Q and A

June 22, 2006

Q: What is your current thoughts on the WWE Womens Division? Also, do you know if their are any plans to bring Lita back to the ring full time?
A: The womenís division has really slipped over the last couple years. This is more due to a creative direction than anything else. They have some talented girls so I hope that changes soon.

Q: Have you ever seriously hurt anyone in the ring or vice-versa?
A: Not to my knowledge, on either count.

Q: You are perhaps the greatest technical wrestler I have ever seen. You can also take to the air if need be and adjust your style to meet your opponents. Who do you think is the most technically sound wrestler in the business today?
A: I think saying Iím the greatest is a stretch but thank you. I donít think you can pick just one. There are a lot of different aspects to this sport and so many guys are good at it.

Q: Who do you consider to be your closest friend in the business. I know alot of the guys and girls have road buddies but very few friends. In all your years, is their anyone you formed a close bond with?
A: Jericho and I have been friends for so long he might be. We keep in touch fairly regularly and have been friends for 16 years.

Q: Saw your last update and was wondering, in comparison to WWE schedule how was WCW. I was thinking it must have been a little lighter as they mostly booked in US.
A: WCW changed a few times while I was there but at the end the schedule was amazing.

* Thursday I would receive a fax with Flight, Hotel, and rental car info.
* Sunday Morning up about 4:30 am to get ready and head to airport.
* Land mid afternoon pick up rental car eat and head to building.
* Work event
* Eat and drive to next shot for TV (Usually 2 hours or less)
* Check into very nice already paid for Hotel
* Up by 11 am eat and head to arena for check in (1pm check in I think)
* Work event (both Nitro and Thunder, so very busy)
* Finish TV by midnight
* Eat head to hotel for maybe 2-3 hours sleep
* Up by 6 to head to airport for flight home
* Arrive Calgary early afternoon Tuesday

Youíll note I didnít hit the gym at all. With only 2 days on the road I found it easy enough to train at home. Compare this to the WWE one I posted and consider Ai made more money in WCW and youíll understand why I loved WCW.

Q: I was wondering how wrestlers feel about overseas tours, being Australian I really appreciate them
A: Itís a bit of a catch 22. Most guys love over seas trips, the crowds are usually great, the pay is usually great and getting to see new places is always a lot of fun. The extra travel on the other hand can be brutal. Over seas trips are usually done between TV tapings so you end up on the road for almost 2 weeks solid and log a lot of airplane hours, which always suck.

Q: With all these rumours abound about ECW coming back, would you go back if offered a contract? Or would you go to TNA if they offered you a contract? Also do you still keep in touch with Steve Gillespie?
A: WWE did offer me a 3-year ECW contract, which I declined. As for TNA I might be interested in working some events for them, but I would likely turn down a full-time contract from them as well.

Q: I recently read that Kris Kanyon was openly gay, do you know of any other openly gay wrestlers and if so how were they treated by their peers?
A: Iíve known a few people in the Industry who are gay. No one seemed to make much of a big deal about it.

Q: Have you always worn the long trunks in wrestling?
A: No, Iíve worn trunks, tights, and singlets before.

Q: I've always wondered whats better kneepads on the outside of trunks or inside, cause I know I've seen variations, and whats your prefrence?
A: You mean tights I assume, trucks are the short ones. It depends on what look you like. I like them on the out side as it also prevented tears in your tights at the knee.

Q: In one of your last Q & A's you described your average weekend on the road when you were on the Raw brand with WWE...what is your average day like now (during SWA sessions)?
A: When I have a training session going I get up around 7:30 am help get my kids ready for school and have breakfast. I leave for the academy by 8:30. At the academy by 8:40 start classes at 9am. Train till noon. Eat lunch and head to the gym. Train for an hour or so, head home to shower and clean up. Pick up my daughter at school and enjoy normal life with my family.

Q: I busted out the ol' ECW DVDs the other day and watched the ANARCHY RULZ '99 opening bout between you and Jerry Lynn. I love that match and always considered it one of my favorites. Thank you for that match. I loved the finish (that crazy half nelson roll-up pin you did). Do you have any special memories of that match? Or of Jerry Lynn?
A: I remember we specifically asked to be the opening match because we wanted to get the crowd while they were still super hot. Paul had also booked the match to be a draw. Jerry and I thought a draw would make a flat open to the show so we asked if we could change the finish. Jerry had pinned me on the last PPV so we figured I could go over and used hi rib injury angle to protect him on the finish.

Q: Do you know of any particular reason why WWE didn't decide to have either ECW PPV in Philadelphia?
A: I would imagine it was because if they did it in Philly it would only make sense to use the Arena and it is too small for a PPV of that caliber.

