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May 15, 2014

Before I get to anything else, I want to wish all the best on a speedy recovery to Daniel Bryan, who underwent neck surgery earlier today. I think people have gotten far too used to guys needing and getting surgery, and because of that this isn't getting the attention it needs. I even got a little rude with a fan on twitter who tweeted "worst case scenario he's stripped of the title". My response was "No worst case scenario is he has a really screwed up neck that shortens his career and quality of life." Hopefully this will end up being minor, but I think fans need to realize that neck surgery of any kind is serious business and what we do for a living takes a large physical toll on our bodies. Long term health is way more important than a Title run. I hope people in the industry use this as a wakeup call and everyone tones down their style a little bit and everyone reduces the number of huge and awkward bumps taken every night. With the benefit of hindsight, the Stinger Daniel Bryan got doing the missile drop kick vs. Randy Orton several months ago should have been the wake up call.

As promised on Twitter I'm going to tell a fun story about the Team Canada Bus in WCW. For those of you who may not remember in 2000 when I was in WCW I was doing the Pro-Canada/Anti-USA gimmick and formed a group called Team Canada (There is a story to that name too). Mike Awesome who was also in WCW was doing the "That 70's Guy" gimmick and had a Partridge Family style school bus (Look it up if you need to). Mike turned heel and joined Team Canada and at a Nitro he presented the rest of us in Team Canada with his bus, which was repainted red and white like the Canadian Flag.
In WCW at the time, there was an agent assigned to each segment of the show, and they would give us a copy of the page that covered our segment written by the writers. When they gave me the sheet covering the backstage segment where Mike gave us the bus, I laughed at how absurd it was. It said something to the effect of. "Mike Awesome presents Lance Storm with the new Team Canada Bus...Storm puts bus over huge!" A month or 2 earlier at a PPV I had arrived at the building in a sweet limo so the idea of me being excited about receiving a beat up old school bus that looked like it had been painted with a paint brush seemed absurd to me. So as we were walking out side to shoot the Bus presentation segment I turned to Tylene Buck (Team Canada member) and quietly said to her, "When Mike presents us with the bus I'm going to slide underneath the bus, drop down and make the 3 count. If they want me to put this bus over huge, I'm going to put this bus over huge." I never actually did get pinned by the bus, if it was a taped show I might have, but I wasn't going to screw up the live show. I can only imagine what Tylene would have done if I slid under the bus on live TV.

I also want to remind everyone that I am wrestling at the House of Hardcore 6 Event in Southern California June 14th. I'll be doing a big fan meet and greet deal during the day and wrestling that evening. My wrestling appearances are getting rarer and rarer so if you are interested in seeing me work don't miss your chance, there may not be many or even any more. My opponent for the event is not 100% finalized, so if you want take a look at the names announced so far, feel free to tweet me (@LanceStorm) who you might like to see me face. If there is someone not listed you might want to see me face you could tweet that too, I'll take it under consideration.

I still get a lot of people asking me about when I'm going to get back to reviewing WrestleMania Events. I assure you I will as soon as I can. You have to remember I`m a husband and father with a relatively full time job. It`s not easy to find a 3 hour window to just sit down and watch extra wrestling, especially when no one else in my family likes watching wrestling. My current daily schedule consists of getting up at 7:45 am to feed my dog and get my daughter ready for school. I drop my daughter and her friend off at school and head right to SWA. I'm at SWA for approximately 4 hrs, and in class I do everything with the students. I run the morning cardio circuit with student and am in the ring wrestling with everyone throughout class. After class ends I have a snack or a protein bar and head right to the gym. At the gym I lift for about 45 minutes, usually hitting 1 major muscle group (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, or Arms) then do cardio (another 30-45 min on the elliptical). From here I head back to pick up my daughter from school. We get home about 4 pm, and I grab something to eat, shower, and then walk my dog. I then get an hour or 2 to sit and relax before dinner. After dinner I clean the kitchen (my wife cooks, I do dishes) By now it`s getting late in the evening and I usually watch a TV show or two with my wife or daughter. Then off to bed to read for a bit before lights out usually around 11:30 pm or midnight. I do that 5 days a week, while also squeezing in cardio on the weekends and a few DDP Yoga sessions per week as well. (I try to get 4 lifting days per week and 3 DDP Yoga days per week). I also watch RAW every week as well as NXT, so it`s just a matter of finding time. BTW I don't usually do this much cardio but as I mentioned earlier, I've got a match coming up.

Well that's it for now, dinner is almost ready so my relaxing time is over.

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