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June 10, 2012

Q: Whilst your training school is in term, how long per day do you spend preparing, evaluation etc for the class?

A: This is impossible to answer, I am constantly thinking about my classes and students.

Q: Does it seem odd to you that when Raw/Smackdown comes live from the UK that people like William Regal and Wade Barrett are announced as being from Blackpool "England" and Manchester "England" (it should be UK, not England but that's a different story) whereas the US wrestlers are only announced from their town and state? Where in the UK, the show is coming from the UK, we know where Blackpool and Manchester are.

A: They aren't making these announcements for the live home town crowd; they are making the introductions for the TV audience.

Q: As a life long wrestling fan I have often been subjected to the old "How can you watch that crap" attitude from people who misunderstand the concept of the product. Do you expect people to like professional wrestling?

A: I don't expect people to do anything.

Q: Do you think a young Terry Bolea would succeed in the wrestling business if he started out today?

A: Impossible to say, but I would imagine everyone would think he was a rip off of that Hulk Hogan guy from the 80's and hate him.

Q: Any chance of you humoring us with a weekly "alternative Impact" column?

A: I don't have time for anything weekly, and most weeks there isn't enough on the show that riles me up. To be honest I've been so busy I've missed the last 2 weeks.

Q: I'm in the midst of doing research about wrestling/catch in German-speaking cultures. Considering your own personal experience in Germany and Austria, what were some things (crowds, atmosphere, psychology) that struck you as different of notable in their interpretation of wrestling in comparison to what we see on this side of Atlantic Ocean?

A: I'm sorry but I would have to write a huge essay to cover this and I just don't have the time.

Q: Speaking from the perspective of a fan, are there any moves/spots/subtleties that you enjoy seeing for no particular reason?

A: All the subtleties I enjoy have a very specific reason, that's why I enjoy them.

Q: I'm an old timey fan (41 yrs old and proud owner of Boris Zhukov's original Beaver/gimmick hat-long story) and am just wondering if you have a close knit group of friends who are wrestling fans and if so, do they ask you a lot of wrestling questions or do they not broach the subject? (P.S. We have your BSE retirement match on DVD.)

A: Almost without exception all of my friends who were fans back in the day no longer follow wrestling; they find it too silly and embarrassing. Those who occasionally ask about wrestling ask who the champ is now and I have to try to explain to them that there is a WWE Brand Split and 2 Champions and their eyes glass over and they stop asking.

Q: Out of sheer curiosity, over the course of a wrestling school "season" do you work with the student to develop a preferred finisher that compliments their strengths, or is that something that you leave up to the student to decide once they are ready for a match.

A: I offer advice but what most people don't realize is that at the Indy level without TV almost no one needs a finisher. There are no announcers to tell the crowd that it is your finisher, you work the same town (crowd) so infrequent it will never be established as your finisher, and further more starting out you won't be winning often enough to use a finisher. I was in the business 10 years (WCW) before I had a truly established finisher.

Q: In your Eddie Guerrero tribute commentary, you told a story about your match with him being sprung on you before you were prepared to compete. Do you remember any other times where you had to scramble to prepare for a match at the last minute?

A: At a PWA show in Edmonton last year Tommy Dreamer worked a Tag Match Main event and I was the special Guest ref. I was booker on the show too and after the post match angle got more heated than I originally hoped and the crowd seemed disappointed the angle was setting up a different show not this one, I had Dreamer challenge me to a impromptu match on the spot in order to leave the crowd happy at the end of the night. Neither of us knew we were doing the match until we did it.

Q: Where do you stand on the whole-eggs vs egg-whites debate? When you were in the best shape of your life in the prime of your career, did you regularly consume whole eggs, or did you try to avoid the yolk as much as possible? If I have high body fat and am looking to lose weight and build lean muscle, should I avoid the yolk altogether?

A: During my career I only ate egg whites. Now I generally cook 2 whole eggs with added whites. I also don't eat as many eggs as I used to.

