Q and A

June 13, 2009

Q: Have you ever wrestled with a heavy case of flu? If so, how do you focus in such a case? I have a hard time focusing on anything when I have the flu.

A: I’ve wrestled while extremely ill, not sure if it was the flu or not. It sucks but you just have to put it out of your head and focus solely on the job at hand.

Q: What's your opinion of Maryse? I really like her work and it has been a long time since I saw someone in the WWE use old school heel tactics.

A: I think she would be a perfect Valet, she has great heel presence.

Q: If I remember correctly you healed your back by doing pilates. How many times a week did you do pilates and how many weeks did it take to find out your back was getting better?

A: I did some pilates when I was rehabbing my back but the massage therapy I was doing at the time was the majority of what fixed my back. The pilates was more a means to strengthen my core.

Q: Foreign stars in Japan star in Japanese commercials sometimes. Is there a Japanese commercial in which you starred?

A: Nope I was never that big of a star.

Q: I have read that a lot of wrestlers, when they are touring in Japan, have trouble getting used to Japanese food. Could you get used to Japanese food?

A: I got used to it in that I found one or two things I could eat, and just ate them all the time. Outside of McDonalds I generally ate, Curry Beef or a Beef Bowl.

Q: Maybe it's the exception to the November to Remember '98 pay per view I'm watching that sparked this question...did you at some point take the whole "safest" worker thing to heart, as in you felt like you had to live up to that safe reputation you have? Thought I noticed you being extra safe, especially with Tammy Sytch.

A: I always made an attempt to be as safe as possible, especially when working with women in the business.

Q: This is probably a more abstract question, and one that maybe doesn't have a definitive answer, but throughout your career, what would be the thing you say above all else that you and your work have contributed to the business as a whole?

A: I don’t think was a big enough player to say I contributed to the over all business in any significant way. I doubt the business would be any different today if I had not taken part in it. I just hope I provided some entertainment for those who followed my work.

Q: When you were on the road full time, how many meals did you eat a day? How many protein shakes? Kurt Angle claimed 10 meals a day with 6-7 being protein shakes in 2000 so I was wondering how your diet compared to that, as you were both always in excellent physical shape.

A: Nobody is eating that much. With meals and shakes that’s 16 to 17 times a day. There are only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep sometime. I likely had 3 meals a day with a protein shake or bar (or two) throw in.

Q: When you were a trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling, did you have a set curriculum you had to teach, or were you allowed to decide the curriculum and pace of teaching it yourself?

A: WWE trusted me enough to allow me to pretty much do what I wanted. They expected me to run 3 hr session each day but other than that I was left on my own.

Q: What are your thoughts on the fact that the Colons still carry around both sets of tag belts. It seems to me that if the championships are unified, there'd only be one set of belts.

A: I think it looks like a bigger deal when they carry them both. Boxers carry more than one belt if they hold multiple titles.

Q: What are your thoughts on the boom of social net-working in the last few years and wrestlers communicating with fans. Especially with that stupid Twitter being so popular now, there’s a ton of guys who are suppose to be legit like both Hardys, Helms, and now Jericho who are all twittering. Do you see yourself ever signing up with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or any type of those bull-crap communication sites? (Sorry to make this into a two part question but its on the same topic.) Have you ever had a scenario where you've had a fake Lance Storm on one of those sites?

A: There has been a fake Face Book and My Space account so far. I doubt I will venture into the social network sites. I’m busy enough with the website and that’s about as interactive as I need to be.

Q: We know you're a fan of Brock Lesnar. What other fighters do you enjoy watching?

A: In no particular order some of the other MMA guys I like to watch. BJ Penn, GSP, Clay Guida, Wanderle Silva, Quinton Jackson, Krzysztof Soszynski. I left off Randy and Chuck because they are obvious and getting to be retired.

Q: When it comes to fighters is there any style that you prefer watching. For example, I'm partial to watching guys do BJJ when on the ground.

A: I enjoy the ground game a lot. If it stays on the feet it has to stay very active for me to get into it.

