Q and A

May 8, 2006

Q: I would like to know what do you think of the people who never saw ECW and labled it as ultra hardcore or just "garbage wrestling" what did you and the boys who were working in ECW at the time think of what these people said?
A: I donít worry about it anyone who labels it without seeing isnít worth losing sleep over.

Q: How do you feel about the McMahon/Michaels piss throwing, drug testing segment, and do u believe its a crib from your famous angle with Tommy Dreamer?" Even though I have never seen that angle I remember you talking about it on the site here, and it did sound similar indeed...
A: It was a complete Rip-Off of the angle I did with Dreamer. Don Callis and I created that whole segment. I think we did it better. I at least used a legitimate sample cup.

Q: Also, do u feel its a good thing WWE poking fun and making a mockery perhaps of their own "Wellness" program?"
A: It likely isnít a big deal but it did cross my mind as soon as the Ďdoctorí came out, that this hurts the real programs credibility.

Q: i noticed that the older wrestlers (Your Ric Flair's and your Fit Finlay's) wear their knee pads not over their knees but further down around their shins/boot. i figured it may used like kick pad padding way back before kick pads were available or "CooL." Am i right or totally wrong?
A: Some guys wear them there just to hide the fact that they have no calves. While others find them more useful there. If you drop a knee you actually land more on your shin or lower part of your knee. Unless you are splashing you seldom land on the higher portion of the knee.

Q: I recently went to a WWE house show in the small town of Spencer, Iowa. Everything was great but before the show started I noticed they were serving beer and mixed drinks. By the end of the night I could tell people were getting rowdy. After the last match, which was Edge vs. Cena, people started throwing beer glasses and some bottles toward the ring. It made for a bad end to a great night of entertainment. Egde ended up running after a fan in the stands and I had to grab my kids and get them away from the beer being thrown. My question is, is this common place at shows or was I just surround by a few idiots.
A: I wouldnít say itís common but it does happen. Iím not a big fan of them serving alcohol at events.

Q: I was wondering, have you ever seen your likenesses on video games (WWE Day of Reckoning, WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown!, etc) and if so what do you think of them?
A: Iíve seen a couple game images but not many. Itís pretty cool being in a game though.

Q: I'd like to get your thoughts on Chris Benoit and the previous matches you've had with him. I thought when Benoit was the champ on Raw you guys should have had some T.V matches for the title instead of all the Eugene nonsense.
A: Iíve never actually worked with Chris. Iím a huge fan of his work. I was already retired from the ring when he won the title.

Q: Have ever been in the ring with the undertaker?
A: A bunch of times during the initial Invasion angle. Christian and I also defended the Tag Titles against Flair and Taker, at a live event in Pittsburgh.

Q: do you think that in 5 years time, wwe will still be the dominant wrestling company?
A: Yes, I suspect they will be.

Q: Ive recently started wrestling training and I'm having trouble taking a front bump, I was wondering if you had any trouble bumping when you started wrestling?
A: To be honest I took to it all pretty fast. If you had chosen Storm Wrestling Academy for training I could work on this with you.

Q: What do you think of the state of the women's division in the WWE? Do you think the company has run it into the ground compared to how it was 2 or 3 years ago by releasing all those decent performers like Jazz and Molly Holly and by letting Trish keep the Women's Championship for more than a year? Similarly, do you think the whole Diva Search programme hasn't helped matters?
A: The Diva search program hasnítí done the womenís division any favours, but at least we still have Trish, Victoria, and Mickie. I wish theyíd move Jillian Hall into the wrestling picture too she is tremendous.

Q: Why did Tazz not get a big push for the title in the WWE in your opinion? Also, why did he stop wrestling?
A: I think his rep from ECW hurt him as well as his height. I donítí think these are valid reasons but they were likely the ones used. He was and still is VERY over, and could have done a lot more in the ring. I think he stopped wrestling because of a neck injury.

Q: What are your thoughts on wwe releasing someoe you have mentioned in former commentarys, Chris Cage?
A: Itís a shame they let him go, but from what I understand they had valid reasons.

Q: you seem to be close with your various tag partners, is that the norm or not ?
A: Iím not sure there is a norm, in wrestling. Most of the boys do get along so itís likely the case more than it isnít.

Q: Ever work with DDP, if so thoughts on his in ring work gimmick etc?
A: I worked with Paige a lot in WWE. When they first turned him face. I worked with him on most house shows. He was a different style than me but for the most part quite easy to work with.