Q: Also, for the first one, why did it seem like there was an issue as to whether use everyones actual music or not? How was Paul Heyman able to do it with virtually no budget but WWE kind of held back?
A: ECW was smaller and slid under the radar. Most Indy groups use copyrighted music but no one notices or cares. WWE is too big and canít get away with using music without the rights to it.

Q: Do you think Rey Mysterio would have the belt if Eddie were alive?
A: No I donít but not for the reasons you think. Rey didnít get the title to play on Eddieís death and the sympathy from that, he got it because they needed someone to carry the title and he was the best choice. If Eddie were still around he would have be the best choice.

Q: Have you or any other wrestlers besides RVD ever attempt the RVD lift?
A: I donít know of any who can do the splits required so no.

Q: Would a Lance Storm/Benoit match at a future ECW ppv be too much to ask of WWE? I mean, you already wrestled Bryan Danielson which most of us technical wrestling fans considered a dream match. Your thoughts?
A: It would be great, but I doubt it will happen.

Q: From your exeperience in wrestling, is there a particular move or situation that brings forth large amounts of pain, yet does not seem as painful on TV?
A: almost everything. (LOL)

Q: do you think, in general, that books adapted into movies are ususally worse as movies, or do you judge it on a case by case basis? are there any books in particular you'd like to see as a movie?
A: I think in general Movies arenít as good. You have so much more freedom in a novel.

Q: how much control do you have over your outfit? and what about things written on them?
A: Like most things in wrestling it varies completely. Some guys have 100% freedom while others have 0%.

Q: What's your protocol for making "q&a" posts? do you wait a certain amount of time or for a certain amount of questions? or is it more like just whenever you get free time?
A: I get to them whenever I find the time.

Q: Why do you belive that Test was resigned? Personally i think if given the right storylines/fueds he could be world champ. Your thoughts? Oh and what do you think of him as a person?
A: I think WWE resigned him because he is a big guy who can work. Test likely signed because regular employment is a good thing. Iíve always like Test but he wouldnít be my first choice to be world champ.

Q: What is ride jumping and why do people have a problem with it? Also what were your problems with Teddy Long?
A: Ride jumping is switching rides mid trip. If I agree to travel with Christian and go to the first show with him, and then decide to switch and ride with Jericho the rest of the loop, I have ride jumped. This leaves your original partner stuck and is frowned upon. As for Teddy, at the tail end of his run as a ref there were several instances of him 3 counting planned near falls. This really screwed up matches, and I believe led to his stint as a manager then GM.

Q: Do you know Harley Race on a personal level at all?
A: I do not, no. Iíve met him once or twice but that is all.

Q: Why did Ultimo Dragon never get over huge in WWE?
A: He wasnít pushed. They were already pushing Rey, and didnít need 2 smaller masked cruiserweights.

Q: Have you ever used a moonsault or shooting star press in a match?
A: Iíve done several Moonsaults but never a Shooting Star press.

Q: I agree with your thoughts on ring psychology and how it is somewhat of a lost art, but can there be too much of it also? my example is : HBK vs Shane McMahon at Saturday night main event after that superplex to the table, which has to be sold huge, the match slowed to a crawl and borderlined on losing the crowd. So can over-selling a move harm a match ?
A: This isnít an example of psychology hurting a match this is an example of horrible psychology. That bump should not have been done at that point in time in the match. It was the biggest bump of the match and was done first. That bump has to be sold huge so there fore should not have been done early.

Q: Have you ever met another wrestler or celeb that you were in awe of meeting?
A: Iíve never been a mark for anyone, so no.

Q: Should a finisher be used by one guy only for the most part? Such as Shane doing the Van Terminator, to me that cheapens RVD'S version of it, when a guy who wrestles once every few years uses it.
A: For the most part yes, if it is an established finish, it should not be done by others.

Q: How hard is it to jump post to post with a chair a la Van Terminator?
A: Iíve never tried it but I would imagine I could make it without too much trouble. In ECW I was working on a Springboard Corner to Corner Stinger Splash, and that was going diagonally across not side to side. I gave up after not quite getting enough distance. I would think after that the jump required for the Van Terminator wouldnít be too bad.

Q: Do you have any kind of relationship with Scott D'Amore.
A: Iím friends with Scott, and actually wrestled him once.

Q: Are bigger names better for TNA? Such as getting Scott Stiener etc. Are they risking their status as a wrestling company by getting guys who are not know for their work rate and pushing them ahead of lesser names but better workers?
A: I donít think there is a proven answer to this one. I donít know which will draw better ďname valueĒ so to speak or ďwork rateĒ.

