way to do the angle and have it make sense. Go back and watch Savage turn Heel on Hulk Hogan leading to WrestleMania 5, or When Batista and Hunter finally split leading to WrestleMania 21, thatís how you book.

Q: Reading about the WWE travel issues. Whatís the longest you've gone without sleep?

A: I donít know how long Iíve gone with out sleep but I know Iíve gone more than 48 hours with out going to bed a couple times.

Q: I enjoyed reading your recent evisceration of Boston Logan Airport. As a fellow business traveler, I couldn't agree more, although the worst U.S. airport, for my money, is Cleveland (Ohio) Hopkins. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I've flown out of nicer airports in third-world countries. So here's my question: What's your all-time favorite airport?

A: This sort of depends. I love all small airports because there are easy to get in and out of. Being able to walk to the rental car lot is always a plus. If you mean favourite major airport, I might pick Minneapolis. Denver is really nice but Iím not a fan of the food options.

Q: Love the site. I know you came out to White Zombie in ECW, just curious if you're attending either of the Rob Zombie concerts in Alberta next week?

A: Didnít even know there was one. Iím not going Iím not a big concert goer.

Q: What is your opinion on TNA's release of Christopher Daniels and WWE's release of Shelton Benjamin? And do you think there's a chance for either one of them to get signed by the opposing company?

A: I think TNA releasing Daniels was the far bigger mistake, as he was a much bigger asset to TNA than Shelton was to WWE. That is not a shot at Shelton, WWE is just so much bigger of a company and Daniels has been a significant player in TNA for a number of years. I think there is a greater chance of Shelton ending up in TNA than Daniels in WWE.

Q: What in the name of everything Holy is a "Steak and ShakeĒ?

A: Itís a fast food place. I think I only ever ate there once or twice. If memory serves though the food was pretty good.

Q: In a world where drug use is becoming more common, do you think a young wrestler or a newly trained wrestler would have a more difficult time (on the independent circuit) trying to stay sober and focused? Would he or she get ribbed more because of not participating in activities involving drugs? I'm not even sure what the attitudes of wrestlers that are drug involved are towards the wrestlers who are not drug involved. Was there pressure on you in your early days? Were you ever feeling like an outcast?

A: In the wrestling world drug use is becoming LESS common, so I think there is less pressure than ever before. If anything the pressure is to stay sober and clean now, where back when I first broke in I was an outcast to an extent because I did not drink or take any for of drugs be they pain pills or recreational.

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