Q and A

June 6, 2009

Q: What are your top five finishers?

A: I never had that many finishers. (LOL) I don’t have favourite finishers. It’s not like I sit around and rank moves and pick which ones I like best.

Q: What are the 5 moves do you dislike seeing?

A: Same as above. I don’t like seeing poorly executed moves and I don’t like unprotected chair shots to the head, because I think they are unsafe.

Q: What's your opinion on the controversy surrounding Hulk's acrimonious divorce, and his wife completely cleaning him out financially? Also, what are your general opinions of Hulk as a performer and as a man?

A: Hogan was a great performer and a really great guy to work with. I don’t know him well but we got along very well when we did our program for the WWE Tag Titles. As for his divorce, I think a lot of divorces get ugly and when they are aired in public they just seem that much worse.

Q: If you ran your own wrestling federation, who would be your booker, general manager, agents and what wrestlers would u love to have in your federation?

A: I wouldn’t run a company big enough to require people to do those jobs I’d just do it myself. If I was running a company that big I’d take far more time making those decisions than I plan to answering this question.

Q: How much preparation goes into Royal Rumble matches? I can't quite picture 30 guys sitting in a room discussing who lasts how long and who gets to eliminate who.

A: The 30 guys in the match don’t all have say in what goes on, so there isn’t some big round table debate. We each get told what we need to know and go out and do our job.

Q: If a promoter asked you to wrestle as a masked character or in face paint and gave you the freedom to design the mask or paint, what sort of design would you choose to represent "Lance Storm"? Or is this something you would just leave to wardrobe people?

A: I’m not a real artistic person, so I would get someone else’s idea on design, and like the above questions spend likely weeks or months picking a design, which is more time than I will spend for the sake of this Q and A.

Q: So I know you just said that you’re not watching TNA anymore but now that your sister and your two old battle buddies arrived are you going to give it another shot? Almost seems as if they brought the three in to entice you.

A: I some how doubt that TNA spends anytime trying to ensure I watch their show. I do want o see Victoria’s stuff, especially is she is working with Angelina, but in all seriousness, I sleep better and am a much happier person since I stopped watching TNA. I accidently caught maybe 30 second this week, while I was putting in a DVD to watch and just that little snippet frustrated me. As silly as this sounds not watching is likely better for my health.

Q: I am glad you enjoyed my tongue in cheek reference to "ECW creative". In that vein I remembered reading in your Promoter Commentaries that you had some involvement in booking in ECW with Paul Heyman. I also remember Tommy Dreamer saying he did as well in an interview. I was wondering how common that was for Paul to involve the wrestlers in the booking?

A: Paul was always open to creative suggestions from people. Dreamer pretty much always had some degree of input, as I believe did Raven. At one point Paul, Dreamer, Raven, and I would sit down and book the shows together.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Suicide character in TNA?

A: I think the outfit is cool, and the idea to tie the character to the video game was quite smart. I think his finish should be called the Assisted Suicide though. The name idea was Bryan Alvarez’s not mine.

Q: From a booking point of view is it easier to orchestrate a heel turn or a face turn? How about from a performance point of view?

A: I think it all depends on the situation. It depends on who is turning, who they are turning on, and the current angle they are in. You can’t make general statements like this as to which one is easier.

Q: What are your thoughts on The Miz? Personally I thought he was very good as a 'cool heel', and is now just as good as a proper angry heel. Also I feel he is OK in the ring and a lot better than he was.

A: I’m not a fan of the character, but I’ve never been a fan of that type of character. He has come a LONG way in the ring though and is pretty solid.

Q: This relates back to 1. When breaking up a tag team is it always necessary to turn one heel and the other baby face? Can you break up a tag team and have both guys stay heel/face?

A: Anything is possible but generally when a team breaks up it is because they can’t get along or disagree leading to a physical break up. If you are going to have them fight each other the crowd is going to need to pick sides leading to one being a face and one a heel so that is the norm. If you want to keep them both face or heel you pretty much have to have them spit and never fight which is a waste of an easy program, but could be done.

Q: What are your thoughts on the WWE releasing Mr. Kennedy?

A: I wasn’t too surprised. He has been off so long with injuries and what not; I figured he had to be somewhat on the bubble. He’s young it’s not like he can’t ever come back.

Q: What is your opinion on WWE's brand split? Do you feel like it should end and what do you think about having 3 world titles, 2 mid card titles, and 2 women's titles? Do you think they should unify all the titles?

A: I do think there are too many titles, but the decision on the brand split has to be a financial one so without sitting down and looking at what kind of money they generate of having 3 brands I cant’ really make that call.

Q: Would you please give me your top 5 (top 10) must see Lance storm bouts.

A: I hate doing this and I don’t have a list of my own so here are just 10 must see matches off the top of my head.
1. Lance Storm – Bryan Danielson (ROH April 2006)
2. Lance Storm – Edge (WWF Summer Slam 2001)
3. Lance Storm – Christopher Daniels (BSE Timmins Ont. July 2007)
4. Storm & Yasu – Liger & Samurai (WAR Japan Nov. 96)
5. Lance Storm – Chris Candito (ECW Heat Wave 98 PPV)
6. Lance Storm – Jerry Lynn (ECW Anarchy Rules 99 PPV)
7. Lance Storm – Chris Jericho (ECW One Night Stand PPV)
8. Impact Player – Jado & Gedo (ECW Arena)
9. Storm & Christian – Edge & Hogan (Vengeance PPV 2002)
10. Lance Storm – Kurt Angle (SmackDown)

Q: Why don't wrestlers sell anymore? A couple WrestleManias ago, there was a Money in the Bank match where Chris Benoit fell off the ladder, and held his shoulder the entire match. The next day people flooded wrestling websites to see what had happened. Apparently NOTHING, as he just sold it really well. Then in a WrestleMania match between Shawn Michaels and John Cena, Shawn works Cena's leg for about 2/3 of the match, and Cena makes a come back like as if Shawn never worked his leg at all. Even a kickboxer will collapse with a few kicks to the leg. What happened to selling?