Q: How much emotion of a title win is real, IE benoit at wrestlemania, are guys acting or are they truly that overcome?
A: Itís different with everyone. I believe Benoitís emotion was genuine that night.

Q: In Austin's book he says WWE is too scripted promo and in ring-wise, how much would you say %-wise is planned out ahead?
A: I donítí think you can put a number on it. With some guys itís 99% with others itís less. Some guys like Austin like it as low as possible. The first Tuesday Interactive deal, Jericho legit had 0% worked out a head of time. He was told the finish as Shelton made his ring entrance.

Q: How does the amount of planning compare to ECW &WCW?
A: That isnít a fair comparison because in ECW we didnítí have strict TV times to hit. The show was post produced so you had more freedom. With WCW or WWE TV you have very specific time restraints so you need to plan more.

Q: Say Christian stayed in WWE, would he have gotten over as world champ if they gave the belt to him last month like TNA did?
A: WWE never would have so there is no point in considering it.

Q: Ever work Scott Hall, if so thoughts on ring work and him out side of the ring.
A: I never did, no.

Q: You mention how great it is to work Finlay, I admit his stuff looks top notch, so is he real stiff or just very good or both?
A: He is REAL GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Q: Have you read Eddie's WWE book ? if so reaction?
A: I have not.

Q: Do you think Chris Jericho would ever write a book, I think that would be a good read.
A: He is writing a book. Iím helping him remember some of the early days.

Q: youve always said that jericho and christian copy you, And its true, Jericho is doing Q&A on his site now. What do you think about jericho copying you again? At least he admits he shamelessly ripped you off.
A: If you are going to steal, steal from the best.

Q: who pops into your mind as being in the best cardio shape in WWE?
A: Kurt Angle!

Q: Was working on a big stage with more people at Wrestlemania any more nerve wracking than any other show?
A: Oddly enough no. I wasnít in a big pressure match on those events though so that may be why.

Q: would you get more nervous/excited for a big show like a PPV than you would for TV ?
A: For me it all depended on the opponent. Iíd get excited about who I work more than the event that I was on. I liked PPVs more usually because we got more time.

Q: Say you just break into WWE today, how do you land with a travel partner? Do other guys look out for the younger ones?
A: You make friends and eventually find partners. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it just happens.

Q: Is it considered a social mis-step to change travel partner, if you want to travel with someone else?
A: Only if you do it mid loop. ďRide JumpingĒ is a HUGE no no.

Q: Did you split hotel rooms or stay by yourself?
A: Iíve done both. ECW I always shared, but most of WWE I was solo. Most of the WWE guys got used to rooming alone during the Austin Boom, and never went back.

Q: Mick Foley says he was famous for being cheap on the road, what were you cheap or big spender?
A: I wasnít as cheap as Mick but I certainly watched what I spent.

Q: who are some of the cheap and big spenders you worked with on the road?
A: Iíd rather not stooge people off.

Q: Should Undertaker give up his wrestlemania streak to put a young guy over in your mind? --last year to Orton seemed like it could make him IMOó
A: I think at some point he should, yes. It would mean so much.

Q: Thoughts on WWE wellness/drug testing plan?
A: I think it is a good thing, and hope it is run very strict.

Q: Is wwe cutting back too much? sure they had a lot of workers, but you can not have a card of main eventers, you need some mid-card and low card guys too.
A: I think they still have a huge talent pool.

Q: Every wwe worker mentions how the locker room leader / most respected worker is the undertaker, why is that?
A: I think it is a testament to him as a person. He has been such a top guy that he deserves respect, but also he is a down to earth decent guy so he also earns that respect.

Q: Ever work with anyone who you did not trust in their ability to protect you?
A: There have been a few over the years, yes. (Iím not going to name names so donít ask.

Q: How do you practice a move? for example say you want to use a new finisher but have never done it, how do you work on it prior to using it in an event?
A: Most guys would get to the arena early and try it out a couple times before they open the doors to the public.

Q: I know wrestlers are usually bigger than the look on telivision, but one aspect of wrestling I am curios about is the announced weight. It is blantanly obveous that some guys are not as big as they are announced (shawn micheal etc). What percentage of guys do you thing bump up their announced weight, and how much do people 'fix' their announced wieght?
A: Everyone tries to figure this out, but the thing is there is no rhyme or reason to guyís weights. For the most part somewhere along the line the ring announcer will ask you, ďWhat do you weighĒ and what ever you tell him is what it will be. Some guys lie while others just tell the truth. There are a few guys who they adjust purposely. They kept Kidman announced below his actual weight because they wanted him to remain a cruiserweight. I think the same goes for HBK. They want him to be viewed as a heavy weight so they make sure to announce him over 200 lbs, which I donít believe he is.

