Wrestling and the Da Vinci Code

May 23, 2006


Iím getting a lot of Q and A questions asking me about current WWE and TNA booking ideas and let me say that as of right now Iíve actually TAPPED OUT and stopped watching! I am taking a break from watching wrestling in an attempt to save my sanity. This will likely only last a few weeks and Iíll keep up to date by reading online reports but all three shows RAW, SD, and Impact have with 1 segment or another pushed me over the edge.

RAW: The Foley heel turn was my breaking point with this show but booking and jobbing GOD certainly contributed a great deal of stress to the proverbial camelís back. Turning a long standing (OVER) baby face to lay out a person who has not been a meaningful part of RAW television inÖ forever, makes no sense to me. This is not a shot at Dreamer, just a statement to where his on camera character stand on RAW. It just seemed so forced. It was, like we know where we have to go, and there is no logical way to get there but we are going to go there anyway!

SD: If it werenít for the Benoit Ė Fit Finlay match a few weeks ago, Iíd have given up a lot sooner, but the continual burial of Rey Mysterio has done me in. I have never seen a baby face champion so poorly treated. He has been destroyed 4 weeks in a row. Heís doing more jobs than I did on WWE TV and heís the World Champ! Rey is such an amazing, one in a million kind of performer, if they donít want the title on him just beat him for the title, donít completely destroy him and the World Title in the process.

Impact: Iíve tried real hard to support this show, but the Kevin Nash interviews and pending X-Division feud has put me over the top. This may top the Rey Mysterio burial. This is as close to sabotage from within as you can get. Iím sure people within TNA will say, ďNo wait, when it all plays out it will be great.Ē But I was told that about the Jackie Gayda angle and that went absolutely nowhere. This angle will destroy the X-Division. Just standing in the ring with Nash will hurt them, because all the guys are going to look like little kids. I should know I did it in WCW (and Iím bigger than most X division guys) remember how much that helped my credibility. If the pay off at the end of this angle is a Hogan Ė Kidman type ďputting over the younger guyĒ type finish, someone should lose their job!! The only way this could work at all is if Nash completely sacrifices himself and gets beat handly and clean the first time out, and I donít see that happening.

I love this sport too much to watch all of this go on. I look forward to the ECW re-launch because if Heyman and Dreamer have creative control I may finally have a show I can watch without shaking my head!!!! Also note that my thoughts are not a reflection on any of the boys working on the three shows just the current creative directions. All these guys bust their ass and work hard and have my respect.

The Da Vinci Code:

The Da Vinci Code opens this week and with the amount of hype and news coverage this film is getting Iím about ready to Tap Out on it too. I havenít figured out the level of appeal of this books or the logic behind the Catholic Church raising such a stink about it. I read the book a while ago, and while I enjoyed it I didnít think it was anywhere near the best book Iíve read, nor did I even think it was Dan Brownís best. I thought the prequel ďAngels and DemonsĒ was much better. Da Vinci Code spent over 3 years on the NY times best sellers list and is I believe the largest selling book this side of the Bible. This is where the church comes in and things get silly in my opinion. The Catholic Church hates this book and have been bashing it since it came out, and thus Iím sure fueled the majority of the books sales. The Church doesnít want anyone reading the book and have raised such a stink that they have pretty much guaranteed everyone will!!! They are doing the same with the movie and it makes such little sense Iím left thinking they either have a secret stake in the book and movie sales or they conform to the same logic as most current Pro-Wrestling Writers. If the Church had never said a word about the book, it likely would have topped the Best Sellers list for a few weeks or so weeks, instead of over 3 years.

The best part is I think most who are bashing the book havenít even read it, at least not carefully. As most of you should know (unless youíve lived under a rock) The Da Vinci Code claims that Jesus married Mary Magdalen and had a child, which means the Bloodline of Christ continues. The Church is understandably upset about such claims.(they donít exactly want to have blood relatives of God running around, although if there were perhaps Vince could book one of them to Tag with Shawn at Mania next year) If you ask me there is something in the book they should be far more upset about. The book also claims that Jesus Christ isnít even the son of God, so in truth who cares if there is a Bloodline. In the novel there is a historic meeting referred to where in absorbing the Pagan religion it was decided to adopt the Pagan Profit Jesus as the Catholic savior. It basically claims that the Catholic Church covered up the fact that they had a meeting and agreed to adopt (for lack or a better term) Jesus as the figure head son of God, to appease the Pagan religion when they absorbed it in efforts to become the one big religion and gain power. I would think this fact (or fictitious statement) would be much more disturbing to the Church. When you have someone claiming you made up the corner stone of your religion and Jesus Christ is basically a fraud, it seems silly being upset at his statements that Jesus may have Ďgot someí and had a kid.

Iím not sure what my point was, Iím sure I had one when I started out. I guess it was just that if no one had bothered to raise a stink about Dan Browns book it would likely have been read and now watched on film by a mere fraction of the people it now will be. Itís a good book but itsí success has been more driven by itís detractors than by those who actually enjoyed it.

I think I have rambled on enough for this week. I head to the UK for the 1PW tag Team tournament and should have my thoughts on that trip up shortly after I return.

Lance Storm

P.S. Please get your Book Marks responses in for The Monkeyís Raincoat ASAP. Also a heads up our June and July book is: ďA Grave TalentĒ by Laurie R. King. We were way over due for another female author!!