A: It’s an art form getting lost by a generation of workers who have learned their craft doing 3-5 minute TV matches where if you take the time to sell something properly you get yelled at for missing your time cue and going long.

Q: Do you ever visit any Wrestling message boards, like Chris Jericho's for example? I always thought it would be a good idea for Wrestlers or in particular the writers of Wrestling shows to visit various message boards. They would get a bit idea of what fans think about certain Wrestlers, storylines, feuds etc. I know it wouldn't be a completely accurate way to see what the majority may think, because people who post on message boards will more often be harder to please than the casual fan, but it would still surely give them a bit idea of what is good or bad.

A: I don’t go to message boards and the truth is, as bad as this sounds, the casual fans that won’t be on message boards are the ones writers are more concerned about. The diehards will watch no matter what so they are a low priority. Is sucks that the most loyal fans matte the least but from a business standpoint that is the sad truth.

Q: Who do think will win between Mir and Lesnar at UFC 100? I'm kind of leaning towards Lesnar. Mir looked very impressive against Nogueira, but I'm thinking with Lesnar's strength and power, along with how much he will have improved since the first Lesnar/Mir fight, that Brock will have the slight edge.

A: I not only think Lesnar is going to win, I want him to kill Mir in that fight. I’m a big Brock supporter and I do not like Frank Mir. Yes Mir looked good in his last fight but I think a lot of that was due to Nogueira looking very bad. Brock gets better with each fight and I think Mir got extremely lucky beating Brock last time. I’m expecting and hoping for a dominant win by Brock Lesnar.

Q: I just wanted to know about your thoughts on that lame WWE Spinning belt? Do you hate it as much as most people?

A: At least it doesn’t spin any more, but yah “Hate it” sums up my thoughts pretty accurately.

Q: How many passports have you gone through over your career?

A” Quite a few; I’m not sure how many I’d have to dig in a bunch of old boxes to find out. I’ve kept them all.

Q: Would you say psychology or "good" booking makes a difference when last weeks match up between Daniels and Styles was the lowest rated segment and Angelina Love vs Sojo frickin Bolt was the highest (we all know what that's about although I personally appreciate women's wrestling). Is it not more a factor of the channel having nothing else on it giving people less of a reason to stop and check out what's on at that particular time? I'd have to assume if Impact were on Fox or NBC, ratings would be a lot higher even if not anywhere near WWE's

A: I’d have to see the entire quarter hour break down to fairly comment. There are a couple possibilities although both would be a result of bad booking. If a lot of the stuff before the Daniels –Styles match was bad it could be just a case of fans getting fed up and tuning out before giving the match a chance. It could be that since this was just a qualifier for a PPV match that involves 7 people in an odd gimmick match that fans didn’t care enough. I was keeping track of TNA quarter hour ratings for a while and I noticed that ratings stayed more consistent to the segment than to who was in them. For a while the show would tail off during the first hour (I assume fans not caring and trying other channels) then get a spike the start of the second hour (maybe new people flipping at the top of the hour giving it a try) and then another tail off. I would have to watch the show and see the whole break down to comment on which I thought was the case with this show. Quite often with Impact the Main Event slot is not the best rated segment.

Q: Hi Lance, I've recently read on an online wrestling news site (with a great pinch of salt) that Smackdown has been suffering from low ratings as of late. It appears that Raw's rating is higher. As a fan who would like to see more wrestling and less sports entertainment, it annoys me that there are a majority of people who would prefer to watch Raw because this could further encourage the WWE to de-emphasize wrestling in favour of more "soap opera". To me it seems like the management is going to look at the ratings and go "we need more drama and less wrestling people! What inane storyline can we come up with next?!?" Do you think this could happen? What's your opinion on the situation?

A: I think the difference in ratings is more due to the fact that RAW is traditionally the A show and Monday is a more established night for fans to watch. Friday Night has never been a good night for Ratings. If you simply changed the names and aired the current Friday show Monday and vise versa, the Monday show would still be the stronger rating. WWE is smart enough to know that.

Q: Is it anything to worry about if I do not get sore in the morning a day after working out? I'm lifting a weight that makes me struggle to reach 10 reps on my first set, and by the time I get to my 3rd or 4th set, I'm struggling at my hardest to lift it at least 8 reps. Is it mandatory to be sore the next day to let you know you've had a good workout?

A: it’s not mandatory but if you haven’t had any muscle soreness in while I would suggest altering your workout routine. If you do bench press for example for chest, try switching to dumbbells presses. I guarantee you will be sore.

Q: This is a multiple one: Have you ever heard of or taken a look at DDP's YRG? If so what's your opinion of it? And what's your opinion of DDP in general?

A: I’ve head of it, but haven’t checked it out to closely. Yoga is great and I have no doubt DDP’s program will do a world of good for anyone who uses it, but I do not have time for additional work out programs and since my back is not bothering me anymore I don’t feel a need to try anything new.