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May 8, 2011

Q: Have you ever considered putting some of your wrestling matches on your website for all to see? Can you legally do that?

A: There are a ton on YouTube, for people to check out if they want.

Q: What is harder? Putting on a 30 minute match or a 5 minute match?

A: All depends on the situation and opponent. Oddly enough it requires better cardio to do a 5 minute match though.

Q: I don't know if you've read this yet, but upon news of Edge's injury and retirement, Hulk Hogan tweeted some very disparaging comments with regard to Edge being a quitter. He pretty much said real wrestlers work hurt, and named a few of whom are in TNA or not currently affiliated with the WWE that continued to wrestle despite there physical well being at risk. Obviously his comments came off looking moronic and asinine; why would ANY human being continue to do something where they had a great chance of being crippled?! Lance, I would just like you're thoughts on why Hogan would publicly insult a man who grew up idolizing him? It's just a detriment to his personal character in the end, and he had nothing to gain in doing so.

A: You misread what Hogan intended and I don’t think Hogan fully understood Edge’s situation. Hogan is a friend of Edge’s and he was, in my opinion, intending to put Edge over. I think Hogan clarified his remarks later. I think this was more a case of Hogan misunderstanding the situation and not fully thinking out what he said before saying it. Hogan did not mean to insult Edge in any way here.

Q: I recall you mentioning a few times in the past that it is generally accepted that wrestlers refer to each other by their ring names, as opposed to their real names. One thing I have noticed, and that I find interesting, is in the case of a wrestler that has had a few different names over the years. I can recall quite a few instances of Jesse Ventura referring to Gorilla Monsoon as "Gino", and to this day Terry Funk still calls Mick Foley "Cactus". So my question to you is do you have any wrestler friends that you call by a different name than they currently would go by?

A: I have explained this numerous times. We generally call people by the names we were first introduced to them as. I have several friends I call by “ring names” they haven’t used in years. That is not always the case however. I first met Shane Helms in WCW when he was Shane Helms, but I became good friends with him in WWE when he was The Hurricane, so I more often than not still call him Hurricane. There are only a small handful of the boys I call by their real names. Even Chris Jericho who I knew before he took his first bump, I call “Jericho”, more than I even call him Chris, and if I need to use a full name I use Chris Jericho not Chris Irvine. I think Christian, Edge, Raven, and Kane, are the only guys I’m comfortable using their real names. This obviously does not count guys like Chris Jericho or Tommy Dreamer whose first names are both their real and worked names, I use there first names frequently but in both cases although I more often than not refer to them as Dreamer or Jericho.

Q: In WWE on a normal basis does WWE cover any travel expenses, say the flight from Calgary to the states for the house show loop? Also, does WWE pay for flight, hotels, cars for European tours or do you have to schedule all that?

A: Domestically WWE generally just covers air travel, and the boys are on their own for everything else. Internationally they generally cover air travel, hotel and arrange bus transportation for the tour.

Q: Do you believe that if booked properly, anyone could be a legitimate main-eventer? Or are some people just destined for the midcard at best? For example, do you think Santino has been a comedy character for so long that he couldn't be taken seriously as a world title contender some day?

A: I would argue there are a ton of people that aren’t even good enough to be mid carders. Regardless of push there are a ton of people that would not be able to be credible Main Eventers. There is a certain level of ability, look, charisma, and speaking ability etc. you need to succeed as a main eventer. A proper push can cover up a lack in one of these areas but many people are lacking in several areas and can never be main eventers, in my opinion.

Q: Do you think that Rock's crappy sharpshooter might have anything to do with the state of his opponent's knees? I only really remember him doing it on Stone Cold (who was wearing two knee braces at the time) and HHH (who had a few knee surgeries by that point).

A: You can’t be serious. Silliest explanation I’ve ever heard.

Q: Is your last name pronounced like "ee-vers" with a long E, or "eh-vers" with a short E?

A: This question drives me crazy because more people mispronounce my name than say it correctly, which I think is absurd. The way I suggest people look at it is: my name is Evers, if there wasn’t an S on it, it would be EVER, so how do you think it is pronounced?

Q: I recently watched an interview with Kane, where he mentioned you as one of his top 5 technical wrestlers of all time. He was very respectful in what he said, highlighting that you were very safe, hard-working and always had your mind on what looked the most visually receptive to the audience whenever he saw you wrestle. What do you think of Kane as a person and a performer?