Q: Over the years, has there been any fitness equipment, that if they approached you for endorsement, That you would say yes to?

A: I really like Hammer Strength equipment, but lets be honest if they are paying me enough I'd endorse lifting rocks.

Q: In recent months I've heard several wrestlers (Matt Jackson, Colt Cabana, Nigel McGuinness) all compare back bumps to car wrecks. I realize you already refuted this in regards to Jackson's comments, but I want to know your thoughts on why you think this comparison is made. It comes across to me like hyperbole that has been repeated so many times it's now considered fact. It also seems to be a way to justify high risk moves with all bumps being labeled as equal. Or they're simply not making a distinction between flat back bumps and more dangerous bumps landing on the head and neck. In any case, I'd like your opinion on all this.

A: I'd have to hear the exact quotes to comment on what each person has said. There is certainly a degree of jarring involved in any bump, but like car crashes all crashes are not created equal. You could likely be in 1000 fender benders and live a happy healthy life, that does not mean going out and trying to total your car for a big pop each night is a good idea. Every bump takes a toll but bigger more dangerous ones take a bigger toll. We need to be as smart and safe as possible and get as much out of every bump as we can and make sure everything we do in the ring mean something. That is why I put such a strong emphasis on ring psychology at SWA. Don't take 10 bumps to set up one near fall, and don't do 10-15 moves per spot when it is possible to get the same or at least a similar reaction with 2 or 3. Like workers, not all bumps are created equal.

Q: How difficult was it for you to transition from fire and thumbtack matches in ECW to traditional wrestling matches in WCW?

A: I never did fire and thumbtack matches in ECW so I had no adjustments to make. That is what so many people forget about ECW, it had a ton of great wrestling on the shows too. YouTube some Guerrero vs. Malenko matches from ECW; no thumbtacks or fire required.

Q: When Trish Stratus and Lita left WWE back in 2006 they were given very different send offs. Trish rode off into the sunset as Women's Champion, whereas Lita was put in an embarrassing skit with Cryme Time. Why do you think there was such a difference? And also, would you agree with me that Lita deserved a better send off?

A: I hear about this quite a bit and everyone needs to stop being "Marks" in the least flattering sense of the word. Trish was a baby face, Lita a heel at that time. Further more due to the fact that Trish left right before Lita, she got to go out with a win because the person she beat was leaving very soon too. The point was more; let's have them make the crowd happy with their departure. Trish as a loved baby face left with a win and her head held high to the delight of the crowd. Lita got beat and was humiliated to the delight (for the most part) of the crowd. I was not there but I would think her backstage departure was treated far more flatteringly by her peers, because Amy Dumas deserved a respectful send off, off camera. Do you remember Stephanie McMahon's departure from TV after the Invasion? She was dragged out kicking and screaming in humiliation, as was Jericho each time he left as a heel.

Q: Should WWE or TNA have a top ten like the NBA has? They have had slam of the week but more like top ten plays (or slams).

A: I do not want 10 replays of stuff that happened last week, although with RAW going 3 hrs maybe that will help fill the time.

Q: Who in your opinion is much better at the mic - Batista or Brock Lesnar (considering his 2002-2004 run).

A: I don't remember much of the 2002-2004 run. I do remember Big Dave being awesome on the mic his last year with the company, and doubt Lesnar has ever been that good as a talker. Batista was one of the all time best douche bags on the mic his last year with WWE.

Q: In your opinion, who will have greater success in the wrestling biz: Davey Richards or Eddie Edwards?

A: There are too many intangibles in the wrestling game to make predictions like this. I've also heard Davey is considering retiring in a year or so, which would certainly limit his prospects.

