My In Ring Return

May 11, 2009

Before I get started I want to apologize for taking so long between posts. I actually had a commentary written and ready to go late last week, but certain events changed at the last minute and the commentary became pointless so I had to scrap it. That being said I have a ton of stuff to get to this week so I hope to have a couple or three articles up this week. Also I’ve had a lot of people asking about Q and A commentaries and if I am doing them anymore. I do intend to I’ve just gotten so behind I seem to never catch up. Most of the questions I’ve got stock piled are likely out of date now so I want to start fresh. If you have questions for a Q and A please email them to me ASAP (with Q and A on the subject line) and I will try to get a new one up first thing next week, with your new questions.

Now down to the big news. ROH Wrestling has just announced that I am making my in ring return at their July 24th and 25th events at the Ted Reeve Arena in downtown Toronto (Ontario Canada). That’s right I will be wrestling on both shows. For event and ticket information click on the link at the bottom of this page.

I know I’m supposed to be retired and believe me I’ve been turning down a lot of booking offers in an attempt to stay retired, but early wrestling retirements seem to be a very difficult thing to stick to. I think the biggest problem is that I retired very young and because I felt like it rather than because I was getting too old or because I was so beat up I had to. I just decided I didn’t want to take anymore bookings, so what else are you supposed to call that other than retirement?

I’m not even sure why exactly I accepted ROH’s offer to come back and wrestling on these two shows. I wasn’t planning on coming back; in fact I had just turned down 4 other offers to wrestle in that last couple weeks. I guess the only explanation I can offer is that the stars were just all in alignment.

- I have a soft spot for ROH, I love the guys in that company and I have always been treated well by them.
- The dates fall the weekend after I finish my current SWA training session, so I have a perfect 12 week training camp to get myself into top shape.
- It’s a chance for me to see Bret Hart and Ric Flair again (Bret is appearing on the 24th show and Ric the 25th).
- Toronto is always a great crowd to work in front of. The crowd response I received for my appearance last year was off the charts, and I suspect this year will be even better. - The proposed matches offered me were ones I have interest in working; they make sense, and should be a lot of fun.

These shows will be my first matches in almost 2 years. My last match was against Robert Roode for BSE in August of 2007. 2008 was actually the first Callander year, since I broke in, that I did not have at least one match. That is not to say I will be rusty for these events, as I’m in the ring everyday at my school and have matches with my students every session. I plan on pushing myself with my students extra hard this camp, much like I did preparing for my last ROH match against Bryan Danielson in April of 2006. I was coming off a 10 month break for that match and I managed to hang with the Champ for nearly 30 minutes.

I’ve already started training and dieting for the events. I went back to my “working full time” diet the day I agreed to the shots and have upped my cardio and lifting in the gym as well. I’ve never been one to half ass anything so when I train for a match I train like it is real, and give it maximum effort. I’ve got a full 12 week to train for these shows, so I’ll be more than good to go.

I hope to see a great turn out in Toronto. ROH always puts on a great show and with appearances by Ric Flair, Bret Hart, as well as my return to action, these are MUST SEE EVENTS. For more info click the ROH link below.

Lance Storm