Long over Due Update

May 25, 2010

Sorry itís been so long since Iíve updated, but Iíve been extremely busy. As you could no doubt tell, by my frequency of posts in April, April is month that I have a fair bit of time off in. The same can not be said for May. I started a new training session at SWA in May, which keeps me busy enough, but Iíve got way more than that on my plate at present.

The first bit of business I should address is that I am making yet another come back to the ring. Thatís right Iím coming back for yet another ď1 more matchĒ. I will be wrestling on the PWA Night of Champions show here in Calgary on June 19th. I will be in a tag match partnering with long time friend Jerry Lynn to face PWAís former Tag Team Champions Super Wild.

This is not going to be a full time return, not even a part time return, as far as current plans go, this is just a one time deal, and is more about helping out PWA than coming back for a match because I want to. Iím sure you are all aware by now Iíve been booking the PWA events in Calgary and Edmonton since November of last year. Iíve really enjoyed the job and things have been going quite well. Crowds have improved slightly and I think the shows have been tighter and better focused since Iíve taken over. At least that is my opinion bias as it may be.

Ever since I took over the book Iíve had a long term angle, in the back of my head that I thought would be really cool. It unfortunately involved me coming back for one more match, which I really had no interest in doing, but there it sat in the back of my head. A few months ago the promoters and I started talking about potential ďbig namesĒ we could bring in for our big annual event Night of Champions. One of the names that came up was Jerry Lynn, and unfortunately for me, at least as far as staying retired went, Jerry Lynn fit perfectly into that idea floating around in the back of my head.

Iíve always thought just bringing a guy in for one shot, never really accomplished all that much. There is never any build or angle to it, because they are just in for the one shot, which leaves the match a little less interesting. You also run into the problem that very few name guys coming in will put over local talent so you end up jobbing out your regular roster to outsiders in cold matches. In an attempt to try to get more out of Jerryís appearance than the one time potential draw of a Jerry Lynn appearance I decided to forgo my retirement status yet again and do the angle Iíd been considering for several months.

The angle involved the aforementioned PWA Tag Team Champions Super Wild. Super Wild is the combo of Danny Myers, and Mattias Wild (as former student of mine) and they were the champs when I took over the book. I booked a 3 or 4 month long program between Super Wild and baby face challengers ďThe NightmaresĒ. During this program it was established that I was part of the office and after a no contest pull part brawl between the teams, it was announced that the Nightmares final shots at the tag titles would be on the May events in Edmonton and Calgary; they would get one more shot in each City and I would be the special guest referee to ensure they got a fair shake.

The first night in Edmonton, I of course got involved in some physicality with Super Wild leading to the Nightmares capturing the PWA Tag Team Titles. In Calgary for the rematch, I again got involved and after the Nightmares successfully retained their titles, Super Wild took out their frustrations by attacking me with a chair and laying me out.

Thankfully (good thing Iím the booker) this match was right before intermission (we had a cage title match for the main event) because after intermission I came out to announce to the crowd that Super Wild had made a big mistake jumping me and that I had just got off the phone with my good buddy Jerry Lynn and he has agreed to be my tag partner at Night of Champions, to face Super Wild.

So there you go. PWA gets Jerry Lynn coming in and being involved in a bit of a heated angle, rather than just a cold match. They also got a Lance Storm guest ref spot that popped the house a little bit, as well as a full Lance Storm come back from an angle on their show. I get to team with Jerry Lynn, as well as have him over for dinner, and I get to work with Mattias, one of my more promising students, who Iíve always wanted to work with. A win win. And the best of all, fans in Alberta get one hell of a great show. If this great tag match isnít enough to get you out to an Indy event, you will also get to see the return of Booker T, our current PWA Heavyweight Champion, who will be defending his title against former champ ďT-BoneĒ Jack Sloan, another one of my more promising student.

There are a ton of other great matches, as well as venue information up on the site, just check the link for my comeback on the main page.

If all that booking, guest refereeing, preparing for a comeback, and teaching the new class at my school wasnít enough Iíve got two other project in the works that I unfortunately canít talk about just yet. One of the projects is quite big and should be something you will all enjoy and the other one while news worthy will more just be news, rather than something you can see or participate in. Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but I will provide updates as soon as I can. If I can borrow a line from a stupid but great movie: ďStrange things are afoot at the Circle KĒ.