A: I worked with Kane quiet a bit in WWE and am very flattered by what he said. I very much enjoyed working with Kane in WWE and thought he was a great performer. In addition to that he was one of the guys backstage that I really liked and got along well with. We are both big readers, so he was one of the few guys I could talk non-wrestling stuff with.

Q: Now that Vince has gone full-on removing terms like 'athlete' and 'wrestler' from broadcasts and even the company's own name, what is your view? Do you understand it as a good business decision saying WWE is a media company and that Raw and SD are officially 'soap operas', or do you feel it's odd terminology and is even insulting to the WWE superstars, especially veterans and those who 'love wrestling'?

A: I do not like the terminology, and feel that fans will always consider RAW and SD Wrestling shows, so I think trying to cut out the word is silly. I also think this will come back to bite WWE in the ass someday, when SAG decides that since WWE is a weekly episodic scripted television show they should fall under their UNION umbrella.

Q: Was there anyone you drove with who had carsickness quite bad, or was really scared of flying, and was (lovingly) kind of a pain in the ass to travel with?

A: If someone was a pain in the ass to travel with I didn’t travel with them. People with car sickness or fear of flying issues likely wouldn’t last in this business.

Q: With the current popularity of Mixed Martial Arts. I wonder if you have and ambitions to train in any of the aspects of the sport such as BJJ or Kickboxing? I train in BJJ and absolutely love it. I wrestled in high school (was pretty good) and BJJ just comes real natural to me. Watching you in the ring for all those years I would think you would also be a real natural at this sport.

A: I think I would enjoy BJJ, but as a husband, father of 2, who runs his own business, free time is not something I have enough of to embark on new hobbies.

Q: Do you think a MMA "gimmick" wrestler would work. I'm not talking about a MMA match, but a wrestler. There are a few wrestlers in WWE who have MMA styles such as CM Punk and Bryan Daniels. But I think someone who has a strong submission style would be kind of neat. Someone who can catch someone in an arm triangle. If you ever saw the match between Jeremy Horn vs Chuck Liddell (the first one) and you saw how Horn beat The Ice Man this would be an awesome ending a pro match. A wrestler with a wide variety of chokes, arm bars ect would be a new aspect. A guy who doesn't have a set "finisher" but a wide variety of ones would be also new. What are your thoughts on this?

A: What would you consider the difference between an MMA Style pro-wrestler and a regular pro-wrestler? So many people have the idea, you do, but at the end of the day the only real difference between MMA in ring action and pro-wrestling in ring action is that ours is a work, which is something you can’t explain on commentary. Samoa Joe uses a rear naked choke, Undertaker uses a Gogoplata. This does not mean they are using an MMA gimmick. Incorporating more submissions or using an arm-triangle doesn’t have to have anything to do with MMA, it’s just a submission wrestling gimmick.

Q: In MMA right now we see how much size has a huge determination on winners. A guy who has even 5 or 10 lbs on another fighter is at a huge advantage and can control the other guy very easily. I find it kind of odd and unbelievable that someone like the big show gets beat buy guys are like 200 lbs smaller than him. I think it makes him look weak. I know wrestling and MMA is very different but I think some sort of realism has to be brought into wrestling.

A: I don’t recall the last time Big Show got beat by a guy 200 lbs lighter than him. Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight Title and was considerably lighter than Sylvia. While I will never argue that realism should be a focus, I can think of dozens of things in wrestling less realistic than a guy with a weight disadvantage winning a match. Remember the early UFC days when Gracie was beating guys left and right, who out weighed him considerably.

Q: Have you / would you ever train bigger type guys? Sizes like the guys mentioned in the next sentence. I've also always wondered how wrestlers like Viscera, Dusty Rhodes, and One Man Gan/Akeem would fare walking into the calisthenics of drill instructor-like wrestling school. Can't see those guys doing many squats and such.

A: Not to be a jerk but these questions offends me to no end. I am a 20+ year veteran of this industry, who has worked with countless big guys during my career. I don’t know why fans seem to think I’d be too stupid to realize that 400lbs wrestler aren’t going to have nor need the same cardio abilities that smaller men in wrestling do and thus be unable to train them. I would have to be the World’s Biggest Moron to attempt to train every wrestler that comes through my doors the same, and in my opinion asking a question like this is insinuating exactly that.