Q: I've been watching WWE a lot lately, becoming slightly perplexed about some of their booking and the purpose it serves. One thing that has definitely stood out to me of late is their decision to have three Superstars on their roster (in Ryback, Lord Tensai, and Brodus Clay) whose sole purpose (it would appear) is to squash jobbers. Does this make any sense to you? I find it understandable in terms of having something to do with a guy they want to push eventually - but isn't doing the same thing with three guys a little bit excessive? Or, is this just the most bizarre push for Heath Slater ever? He's been getting a lot of TV time out of the ordeal, to be certain... To me, this just seems kind of strange and a little bit lazy on their part. I mean, if they don't have something to do with any of these guys right now and are trying to establish all three - what's the point of doing something so similar with all three of the guys?

A: Tensai beat Cena and Punk, I would not describe that as beating Jobbers or remotely similar to what they are doing with Ryback and Clay. Ryback is destroying dudes bell to bell with little other fan fair, while Clay is all about the dance and the show, almost opposite to how they are presenting Ryback. What else do you propose in this regard? Should they lose matches to get themselves over? If they put them is a meaningful wrestling program you might complain that they are doing the same thing with them as they are with Punk and Daniel Bryan. If they give them an elaborate sport entertainment storyline, they will be doing the same thing as they are doing with Cena and Laurenitis. While I am not saying what they are doing with the 3 people you mentioned is perfect or even really good, your complaints and arguments are very flawed and 1 dimensional.

Q: Have you ever had any females stalk you in hotels, arenas, etc? Do you know of any stories of females stalking wrestlers?

A: Nothing to the level of stalking but I have had some female fans follow me to hotels and the like, but I am not an easy person to pursue or stalk, I NEVER go out.

Q: I have seen a few shoot interviews of Honky Tonk Man? The guy is hilarious non stop, the things he says are just nutty, he's almost Chael Sonnen like. Just wondering if you have spent much time with him probably not hanging out but maybe you've crossed paths on Indy shows, just wondering is he like that even when there is no camera on what you think of him in your dealings with him and also what do you think of him as a worker?

A: I have never seen a HTM shoot interview but I have crossed paths with Honky on a few occasions and he is always very entertaining with stories and comments, and I would imagine quite similar in the locker room to what you get in his shoot interviews. HTM always has an opinion and is more than willing to share it.

Q: I don't expect you to name names for obvious reasons. I know you're very anti steroids + PED's. Just wondering in all your years of travelling/riding/sharing hotels and waiting in locker room with other wrestlers, how widespread were conversations about steroids. Did you ever overhear other wrestlers talk about what they were taking or who was on what or was it never talked about?

A: Conversations weren't wide spread. I'm not sure what you are expecting people to talk about. We all go to the gym each day and work out, but we don't sit in our hotel rooms and rental cars and have conversations about it.

Q: I was reading your workout theory and wondering if you would consider this a wrestling "maintenance" program (for lack of a better term). Basically I was wondering if this method would be good for someone who's starting out and looking to put on some weight and get in good shape.

A: Like any exercise program it really depends on where you are when you start it and your own specific body type. Every body is different and depending where you are at now and how you are training now you will get different results from different programs. This is where a good personal trainer is so important. When you deal face to face with a smart personal trainer he can evaluate where you are now and what you can do moving forward to achieve what ever goals you set yourself.

Q: What do you usually order at Cracker Barrel?

A: If I'm not super strict on my diet at the time I always start with a biscuit or 2 with strawberry jam. I like the grilled chicken tenderloins with mashed potatoes, a vegetable and a salad for dinner and I like the grilled chicken tenderloin with a few egg whites and pancakes for breakfast. The Maine Blueberry pancakes if they have them with regular syrup. I really like their lemonade in the summer.

Q: I want to get your thoughts on the rumor of Rock/Brock at next year's WM. I'd assume that a match of that magnitude would be the main event, but do you think it makes good long-term business sense to headline WM with two guys who won't be sticking around?

A: I think with the current state of the business it isn't as much as a negative as people think. I think most fans see Mania as a one night special event so headlining with non-returning stars isn't as bad as it first sounds. That said that is not the match I would book at Mania.

