May 16, 2007

With the Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy just getting sidelined with injuries, ironically both muscle tears, I thought this week I would do a little tough talking about injures. Injuries are a common thing in the wrestling business, and if you decide to get into the pro-wrestling business you best just accept the fact that injuries are going to be a big part of your life. There likely isnít a guy performing on television today that isnít either currently working through in injury or just getting over one.

I think this is one of the things fans over look when they watch wrestling or consider getting into it. They realize that there is a risk of getting hurt in what we do but I donít think they fully grasp the toll this business takes on ones body. The risk isnít really of getting hurt, or even injured, those are both givens, the risk we are taking is of serious injury.

Iíve been one of the real lucky ones in this industry, in that Iíve gone 17 years without any major injuries. Iíve never had a concussion or required surgery, and Iíve only once had to take time off from working to heal (1993 CWA in Europe, I missed the Bremen tournament due to a knee injury). That does not mean that I have not been hurt or suffered injuries throughout my career. Iíve worked through several minor shoulder separations, 3 MCL strains, 2 very painful rib injuries, 2 broken bones in my foot, a few jammed necks (same neck just multiple jammings), and one spinal cord bruise (commonly known as a stinger), not to mention the nagging injury of the 4 bulging discs in my lower back.

Iím not complaining or looking for sympathy here, because believe me most guys in this business have had is far worst than me. Iím listing these injuries to illustrate how tough this business can be and how tough we all are who do it. Injuries arenít always brought to the attention of fans so they donít always realize they occur. Unless the injured performer requires surgery and excessive time off, or is on the midst of a major angle most injuries go unnoticed by fans.

We all know about Undertakers torn biceps, because they had to take to World Title off of him before his surgery, but not everyone knows about the broken ankle he was working on when he did the Hell in a Cell match with Mick Foley. How about Rey Mysterio, who has been out of action recovering from knee surgery. Iíve talked with fans that were shocked to find out that this was not his first knee surgery. Iím not sure the exact number but I think itís his third or forth. What about Edge? Everyone knows about his Neck Fusion surgery, but did you know heís had 2 shoulder injuries and a pectoral tear that he worked through that could have and likely should have had surgery to repair, or that upon returning from his neck injury he broke his hand and his foot, and worked though those as well.

This is a tough business, and I donít think people realize just how tough the people in this business are. I got an email this week that I think sums it up perfectly. The person wanted to know if due to the constant road schedule if Iíve even had to wrestle a match while sick and if so how would that be possible. I actually laughed out loud when I read this email and thought about the Undertaker working a steel cage match on SD with a torn bicep. Consider how much pain The Undertaker must have been in climbing down the outside of the cage last week, with a torn bicep, and ask yourself if you think he would notice or even care if he had to wrestle a match with a stuffed up nose or a fever.

Till next week, I wish everyone a speedy recovery!
Lance Storm