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April 28, 2014

Just a few topics to comment on, but since it's been a while since I updated the Blog, I figured I best get something up.

The May session at SWA starts next week, and I've got airport pickups starting Thursday so things are about to get busy once again. May will be another full session, and Sept is also booked full, so if you are interested in learning how to wrestle from me it's best to book early. Jan. 2015 is over half full and the May and Sept sessions for 2015 also have people already signed up.

On the podcast front I am scheduled to do the Ross Report with Jim Ross in the not too distant future. I'm not sure how far ahead he records his shows but I will be on the Ross Report before too long. If you haven't checked out his podcast you can go to or download it on iTunes. There are a ton of great podcasts on PodcastOne, Steve Austin does the Steve Austin Show twice a week, Chris Jericho does Talk is Jericho twice a week and JR's Ross Report is once a week. Roddy Piper does Piper's Pit with them as well but I haven't checked his out yet. I've been a guest on the Steve Austin show, and I will eventually do Talk is Jericho as well. Chris makes a real effort to avoid doubling up on guests who have done other shows recently so it may be closer to year end before I get on his.

This past weekend I finally got to meet Greg Rucka. I first got to know Mr. Rucka through my website when I ran Book Marks, my online Book Club. We read "Fistful of Rain" for Book Marks, and I've become a huge fan of his work. In addition to great novels Mr. Rucka is likely better known for his work in comics and graphic novels, and it was because of his work in this field that I got to meet him this weekend. Mr. Rucka was in town for the Calgary Expo, which is a giant Comic-Con and Entertainment Expo, and we hooked up for breakfast Saturday morning before the event. If you haven't checked out his work I strongly recommend it. If being a great author and a good guy wasn't enough, Greg Rucka can also be credited with properly diagnosing my lower back problems, which contributed to my early retirement. In late 2003 early 2004 my lower back was really starting to bother me, and I was even getting weakness in my right leg after taking certain bumps. WWE sent me to a bunch of different doctors none of which produced a solution to my problems. With these problems persisting and my lack of direction creatively, I made the decision to get off the road and the roster and took to position as the trainer of the WWE’s developmental program. It was during my time in OVW that I read Greg Rucka's book Critical Space, and in the book lead character Atticus Kodiak starts having back trouble that sounded exactly like the issues I was having. Atticus was diagnosed with Iliopsoas in the book, so I looked into this condition online, printed out material on it and took it to my doctor. We decided this could very well be my problem so I got the same massage treatment Atticus did and pretty much fixed my lower back issues.

I will be wrestling at House of Hardcore VI in the San Diego area June 14th. I will also be doing a big fan meet and greet / autograph signing deal the day of the show, so anyone in the Southern California area I hope you check out the event. My opponent hasn't been finalized yet but once it has I'll be sure to let everyone know.

I will also be at the Mid-Atlantic Legends Fan Fest as part of a 4 day wrestling training camp along with fellow trainers, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Les Thatcher, Gerald Briscoe, and Nigel McGuiness. The camp runs July 31st thru Aug. 3rd. In addition to the training camp I will be doing a meet and greet session during the weekend as well. Info at

Oh and on a personal note my wife and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on May 7th. Chris Jericho stood up with me that day, and if I remember and can find one I'll tweet a picture of us both in our Tuxedos. Follow me @LanceStorm It will be my 1 day early Throw Back Thursday pic.


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