Q: Do you think AJ Styles will ever leave TNA for WWE?

A: It’s always possible but I’d say NO.

Q: I was wondering what you make of Colt Cabana's in-ring personality and style.

A: To be honest I’m not even sure I’ve ever even seen a Colt Cabana match, so I can’t really comment.

Q: Were the students of your show chosen by a TV production company, were they actual paying students or were they chosen by you through an audition process. Were they an actual class that just happened to be filmed for the show and if so, did they know ahead of time that they were being filmed for a show?

A: I selected the cast. The production company technically had to approve them but they knew I knew more about wrestling than they did so they trusted my judgment. I selected who I thought was good for the show and showed them to the producers of the show who said, they liked my selection, and we went from there. They all came specifically to do the show.

Q: You mentioned that Hall had a staph infection during WMX8 and made me start thinking of how prominent staph infection is in the wrestling business. The ring seems like a breeding ground for bacteria and seems like this happens way more than reported. If I remember correctly, Crash Holly and The Undertaker both got close to losing arms due to it at points in their careers.

A: I never said Hall had a staph infection, I just said he had an infection. Bob Holly had a bad Staph Infection and almost lost his arm, I do not recall that being the case with the two you mentioned. WWE is likely the safest place to work as far as infections are concerned. They use brand new canvas for every TV show and even at house shows use very clean canvases. Indy workers are not as fortunately because Indy canvases, especially companies who feature blood often, are often quite gross. The boys need to be careful. I’ve had a 20+ year career and never had an infection issue.

Q: Out of curiosity, can you list any injury you had as a wrestler that was significant enough for you to remember? Stuff like as if you jammed your thumb and couldn't bend it for 5 days and stuff like that and what was the most banged up you've been and still worked?

A: I think this would require a BOOK, especially if you want stuff as minor as a jammed thumb.

Q: What is the one match where you just felt like you got beat up the most and really felt it afterwards?

A: Can’t really think of one of the top of my head..

Q: Do you think the "signature move" has hurt the overall quality of the modern day matches? I sort of miss seeing someone win with a back slide or small package or a flying cross body or reversing the flying cross body. I can't stand stuff like when Randy Orton sets up his RKO and just waits there for his opponent to stand up. Stuff like that takes me out of the match because if Orton can be the "Viper" banging the mat for 15 seconds waiting for his opponent to stand up, he could have just taken 3 seconds to pin him. I know it's all a show but some logic and some surprises are good sometimes.

A: I think this comes down to style and when that is the case it’s all a matter of taste. Some will prefer it one way while others will prefer another. I tried to avoid having a “finisher” for a long time because I thought it made more sense that you would beat different people different ways. I thought it more realistic if you had a different game plan to beat The Big Show than you did Rey Mysterio. While I still feel it more realistic that way, having an established “finisher” that you can tease and counter does make for better crowd reactions because the crowd views attempting said “finisher” as more important.

Q: Just curious, have you ever had to chance to watch Manami Toyota work, I really don't like all the diva stuff in WWE and made a lot of assumptions about women's wrestling in general, but some of All Japan Women's matches I stumbled upon recently blew me away (by any standard not just in comparison to other women's wrestling I’ve seen) Manami Toyota I’ve heard, is considered the greatest female wrestler of all time, thoughts?

A: I watched a lot of All Japan Women’s wrestling back in the day and many of the girls back then blow away much of what you see in wrestling today not just the divas. I was a big fan of Akira Hokuto as well. I don’t remember enough specifically about Toyota to get into ranking who was the best female worker.

Q: Where does the Storm last name come from? Any relation to Devon Storm/Crowbar?

A: God I hope you are joking. Join the Wrestling Observer site there is a thread somewhere on their message board discussing the famed Storm family tree.

Q: Do you have any plans to add RSS to the site? Then site goers would be able to get updates in their respective readers rather than checking the site manually every week or so.

A: I do not know how to do this, and do not plan on trying to figure it out. If you go to my facebook page and like that I always post news of my site updates there. Many people find that a handy way to keep updated.