Q: Sorry to bring up the spinning belt again, but I was wondering... While I never liked the belt in and of itself, I did appreciate it as a gimmick for the character (spinner wheels where all the rage for the "Dub generation" if I recall). I guess for me it was 2 parts dislike versus one part like. I liked the relationship of the belt to the "rapper character" they were promoting. But I didn't like the belt by itself, and I didn't like the idea of the character being more "important' than the belt - same as I didn't like past custom belts for the same reason. Legitimate observations? Or am I just completely off base?

A: I get that it suited Cena’s gimmick and didn’t object to the spinning US Title much but to me the World Title needs to be more important than the guy’s gimmick. For me it degraded The World Title to the equivalent of the clock Flava-Flav wore around his neck.

Q: I was wondering what your opinion is on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. I know Nash has a bad reputation but every time I hear/see him speak in interviews he comes across as very likable. What are your thoughts on the two of them as people and wrestlers?

A: Kev is an extremely likable guy. I would imagine even those who don’t like his politics in the business still like him as a person. He is a real fun guy to be around. As a worker he is obviously very limited. I don’t know Scott Hall I’ve only met him a time or two, so I can’t comment on him as a person really. As a worker I always thought he was much better than Kev. He didn’t have all that much out side of the great punch but was smart enough to know that and get the most out of it; a very good performer.

Q: Is there a benefit to having the Big Show on any roster? Most people find his matches with physically bigger wrestlers like Undertaker or Kane boring, and other that Cena or Lesnar who are super strong to lift him it’s just a little unbelievable that someone like Jericho, HBK, CM Punk or Edge would even stand a chance against him.

A: I think he is a benefit yes, but to be honest guys that big were better suited to the older days of wrestling, when they could be an attraction more than a regular part of the roster and title picture.

Q: Do you think WWE tries to surprise and swerve internet fans so much that they change their booking if they read correct predictions online? Specifically, I read everywhere that Christian would have been the one to cost Jeff Hardy the title to Edge instead of Matt for his big return and then it would have been Christian and Hardy at WrestleMania. Do you think that was ever the plan?

A: It may have been the plan, or at least one of the things on the table. That does not mean they went the other way just to swerve the Internet fans. There are a ton of reasons they could have went with Matt, the most obvious being they decided that rewarding a guy, who left for TNA and just returned, with a Main Event role at WrestleMania was not a precedent they wanted to set.

Q: If someone has Wellness strikes against them like Jeff Hardy or Chris Masters (who I read was returning) left WWE for say 3 years and then resign, do they start at zero strikes or are their previous strikes still on their file?

A: I don’t think this has ever been addressed. If I had to guess I would say they start over again at 0, as if it were a completely new chance at bat.

Q. You seem like such a straightforward honest serious guy all the time in your answers to these questions I was wondering what you do for fun, something that makes you smile or laugh?

A: I’m not really a big FUN guy. When I need to smile I go to the Figure 4 Weekly message board and “HEEL” people.

Q: As a fan, I could never fully understand what makes a match work or fail, but today's wrestling (for the most part) just doesn't seem as natural when compared to what I watched as a kid, but whatever the problem is, its something I couldn't quite put my finger on. However, I just listened to an interview with Al Snow and he said that one of the major problems with wrestling today is that the matches have become more about trying to beat each other up rather than trying to win an athletic contest. It made a lot of sense to me, especially when comparing Wrestling to sports like Boxing & MMA. Do you think Al is right?

A: I think that is part of it. A lot of guys now, forget what the point of all this is and they just do moves and spots because they want to do those particular moves or spots. I also think TV has hurt the product, because when you have a stopwatch on you and you have to go exactly 5-minutes it takes the interaction and live element out of the match. You are no longer feeding off and relating to your audience, because you are forced to gear your match to an audience who isn’t even there.

Q: Why do you think Triple H’s work garners so much heat from people like Bret Hart and Jim Cornette? I understand it coming from online wrestling fans who want to feel like they know something by having someone to criticize, but, at least in my eyes, he is the closest thing to a great old-school wrestler that there is in the business today. He certainly seems to be the clearest extension of the Harley Race/Ric Flair lineage, no? I always get the feeling that he’d be THE MOST respected guy in the business during this era, by just about everyone, had he not ended up being married to Stephanie. Thoughts?