Q: As a former WWE wrestler, do you get an invite to the Wrestlemania event/festivities?
A: Not as a rule no, but I was invited to Mania and the HOF this year. I think they knew I was in town and extended me the invite.

Q: If WWE were to do a show in Calgary or Alberta and invited you to perform at that show only, would you want to do it?
A: It would depend on whom I was working, but I likely would, yes.

Q: being that you are now around more canadian indy wrestling, what is your opinion on canadian indy standouts jd michaels and brady roberts? i have seen them have some stellar matches here in southern Alberta.
A: JD isnít working locally much right now, but I think he is pretty talented. He came to a few of my advanced training sessions, so Iíve been in the ring with him. Brady attended a couple sessions as well. Both are good guys.

Q: Why is charisma more important in wrestling than technical abilities? I mean, as a wrestling fan, I prefer to watch you doing all your moves than seeing a big buffed wrestler missing a chokeslam or a pedigree.
A: I think there needs to be a balance. Not everyone shows up just for the wrestling, so you need to have performers with both ability and personality.

Q: Which wrestling era do you prefer: the Hogan/Macho man era or the Steve Austin/Rock era? I mean which kind of wrestling do you prefer: a type of wrestling where sex, violence, chair shot, hardcore, suicide or gay scenario etc.. or the type where the performance and the old style scenario were in.
A: I think both eras have their plusses and minuses. To be honest I missed most of the Austin Rock era, as I was too busy working in ECW and WCW.

Q: Do you believe in a Ted Turner' s return in the wrestling industry? And do you think Vince McMahon will see this as a way to improve the WWE like it were during the WWF/WCW rivality.
A: I have no idea if Turner will try to get back in or not. It would be so hard for him to just start from scratch. Most of the talent in the industry is under contract to someone.

Q: Since they've been on TV for a while and just won the Tag Titles I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Spirit Squad both as a whole and the individual members. How many of them did you work with in OVW? I think they're great at getting heat from the crowd and have done some good work in the ring.
A: I worked with the 4 working members of the Spirit Squad. Mitch was sent to Deep South, so I didnít work with him. I find them very entertaining and I suspect WWE will have to turn them baby face at some point, because I think the fans will realize how damn entertaining they are as well.

Q: Recently you mentioned deciding on the single-leg crab for a finisher. In ECW, I saw you frequently use a Super Kick for a finisher. My question is, what other finishers have you employed, perhaps in your "early years?" Did you ever use "heavier" grapple based moves like a powerbomb variant or a pinning move?
A: I seldom had an established finish. In ECW more often than not I used my opponentís finish. When feuding with Candito we often traded the Power Bomb off the top, and when I worked with Jerry Lynn I often used the Cradle Pile Driver.

Q: hey lance last year you talk about a Street Fight Cage Match in Germany with Fit Finlay,whats the difference between that and a regular cage match? and who won the match? and do you feel Finlay has a title run in him thanks in advance
A: The Street Fight Cage was under Street Fight rules (a knock out 10 count, not a pin fall to win) I won the match.

Q: Love the website and all your opinions on the sport of pro wrestling. What is your opinion of John Cena and how the fans have turned on him lately while he is carrying the WWE Title? Obviously he is no where close to being a Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit in the squared circle, but he seems to bust his butt every night and promote the company throughout the world, and the fans still dislike him.
A: John is a great performer just not a great worker. Everyone seemed fine with that, until he had the title, then they seemed to resent his lack of ability more. I think he could have had a much longer Face run if they kept the big title off him.

Q: My question is, what was it like working in WAR? Do you ever get a chance to contact the old WAR fellows like Orihara and Yasuroka(your old pal)or even Ultimo?
A: WAR was a great company to work for. I worked for them for just over 2 years. I have not seen my old co-workers in a long time.

Q: What makes a wrestler easy or hard to work with? Is it the amount of punishment they make you sell, or is it how much they take charge in deciding what will happen next during a match?
A: There are a lot of different factors to being labeled as Ďeasy to work withí.