Q: I was wondering with the best of Nitro DVD, coming out if you think it would be a good idea to do a Best of Hardcore TV or Worst of Thunder DVD. Also, did you like holding a title that you knew was S.H.I.T.? (Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title)

A: I think a WORST of Thunder or just Worst of WCW, especially if they got the guys in it to talk about the goofy whacky stuff they did, would be a huge seller. It would end up being like a highlight Blooper reel, which would be so much fun to watch. As for the S.H.I.T Title that was classic Vince Russo toilet humor. The idea was that I was a pure wrestler and hated Hardcore Wrestling so I thought the style was shit, and thus named the title accordingly.

Q: What happened to your commentaries from 2004 and 2005? Are they ever coming back to the site?

A: I’ve got all the commentaries I’ve written dating back to 1999. At one point I was reaching my limit on server space (not sure if that is the right term) for content on my site, so I took down a bunch of old stuff to create more space. Not a week or two later my provider doubled my capacity making my efforts pointless. I now have tons of space and could put everything back up, but it’s finding the time to do so. What I hope to do is slowly go back through old one and repost those I think worth reading again. If I do this I will post them like new commentaries but note the original post date. I want to get up all my old Book Marks stuff too.

Q: I was reading your article on Chris Candito and you talked about the very hot gym in New Orleans. You had written that a lot of the wrestlers were blowing up and I have no idea what that is, hate to have to ask but am curious. Great stories though, I can honestly say I will never get tired of reading any of your ECW stories.

A: “Blowing up” mean: running out of gas, becoming winded, sucking air.

Q: I was recently watching your match vs Triple H on SmackDown from 2002 and was wondering if Triple H inadvertently got busted open during the match, or if it was part of a storyline that he was in at the time?

A: This match took place right after the PPV where HHH wrestled Jericho in a Hell in the Cell match, and he had been busted open from that match. Nothing inadvertent happened in our match.

Q: R-Truth’s heel turn was, for me one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It had it all, the reason, his ‘troubled’ expressions as he attacked his former friend, a slow meltdown and most of all, believability. Some heel turns have simply been “kick your former best friend, walk to the back, smirk at the crowd, done”. His subsequent promo on the Raw draft reinforced my belief. What do you think about how it was played out?

A: The promo before the match where Morrison talked Truth into the match was very poor but the turn and everything afterwards I thought was great. There was legitimate motive we as viewers could understand, so it was great. So far as a heel Truth has been great.

Q: A long time ago, there was an "Undertaker versus Undertaker" match at Summer Slam, with Brian Lee in the role of the other Undertaker. Would it have been fun to work a "Lance Storm vs. Lance Storm" match? Whom would you have wanted in the role of "Lance Storm"?

A: I don’t see this worth doing. Undertaker vs. Undertaker was not well received so Lance Storm vs. Lance Storm would be a huge waste.

Q: Did you ever wrestle Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuhara Misawa or Toshiaki Kawada? Any interesting stories about any of those guys?

A: Nope never did. They were in All Japan Pro Wrestling when I worked in Japan. I worked for a company called WAR which had a bit of a working relationship with New Japan so I never worked with any All Japan guys.

Q: Is there anything you do immediately before a match as preparation? And have you seen anyone do anything which you thought was unusual for their match preparation?

A: Other than put my tights on no. I’ve never seen unusual match prep, sorry. RVD stretches a lot, and I’ve seen Goldberg bang his head into stuff to get psyched up, but that’s about it.

Q: Have you ever witnessed Jim Cornette freak out? And can you give us some details.

A: I’ve seen it many times. Cornette is a high strung individual, so when he goes off it is usually quite impressive. I was in the van with him for the Dairy Queen drive through freak out (YouTube it) I’ve seen him blow up backstage at events many times too. All of his wrestling related blow ups are because he is very passionate about wrestling and loves it so much. It is because he cares greatly about this business and thinks wrestling being done well is important. Once you get past him screaming and calling you a, Mouth Breath’n, Knuckle Dragg’n, Stupid Bumble F—K, there is generally a lot of truth in his rants, which many in this industry could learn from.

Q: Do you think any of the WWE rebranding and removing the 'wrestling' from the company is still, in part, fallout from the Benoit tragedy? I feel like that scar on the industry (especially in the mainstream's eyes) is part of what the WWE wants to distance itself from... Or has enough time passed that most people (fans, parents, media, etc.) have forgotten it or moved on?

A: Vince was using the term “Superstar” rather than “Wrestler” likely a decade before Benoit even joined WWE, thinking there is a connection is absurd. This is something Vince has been working towards since the 80s.

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