Iíd Rather Have McNuggets

June 6, 2008

Iíve received a lot of email from people wanting to know my take on the Vince McMahon McMillions give a way. The title of this article pretty much sums up what I think of the McMillions contest. In my opinion this concept makes WWE look very desperate and is the equivalent of saying, ďWe canít produce a show worth watching so we are just going to pay people to watching our show.Ē The funny thing is, most weeks the show actually is worth watching.

In addition to making the company look desperate, I just donít see how this is going to work. For the most part you have to be watching RAW or at least following WWE programming to even know about the contest so Iím not sure how this is going to attract new viewers or bring those back who arenít watching anymore. If by some chance people who arenít currently watching RAW hear about the contest I still donít see it having much effect. I look at it this way. I donít watch Desperate House Wives. Iíve seen the show before but I just donít care enough about it to bother catching it when itís on. If I heard they were doing a contest to give money away to viewers I still would not watch the show. I just donít care about the show so Iím not going to watch the show and the chance to win money would not change that. If I want a chance to win money there are a ton of lottery tickets out there I can buy, which offer much bigger prices than the $250,000 to $2 amounts WWE is giving away.

The only viewers I see this effecting are those who DVR the show and watch it back later and those who watch most weeks but not religiously. If I watched RAW 2 or 3 weeks out of 4, I might make the effort of catching it every week while there is a chance to win the money and if I recorded the show Monday and watched it later I might make more of an effort to watch it live for the chance of winning money. That being said, in both of those instances I would go right back to my previous viewing habits the second the contest ends. Letís be honest, even if the contest attracts viewers, if you didnít bother to watch the show before the contest why would you continue to watch it once the contest ends?

This brings me to my next point. Assuming WWE thinks this contest will attract NEW viewers, which Vince said in his promo was the main point, should they not be making the effort to make RAW better than ever so that those who tune in find a show they want to stick with? That certainly wasnít the case this week, so lets hope they make a better effort next week. One of the main problems is that this contest is going to eat up a lot of the broad cast and take away from the over all quality of the show. This week we had the extremely long Vince promo just getting the contest over and when you combine that with that long opening promo segment with HHH, Cena, and Hardy (which was largely pointless) there was a ton of talking and very little action in the first hour of this show.

The matches they did have this week, with the exception of Cena Ė Hardy didnít amount to a whole lot either. We had a fairly uneventful Kennedy Ė Umaga match with a disappointing count out finish. The Tag Team match was just to get SD over (Santino vs. Cousin Sal). Y2J defending the IC title on RAW should be a great move, but the JBL feud happened and ended a while ago so this match seemed like a step backwards and add to that another non-finish with the DQ and this match really disappointed. Did anyone else notice that there was not one near fall in this entire match? Not one pin attempt or submission hold applied. The Divaís tag matched showed that Melina has managed to get over as a baby face yet they had her team lose and her feud with Beth started with her losing an I Quit match at ONS. Great start for a new baby face run. Speaking of burying baby faces. In Trevor Murdockís first match as a baby face he gets pinned clean by Cadeís finisher. They have been teasing this break up forever and I assume itís over already. The clean loss sure makes me want to get behind Murdock as a face (NOT) and Cade gets no heat what so ever for just beating a guy clean. I donít understand; this sure doesnít make we want to tune in next week.

I will give a thumbs up to Cena and Hardy. Baby Face matches are tough and this one ended up being pretty damn good. I know fans wanted Jeff to win but the match was very good with a great finish. More stuff like this and RAW rating will go back up!!!!

I really hope things change next week and we get more wrestling action to fill in the time between the 8 cash give a ways. You know they have to have segments covering all the cash winners to get the contest over and make people believe they are truly giving this cash away. These segments could eat up as much as 30 minutes of TV time, leaving less time for wrestlingÖ you know wrestlingÖ thatís what that middle W stands for in WWE.

I suppose even if this contest produces no ratings at all, there is the possibility of a little mainstream press, and all these WWE fans registering on WWE.com will no doubt be added to the WWE Shop Zone mailing list and be bombarded with WWE Merchandise catalogues or promotional offers.

Till next week, be sure to visit StormWrestling.com where I will be giving away No Money what so ever!

Lance Storm