Q: Who's hotter in person, Trish Stratus or Stacy Kiebler? Just curious.
A: All depends on your tastes. Are you a Leg or a breast man?

Q: I've heard many online columnists and fans talk about the "story" to a match and the ability of certain wrestlers to tell a story. How would you explain what this means? They throw the term around so much but I don't think they know what it means.
A: This would take a long time to get into. It is also something I teach my students. If you want to hear about it further perhaps you should consider enrolling (LOL).

Q: Do you feel at all that "secondary" belts like the intercontinental title and the United States championship have lost some of their meaning? I rarely care who is holding that belt anymore if I can even remember because they get tossed around so much.
A: It doesnít matter what I think if you, as a fan, donít care who holds it I think you answered your own question.

Q: How do you get yourself 'psyched' up for a move or landing that you know is going to hurt like hell?
A: I never psyche up for stuff, you just get used to it.

Q: What goes through you mind as you are flying/falling through the air about to make a painful landing?
A: You never think about the pain, you just do it, and worry about that after the match is over.

Q: You said that you would do a barbed wire match under the right circumstances. How do you prepare for that? Is there some secret to it, or are you a very tough person?
A: Most guys in this business are very tough people. Again you just try not to think about it and just do it.

Q: Recently the WWE made it known on their website that Randy Orton was suspended for unprofessional conduct. Do you think WWE should keep such disciplinary actions private, or is a public "shaming" once in a while a good way to maintain order?
A: I think itís gotten to the point where all stories like this break on line so if WWE doesnít post it they end up getting scooped by other sites. They might as well get the web traffic out of it.

Q: when wrestlers win titles are they allowed to bring them home with them or do they only get to hold the actual belt when they do shows.
A: Yes we carry the title with us. It becomes more of a Ďhave toí, rather than an Ďallowed toí though after a while.

Q: how can you eat right and stay healthy while on the road without access to a kitchen of your own?
A: You just make yourself a pain in the ass to wait staff and order real picky. We usually tip accordingly though.

Q: Hey Lance, I'd like to ask you about CM Punk. Personally, I'm a huge fan of him and his work. I'd like know if you've seen any of his work, and what you think of him. Do you think he's got what it takes to be successful in the WWE? I have no doubt that he does, I'm just a little afraid of WWE ruining his chances.
A: Iíve only seen one CM Punk match, but I did like the little bit I saw. He has more than enough ability to make it in WWE but that does not mean he will. Time will tell if they give him a chance creatively.

Q: I was wondering if you ever wrestled Masato Tanaka and if so, what you thought of working with him?
A: I worked a few tag matches in ECW with him, and I remember enjoying the matches, but canít recall specifics.

Q: Recently Ashley posted on her Myspace account that WWE officials have given her Molly Holly tapes to study. I don't know how I feel about this. For one, Molly was a power-lifter and Ashley just isn't built the same way. For another, as a fan of Molly, I feel a little betrayed. It feels like they let Molly go without a fight, yet obviously like and respect her work to this day. How do you feel about this as a fan of Molly yourself and also as a teacher? What do you think Ashley can learn most from watching Molly?
A: I donít think it was ever about her work, Molly leaving. I think they likely gave Ashley Molly tapes because if you want to improve your work you should study good workers, which Nora definitely is.

Q: I have been a massive fan of Triple H now for sum 10 years, and over years such things have been said that he doesn't deserve to be the franchise player, and that he slept his way to the top. But in your opinion does HHH deserve to be where he is today, and just how good is he?
A: HHH is extremely good and deserves a top spot. Would he have 10 title runs without his family connection? Who knows? It certainly helps him but even his biggest critics have to admit heís pretty damn good. WWE was pushing him hard long before Steph and he were and item.

Q: Just wondering how you avoided getting cramps during a match? Have you ever had a bad experience with cramp in a match or any other wrestlers?
A: Iíve never even though about it before. I guess just being in top shape Iíve never had to worry about.

Q: In ECW, did you guys get to pick your entrance songs or were they picked for you?
A: most guys picked their own stuff.

Q: Were there any wrestlers that you have worked with that intimidated you when you met them?
A: Bad News Allen (Brown) is intimidating.

Q: In your opinion, which ECW documentry was better? WWE's The Rise and Fall of ECW or Jeremy Borash' Forever Hardcore?
A: The WWE one likely because they had the benefit of having footage.

