Rather Annoyed

May 29, 2010

I will try to keep this brief but I was just sent a link to an article that I have a problem with and I want to deal with it here and get this off my chest. The article was written by Steven Gauntley who promoted the 1PW events that I worked in England back in 2007. You can check the article out at (http://prowrestling1.blogspot.com/2010/05/diary-of-stress-part-2.html). Sorry I didnít make it a clickable link, but Iím doing this late at night and really just donít have the energy.

My mention in the piece is very brief, but completely inaccurate and I want to clear this up in case others find this article and read it. I didnít read the entire article, just the paragraph I was mentioned in but the piece seems to be about the stresses of being a promoter and specifically in this instance about people refusing to do jobs. He was telling the story about Kid Kash having issues in doing a job and compared it to dealing with me with the following statement.

ďÖmuch in a similar way to when Lance Storm had absolutely stated that he would not lay down for Doug Williams for 1PW in May 2006, and then altered the finish of the match, during the match, and let Doug beat him. ď

Let me clearly state that this statement is completely false, and Iíve since sent an email to Steven using much more colourful language than I am going to use here describing my displeasure with it. What amazes me more than anything is that not only is this statement completely INACCURATE I donít think Mr. Gauntley was ever involved or present when any discussions involving finishes took place.

When I was originally booked for the 1PW shows, I agreed to work 2 or possibly 3 matches over the 2 days, and 1 of the 2 matches I would be winning. There was a tag team tournament that I was to be a part of, and we agreed I would advance to the second round in the tournament with a win the first night. I have never refused to do a job, but was very clear I would not come over for a double shot and lose both nights, and 1PW agreed to these terms.

When I arrived in England plans changed (due to Justin Credible no showing) and 1PW wanted me to lose the first night in the opening round of the tag tournament and then lose again the second night to Doug. I spoke with Steve Corino (the booker at the time) and NEVER once said I would not put Doug Williams over, I told him we had agreed to at least one win this trip so it was his call as booker, if he wanted me to put Doug over the second night, I needed to pick up a win the first night, and I was even willing to work the 3rd match (the second round in the tournament) to do it. 1PW made the call to put me over on Doug rather than advance me in the tournament, so I think it very unfair to bury me 3 years after the fact for refusing to lay down for someone when that was not the case.

On top of that, out of respect for Doug and the crowd that night I ended up putting Doug over in the end and did in fact go 0-2 on the trip. I felt I was more than professional in my dealings with 1PW. We agreed to terms before I even accepted the bookings all of which I lived up to and then some; they were the ones that went back on their original word, which created the issue in the match with Doug. I have only spoken positively of my experiences with 1PW so I was very disappointed to hear them speaking so unfairly about me.

I hope this clears things up,
Lance Storm