Q: Do you think HHH/Taker relied on too many chair shots? The match, big picture, i think told an amazing story but early on I couldn't help think that in both matches, HBK tried to beat Taker in a wrestling match by out maneuvering/wrestling him, while all HHH was trying to do is beat him to death with a chair.

A: I haven't seen the match but this makes perfect sense to me. HHH did a lot more wrestling moves last year, and if HBK and HHH couldn't out wrestle Taker 3 years running why would you try that approach again? The entire build up to Mania was HHH saying he had to END Taker to beat him so the logical approach to beat the man would be in an attempt to absolutely destroy him by almost literally beating him to death.

Q: I just wanted to know what according to you is THE MUST SEE wrestling match for anyone who follows wrestling?

A: There are tons of them and it really comes down to what style of wrestling you like. Wrestling, like art, has many master pieces but everyone will not like the same piece.

Q: Do you think that Edge would ever come back to the WWE as a regular, weekly color commentator?

A: I really have no idea that is a question you will have to ask him.

Q: Whereas it's often expected of trainee and rookie wrestlers to help set up the ring at indie shows, in your opinion would it be right to expect the same from the referee, ring announcer etc?

A: At the Indy level I think everyone should help out. This business works best when it's a team effort.

Q: I'm in the middle of reading Storm Front, and am up to the tribute to Ed Whalen, which is really cool, by the way. But something else caught my eye. I might just be ignorant, but you mention that before you were married you had to attend a marriage seminar for 12 hours. Is that normal? Possibly I'm ignorant, being unmarried or maybe it's a religious or even a Canadian thing, but I was curious as to whether it's like a requirement and what your take on it was? Obviously it's not done you and your wife any harm!

A: The church my wife and I got married in required it but I don't think it was 12 hours; we did it in one day. I think it was an effort by that particular church to make couples think marriage through better in hopes of reducing the divorce rate. Not sure it made any difference but my wife and I are still VERY happily married after more than 18 years.

Q: On NXT I saw Johnny Curtis attempting a top rope suplex. His opponent is sitting, not standing on the top rope. Why is he appearing to be attempting a suplex when it's obviously not going to happen? Is this Johnny Curtis's fault or a professional wrestling imperfection?

A: No this sounds like a case of you getting it completely wrong and Johnny Curtis actually getting it right. Why the hell would you stand on the top rope in order to get suplexed? If the opponent is sitting on the top rope and then you hook him (which helps your balance) then step up on the top rope yourself, you would then be able to pull that person up to the top in order to give him the move "against his will". If the dude just stands up there on his own he is over cooperating, and making the whole thing look faker than it should.

Q: What are ham and egger's and why are they called this?

A: That was a term Bobby Heenan popularized for unimportant underneath talent. I assume the reference it to the fact that they work the bottom of the card and are opening match guys as opposed to Main Eventers. Ham and Eggs is traditional a breakfast food and thus something you open your day with.

Q: Do you have any matches coming up anytime soon I would like to check it out?

A: June 23rd in Calgary I'm wrestling Chavo Guerrero jr. at the PWA Night of Champions event at the Century Casino. June 29th in Baltimore for ROH I'm wrestling Mike Bennett in our 3rd and final match. The 29th ROH show is my last current booking, and barring a very tempting or interesting offer in the future, could be my last match.

Q: Danny Doring said in a shoot interview that The Blue Meanie deserved the savage beating JBL gave him at One Night Stand. I find this hard to believe because I have always heard that The Meanie was a nice person. I also heard JBL say he went after him because he was overweight and he hated him for it, which sounds like a hate crime. I hope that was JBL the character talking and not John Layfield the intelligent businessman on Fox News. What are your thoughts on this situation?

A: I know there was heat between the two before the event and I believe (I could be wrong) Meanie taunted JBL to some extend verbally prior to the beating in the Battle Royal. While I'm not condoning the beating, I am a firm believer that if you play with a bull you have to expect the horn.

