Up to Date

May 31, 2009

This is more going to just be an update on a bunch of things rather than a commentary about anything specific. I’ve had a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to update everyone on and I just never seem to get around to it.

The first order of business is plugging an appearance I will be doing here in Alberta. I will be doing a Special Guest referee gig for Rockstar Wrestling Federation (RWF) in Camrose, Alberta Saturday June 20th. To be honest I don’t know a lot about the promotion but the show starts at 8 pm at the Max McLean Arena in Camrose, AB on Saturday June 20th. In addition to my involvement as a guest referee, RWF has also booked 4 of my Storm Wrestling Academy graduates who will be facing off in the Tag Team opener. This should be a fun night of action so I hope to see a great turn out. Tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 at the door. If you plan to come be sure to get there early, because while I may be bias, I fully expect my students to steal the show and have the best match of the night.

I also want to send out belated congratulations to one of my female SWA graduates, Tenille, who got booked and worked the last set of Shimmer tapings. I look forward to seeing her matches from the events once the DVDs are released but from all accounts, she made a good showing for herself. I want to thank promoter Dave Prazak for giving Tenille the opportunity. Dave if you are reading this, drop me an email when the DVDs are released so I can plug them on my site and order a copy for myself. I’ve got a few pictures from the taping which I hope to add to the Alumni Photo Gallery section in the SWA area of this site. In a strange coincidence, Tenille worked a tag match against Malia Hosaka who I once did a tour of Northern Ontario Indian Reservations with, for Tony Condello’s Winnipeg based promotion back in 1995. That particular tour was the tour Don Callis and I worked our now Infamous Midget Mix Tag Matches. At one point we tried to convince Malia and Debbie Combs to make it a Mixed 6 Person Tag Team match but unfortunately Debbie Combs was a little later on in her career, than we were back then, and wanted no part of it. I wrote a commentary about the Mix tags we did Back in November of 2000. I’ll repost it shortly after I get this up, so check it out as well.

I had to laugh last week at TNA Impact. I don’t mean this in a bad way I didn’t laugh at the show itself, I didn’t even watch the show. As I stated last week I’ve reached the end of my rope and have decided to stop watching TNA Impact. What I laughed at was the Rib TNA played on me by having 2 of my favourite performers (in the business not just in TNA) AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels wrestle each other this week in a relatively long TV match. I heard the opener was great too. If they would just give us more of these matches and ditch all the stuff they “write”, I’d be back in no time. Here’s hoping.

My SWA DVD Library is growing nicely but I can still use a little help. When I first asked for donations I received a huge response from generous people willing to help me out, which I was very grateful for. Most of the offers I ended up turning down because I didn’t want to get several copies of same DVDs. I ended up selecting maybe a half dozen or so of the volunteers, each offering DVDs from different companies or years. The problem was several of those potential contributors have not come through, leaving me with several omissions I’d still like to fill. If it weren’t for the selfless contributions of Eric (a great great man) my library would have seen very little growth. So if there are any more people out there willing to contribute to the SWA library (perhaps even some of those I turned down initially), I’m still looking for a few specific items, which I will list below. If you have copies of any of these and are willing to part with them to hook me up, I’d greatly appreciate it.

WrestleMania X7
WrestleMania XX

AWA Super Clash
AWA Super Clash II

Japan Women Tokyo Dome Show (Show featured Madusa Miceli – Bull Nakano, and a brawl where Akira Hokuto bled like crazy. Show ran 10 hours. Early 90’s)

J Crown Tournament

TNA (PPV or DVD releases, not Impact)

Monday Night War Era WCW PPVs

Stampede Wrestling
World Class Championship Wrestling

That’s it for now, thanks everybody.