A: That is a real dilemma because it is a double edged sword from Hunter’s perspective. He is great and definitely a top guy, but I don’t think anyone can argue that his lock on that top spot and over all push would not be quite as strong if he were not part of the family. So in that respect his career has been helped, to a degree, by his personal relationship. On the other edge of the sword, he doesn’t get the respect he deserves as a great worker and guy that busts his ass in the ring, because there will always be those who sell him short because he is married to the bosses daughter. If he and Steph had never gotten together, I have no doubt he would still be a long term top guy in WWE (perhaps not as locked into the top spot) and would likely be far more widely respected for his talents and work ethic.

Q: What would be your favorite or most memorable tag team program as a fan, for me the 3D/Beer Money could be it soon, though it still is the Midnight Express vs The Original Midnight Express, even with Dennis Condrey spoiling the end of it, You?

A: There are so many, but for me I have to go back to when I was a fan. Midnight Express vs. The Rock & Roll Express or The Fantastic would be two of my favs.

Q: Is there anyone you didn't think would make it and has and is there anyone who has made and should not have?

A: I think you worded this wrong because both case are basically the same thing. I assume you mean someone I thought should have made it and didn’t and someone I though shouldn’t make it who did. I thought Rick Bogner, the guy who played the fake Razor Ramon would have made it, but didn’t really. After that brief run in WWE he pretty much vanished from the wrestling scene. Rick broke in, in Calgary just before I did so we came up together, and I figured with his size and athletic ability he’d end up real big. I don’t want to name names the other way. Saying “I don’t think this guy should have made it” is a very nice thing to do.

Q: I've always liked Kane and have a great deal of respect for him, but when he returns to TV, do you think he should have a change? New tights, a new finisher, a glove on his left hand, or maybe some hair?

A: I’d like to see him return for a last run with the old outfit and the mask and hair. I think it would be great, much like when Taker came back as the “Dead Man” Undertaker after his run as “The American Bad Ass” Undertaker.

Q: I've read a lot about ROH's Tyler Black recently. If you've seen him, what's your opinion?

A: I have seen him he’s fantastic. Very talented.

Q: If Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are calling a match for ECW that features announcers from all three brands, can Cole and King and J.R. and Todd Grisham listen to the same commentary as the people watching at home?

A: I would assume they get audio in their headsets, but I don’t know for sure what the deal is.

Q. I was happy to see Jeff win the title against Edge in the ladder match, and I'll admit, I'm still kinda mad that cm punk stole the title. Did you see the match? What'd you think?

A: I haven’t seen the match but I gather you are supposed to be kinda pissed off that Punk “stole” the title from Hardy, so it worked.

Q: In your opinion...who is WWE's TOP heel right now? Edge, or Randy Orton?

A: Chris Jericho. Ha… had to be different.

Q: What is your opinion of "smart marks" (or "smarks") and the Internet Wrestling Community, including the people who author articles on pro-wrestling websites?

A: Anyone who follows and supports this business by ordering PPVs, buying tickets, watching programs, etc. is an asset to the industry.

Q: How would you compare the pro-wrestling scene in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK (or Europe overall), and Japan? And how would you compare the pro-wrestling fans in these respective regions of the world?

A: I haven’t worked in these Countries recently enough to fairly comment. I haven’t worked regularly in Japan for 10 years, Europe in 15 years, and I’ve never worked in Mexico.

Q: Would you ever consider working a match again for WWE or TNA?

A: If there was a situation that made sense I’d do A match for WWE again certainly. I don’t see TNA and I ever seeing eye to eye on the creative front so don’t hold your breath for that one.

Q: At Extreme Rules, I was somewhat driven to distraction by how obviously Jericho was calling the match. I don't mind seeing the wrestlers communicate with each other, but this seemed excessive/too obvious. Do you think it was because a) the pace of the match didn't afford them the opportunity to have more subtle communications, b) the camera work was catching bad angles, c) Jericho was micro-managing, or d) I need to chill out.