Q: I just wanted to know your thoughts of WWE making Raw 3 hours every week starting in July, and TNA signing Brooke Hogan to be in charge of the TNA Knockouts.

A: I'm not a fan of RAW going 3 hours. I have a busy life and struggle to find 2 hrs to watch RAW every week and feel more programming is not a good idea. As for Brooke Hogan I hope you realize she isn't actually running anything, she has been hired as an on screen performer and the Knockouts thing is just her current role.

Q: I don't know if you still do Q&A's but I have a question...with chair shots to the head being banned in WWE, and now apparently also Randy Orton's "punt," would it not make storyline sense to add in a rule similar to the "low blow" rule, where an unprotected head shot is an automatic DQ?

A: No that would be completely stupid. Do you understand what is meant by protected or unprotected? How do you explain on TV in the context of the show that if Orton tries to hit me in the head with a chair (or anything else for that matter) and I put a hand up to protect myself, he's allowed to do it and it's not a DQ, but if I leave my hands down and he actually hits me in the skull he's DQ'd in the match?

Q: What are your thoughts on Rick Martel, Rick Rude, Rick Steamboat & Tito Santana?

A: All very talented people. Martel I've met and worked with and is an extremely nice guy. Rude I worked with very briefly in ECW and did not know well but he seemed like a good guy. Steamboat I've only met a few times in WWE and he is very professional and classy. Tito I don't believe I've ever spoken to.

Q: I remember reading many postings online about what a bad wrestler Konnan was. Since you worked extensively with him in WCW, what were your thoughts on him inside and outside of the ring?

A: I spent a lot of time with and around Konnan in WCW. We always got along well and I would not in any way describe him as a bad wrestler. He wasn't as great in the ring as Eddie Guerrero or as technically sound as Dean Malenko but I doubt even Konnan would dispute that.

Q: I was not able to watch ECW back in its original run and I am trying to catch up on it now. There was one episode where Shane Douglas cut a promo and at the end he put up the triple threat sign and said "yeah", then Chris Candido put up the sign and said "yeah", and then you did it and Chris yelled at you and hit you. Was this part of a storyline or just Chris being Chris?

A: At that time I was a "prospect" and not yet an official member of the Triple Threat. I was for lack of a different term "trying out" to become a member of the Triple Threat and they strung me along before eventually turning on me. I was never officially a member of the Triple Threat.

Q: Justin Credible had a successful run in ECW including being world champion, but when he came back to WWE he never won a match and was treated as more of a jobber than when he was Aldo Montoya years earlier. Was this because of Justin not getting over, or WWE not thinking he was "credible"?

A: This is a case of you not remembering correctly. When he returned to WWE he became a part of X-Factor with X-Pac and Albert and I think won the World Tag Team Titles. He did not reach the same level of success in WWE that he did in ECW but that is more a case of Big Pond vs Little Pond.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Jericho/Brazil/Suspension incident?

A: I covered this on Twitter @Storm_Wrestling, but will do so again here. While I don't condone what he did and he did make a mistake by doing what he did to the flag in Brazil, I think far too big a deal was made of this My issue is that the flag was disrespected long before Jericho touched it and if a Country is going to pass laws to protect the way it's flag is treated, people from that Country should not carry them around in order to use them as a prop for a cheap pop at a wrestling show. If you want your Nation's flag to be protected and respected leave them on the flag pole; don't stuff them in your back packs; drag them to a sporting event where they will be placed on your chair, get dragged on the floor, and potentially stepped on etc. Even at the Olympics when athletes drape themselves in the flag after wining a race, the flag gets sweat all over it, often gets dragged on the ground, dropped and stepped on. I'm all for holding the flag of a Nation in high regard but to do so we need to treat it properly at all times and that includes not dropping it on the ground, keeping it properly folded, as well as disposing of it properly when it becomes tattered.

Keep those questions coming I do get to these as often as I can and good questions keep me motivated.


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