Full Circle

May 21, 2007

I get asked a lot about full circle moments in my career. Iíve had a few of them over the past 17 years and even written a couple commentaries about them. Iíve got another HUGE full circle moment coming up so I thought I would tell the story behind it, seeing that it starts back at the very first wrestling event I ever attended.

This coming August, August 11th to be exact, I will be returning to my home town of North Bay Ontario to wrestle a match at the Memorial Gardens Arena. North Bay is where I grew up and became a wrestling fan, and Memorial Gardens is where I attended my very first live wrestling event. I donít remember what year it was but Iím pretty sure it was in December of either 1987 or 1988. My friend Mick Jain was a huge wrestling fan (he was the one who actually got my hooked on wrestling) and he and his brother got front row tickets to a wrestling event at Memorial Gardens, for Christmas. The event was some time the week after Christmas and before New Years, and as luck would have it Minto (Mickís brother) decided he didnít want to go to the matches so Mick offered the other ticket to me. I had, like I said, never been to a live event before so I jumped at the chance.

Iím not sure if it was an AWA show or not, but there was a lot of AWA talent on the card. Itís strange looking back because several people that worked that show, nearly 20 years ago, I ended working with or becoming friends with during my career. I canít remember the entire line up but the matches I do remember were:

Midnight Rockers (Michaels & Janetty) Ė Bad Company (Tanaka & Diamond)

Wahoo McDanielís Ė Manny Fernandez

Madusa Miceli - ?

Sadistic Steve Strong Ė Dan Kroffat

Mike Enos Ė Wayne Bloom

Oddly enough the thing I remember most about that night was that the show started late, and after we were sitting there wondering why the show was delayed, we spotted a guy walking past the ring from the front doors to the back with a suitcase. He still had his jacket on so we assumed he had just arrived. Sure enough when the show started he was in the opening match and must have been the reason the show started late. The guy was either Wayne Bloom or Mike Enos, because they worked each other in the opener. Oddly enough, shortly there after, they started tagging together in the AWA as the Wrecking Crew, and later went on to become the Beverly Brothers in the WWF. I also remember one spot in their match where we could hear them call the back suplex they did bringing one guy back into the ring off the apron. How crazy is it that I remember them calling a spot, too loudly, 19 or 20 years after the fact?

So on August 11th I will be returning home to wrestle for the first time in my Home Town, in Memorial Gardens, the Arena in which I watched my very first pro-wrestling event. Unlike Enos and Bloom however, Iím pretty sure I will be in the Main Event not the opener, ON TIME rather than later, and calling my spots quietly enough to not be heard in the front row. Iím sure Iíve cursed myself now, and the day after the event I will be inundated with emails from fans in attendance that night who will all claim to have heard me calling spots.

Iíve often thought opening up Storm Wrestling Academytm in Calgary, was the biggest full circle moment of my career; I moved to Calgary to become a wrestler and I now have others traveling here to train with me. I guess that is the full circle of my career, but this coming August at the Memorial Gardens Arena in North Bay, Ontario I get to complete the biggest full circle of them all and returning back to the beginning where a became a wrestling fan, and wrestle in the arena that I saw my first live pro wrestling match. This should be one of the greatest nights in my career and I hope there is a great crowd there to share it with me. I hope Mick Jain, and perhaps even his brother Minto will manage to find the time to take in the event, since they played suck a big part in turning me into a wrestling fan, which I guess eventually lead to me becoming the pro-wrestler I am today. And Mick if you are reading this, NO you canít have free tickets! Mick apart from being the biggest Wrestling fan I knew growing up was also the cheapest person Iíd ever met. I once heard him ask to borrow a dime so he didnít have to break his quarter. Iím not kidding!!!!!

If you are interested in attending the August 11th show in North Bay, tickets are available at: TicketBreak.com

The is also an awesome video plugging the event here: Storm Home Coming

I hope to see you there,
Lance Storm