A: I’d have to see the match to fairly comment. Shawn Michaels was often bad for this back in the day too. It’s likely a combination of A thu D. Chilling out is never a bad idea.

Q: Why do TNA and WWE both put their respective top world titles on the line every month on pay per view as apposed to building up to a world title match for more than just 4 episodes of there respective shows

A: Because leaving the World Title off of a PPV would leave that show pretty thin.

Q: Lance, as an amateur bodybuilder who uses anabolic steroids, the WWE seems to me to be very strict with it's Wellness Policy for SOME talent, while turning a blind eye towards others. I won't name names, but my list contains at least 2 main eventers. Do you think WWE is letting some guys slide due to their role in the company, or is it more a matter of certain guys being smarter about beating the tests?

A: I don’t believe WWE is letting guys slide on failed tests. If guys are on something that is banned, they are beating the test in my opinion. There is the therapeutic use exemption that might protect one or two or there is always HGH which is not tested for.

Q: During the course of a show, we often see performers having a private conversation backstage or in a dressing room. I often wonder if we are supposed to believe that production staff can just bring a camera into someone's dressing room and film their strategy session, or are we supposed to treat the scene as if no cameraman is there, and we are watching drama like a movie?

A: I have no idea. I think they change their minds on stuff like this almost daily. Just go with what ever makes it easier for you. A lot of times stuff just doesn’t make sense.

Q: Is William Regal a stiff worker? His moves always look totally sick, dangerous and very painful, so I just wondered if they are...?

A: William Regal is just VERY VERY good at what he does. People still think he beat the hell out of me in a RAW match we did maybe 7 years ago, and he barely touched me. The Regal Stretch was a bit snug however.

Q: What is your opinion on the current feud between Jericho & Mysterio? I personally think it's the best thing WWE has going on at the moment. I've heard some people say that Jericho winning the I.C. title is a step backwards. I think it's the sort of elevation the I.C. title needs though.

A: The Jericho – Mysterio stuff has been great. You can’t keep everybody in the World Title picture all the time so feuding over the IC Title is the next best thing and this program should help restore some credibility to that Title.

Q: WWE seem to keep switching their World Titles about every month and a lot of the changes seem really needless. I couldn't remember all of the changes, but I went back and looked. So far this year, the World Heavyweight Title has seen 5 title changes and the WWE title has had 4 title changes. Do you have any idea why WWE switch the titles around so much? It seems difficult to get behind any champion, because you just nearly always expect a title change during every title match.

A: I think they do it in an attempt to keep rating up and make PPV events seem more eventful. I think titles switch way to much and with 3 Heavyweight titles it makes it seem even worse, because it seems a title changes hands almost weekly.

Q: Whatever happened to Perry Saturn?

A: Honestly I don’t think anyone knows.

Q: I recently came across an old Bret Hart interview, in which he talked about how WCW's ring didn't fit his style very well. If memory serves, WCW's ring had smaller dimensions, slightly lower ropes, and cables instead of actual ropes. Can you compare the different square ring types - WWE, WCW?

A: I’ve talked to Bret about the WCW ring and his biggest complaint seemed to be the ring ropes, because it ruined his trademark front turnbuckle bump. You don’t get the stretch out of cable that you do out of rope, so you couldn’t get the give and snap out of a turnbuckle in WCW like you could in WWE or Stampede. Most rings (WCW, Japan, ECW, TNA, most Indy groups) use cable for ropes, but Stampede Wrestling and WWE use real rope. Cable lasts longer, but with the exception of springboard type moves rope is WAY better. With the added spring of rope, you can run ropes faster. You can actually pull it down when you want a guy to take a bump over top of it. That was always a pet peeve of mine with cables. Guys would want to do the spot where you hit the ropes and they pull it down so you can bump to the floor, but the rope would move less than an inch. It’s also near impossible to get tied in the ropes with cables; ask Mick Foley about his ear. The WCW ring was also smaller (18 foot), which wasn’t a huge deal for me because I’d worked smaller ones, but Bret pretty much worked his whole career in a 20 foot ring so he likely found the small ring limiting.


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