Q: don't know if you've heard about this or saw it, but there was a sign on RAW this week that was something along the lines of "EDGE, SEND LANCE STORM YOUR BOOKMARKS RESPONSE" I thought you'd get a (super)kick out of that.
A: I did hear about it yes. That was Karen the #1 Book Mark. She hit him with it at a house show too. I know he saw the one from the house show, maybe if more people do it he will get them in!!!!!!!!!

Q: Should or does the WWE test for blood borne illness such as HIV etc?
A: They do annually.

Q: While employed by WWE did they ever pressure you to shutdown your site?
A: I was never asked to, but Vince did mention it a couple times, some positive some negative. He liked my negative stance on legalizing pot.

Q: This is a hypothetical but to the best of your knowledge, but say when he was younger Shane Mcmahon wanted to wrestle full time and got the proper training does he have the make up to be a great worker?
A: God who knows? Heís done fairly well with the little experience he has. Iím not even sure he was ever fully trained.

Q: Do you screen people before starting training to see if they can actually cut it prior to starting?
A: I donít know. Sometimes people surprise you and turn a corner. Itís not fair to say ďAbsolutely notĒ to someoneís dream. People likely thought Foley had no chance in hell to make it and look at him.

Q: Say at Wrestlemania 23 Lance Storm is inducted into the WWE hall of fame, who presents you?
A: If I had the choice, Jericho.

Q: I do not recall seeing you ever blade have you? If not , why have you not?
A: Maybe a dozen times.

Q: In every wrestler book they talk about work shows they worked, like in a barn, fair, Canada death tours, etc where is the worst you worked?
A: Death Tour in Manitoba is the WORST trip there is, and Iíve worked it.

Q: Who is the best ref you have worked with ?
A: This is tough as for the most part the best refs are the ones you never notice. I really liked Nick Patrick. I found he was excellent and very useful.

Q: Worst ref worked with?
A: The only non-Indy ref I ever had a problem with was Teddy Long.

Q: You have always been one of my favorite technical wrestlers--I hope you're doing well. Even though you were in ECW at the time, what were your thoughts of Vince Russo's tenure/influence during his booking of WWE in 1997-99? What were your impressions of him when he wrote for you in WCW?
A: I didnít see all that much of that era of WWE, as I was too busy working. Iím not a huge Russo fan. I think he was a super creative guy who had 1000 ideas. In WWE he had Vince and others to filter out a lot of the bad ones. In WCW all the ideas made it including the bad ones, which hurt the product.

Q: I was wondering if you could explain to me what the deal was with Joel Gertner always wearing a neck brace. He always wore one but I never heard why.
A: I know someone bumped him but I donít recall whom. I booked an idea once where he actually took it off for a bit, which would have been great but it involved Lita and she left before we could do it. Itís a shame it was one of my better angles in my opinion.

Q: Have you been contacted by the WWE to join the coming revival of ECW?
A: I talk to people in WWE fairly regularly about a lot of things.

Q: Have you ever worked a full match with the Big Show? Is it extremely difficult to wrestle huge fellows like Show, Kane or Viscera?
A: Iíve had several matches with Show, and it is harder. Itís not harder because he is difficult or bad to work with itís just hard because of his size. It limits what you can do logically. Itís not like I can put him in an arm bar or wrestle him.

Q: Who is your favorite WWE Diva (past or present)?
A: Too hard to pick. Iíve had great relationships with so many of them.

Q: Do you have any idea why Dawn Marie (my all time fave) is no longer a part of WWE?
A: Yah, she got pregnant and got fired.

Q: Does a wrestler have a choice when it comes to bleeding during a match?
A: Not when you get stiffed real bad, but otherwise usually yes.

Q: Does the WWE have catering (food & drinks etc) for the wrestlers at each show?
A: They do at all televised events yes. We are there so long weíd all die without it.

Q: What are your thoughts about the recent stories about JBL hazing the new guys? I believe someone recently quit over it.
A: I cantí talk about any recent events as I wasnít there to see them. Ribbing or hazing rookies is a very old tradition in wrestling one I think needs to be given up on. It is childish and unprofessional, and will eventually lead to a ďhostile work environmentĒ lawsuit.

Q: I was wondering if the rumor is true that you were going to wrestle Christopher Daniels at Lockdown if Low-Ki turned it down. If so I hate Low-Ki for taking the offer!
A: I at no time had plans to work Daniels at Lockdown.

Keep those questions coming, and please keep them brief and to the point.