Q: You said you were invited to Wrestlemania & the Hall Of Fame Ceremony due to being in the same town for your ROH event. So my question to you is, did you accept the invitation and attend either?
A: I didnít, no. I wanted to get home to my family.

Q: Do you think that it is even possible to have ring psychology in a match with several high spots?
A: YES! Good psychology has nothing to do with doing spots or not doing spots, itís just doing your spots in a way to maximize reaction from the crowd.

Q: You said Dawn Marie was fired for being pregnant. Isn't that an illegal procedure?
A: Thatís what her lawsuit will determine. The fact that she was not an ďemployeeĒ Iím not sure.

Q: Have you ever been given the Tombstone Piledriver? If so, wouldnít you be nervous about a botch?
A: Iíve taken hundreds of them, and was never really concerned. Iím quite confident in my ability to protect myself.

Q: Lance, how high was your vertical jump at the peak of your athleticism?(whether that be now or in the past)
A: When I played Volleyball I believe my vertical topped out at 37 inches.

Q: Also, how has your back been since you had that procedure done to you?(you talked about it in a commentary)
A: I didnít have a procedure done, but my back is quite healthy now.

Q: Been hearing people talk about this Death Tour in Manitoba, and you mentioned it in your last Q&A. Any chance you can elaborate on why it's the worst tour ever?
A: I write a three-part commentary on it. Go check it out in the June 2004 commentaries.

Q: I live in Kentucky, and I'd see you leaving OVW shows (when you were there) many times, and most times you'd try to get out of there quickly (well, at least the times I was there). Is there any particular reason for that, like, does OVW staff/talent have things to do (wrestling/OVW-wise) after shows, or was the hurry due to long days at the office?
A: A lot of times we just want to go eat and get home. In OVW we trained in the mornings so I often wanted to get home to bed.

Q: In Edge's book, he shows some pictures of his house, including one of the IC, WCW US, and WWE Tag Team belts in glass cases (I've seen pictures of Hogan the same way w/ his). Why did they get to keep theirs, but not you? Does it differentiate with your status as a wrestler with each company? Or are theirs just fakes (LOL)?
A: Most times these belts are replica belts that the guys purchased. Guys want the mementoes to hang on their walls, and buy the belts and have them framed. I just never bothered.

Q: just wondered what you thought of non-title matches in which the champion(s) involved win the match? seems a complete waste of time. I would just make it a title match and then the champ(s) come off strong for a successful title defense, the opponent(s) look good for receiving a title match in the first place and more title matches sometimes (not always) improve ratings, buyrates, attendance etc.
A: I like when this happens as it makes things more believable. If they NEVER did, as soon as they announce a match is Non-Title youíd know the finish. I think when a Champion wins a non-title match it surprises people, and then makes the finish questionable the next time a non-title match occurs.

Q: I know it must be tough getting banged up in the ring every night and have to work again the next night. By the same token, it must be hard to keep up with your workouts too. When I train legs I get real sore to the point where sometimes I walk funny the next few days (sometimes for a whole week). My question is how do you deal with things like this.
A: Most guys train legs the day after TV. That way they have 2 days before they have to wrestle and 6 days before they need to be at their peak for TV.

Q: Who do you think has the best finisher in the business?
A: I think Jakeís DDT is still one of the most over.

Q: What kind of car does Lance Storm drive in Calgary...Alberta, Canada? Please don't tell me that one of my favorite wrestlers drives a mini-van...
A: I have kids so I do own a mini-van. I do have another car as well, but youíll have to see me on the road sometime and figure that one out yourself. (LOL)

Q: Do you think a triple tag title could do well?
A: No it requires to many bodies to get the division over. They donít have enough bodies or TV time to get a Tag Division over properly.

Q: Have you ever worked with Jushin Liger or Ultimo Dragon? If so what was your impression of these two gentlemen?
A: Iíve worked them both and loved it every time.

Q: If you had to choose the belt that meant the most that you held what would it be and why?
A: I think the US/Canadian Heavy Weight Title did me the most good, so I would say that one.

Q: I'm sure you take no notice of negative comments towards you, but has there ever been moments where you've read something and got frustrated that people for lack of better words 'don't get it'. I remember Jericho went ballistic on his site for people slating his match at KOTR 2002 against RVD.
A: There was a match I had with DDP once, and some Internet Sheet writer, reviewed the match and said I blew Paigeís attempt at the Diamond Cutter and Paige had to counter and cover it up with a different version of it to save the match. He wrote it like a fact, that I screwed up, when it was executed exactly as we had planned. It was a spot Paige has used before and liked where he went for his finish and I was to block it and he counters and gets the finish anyway. It shouldnít have bugged me as much as it did but I was furious. The review was so arrogant in nature that he was the expert on matches and I was inept for screwing up, it pissed me off that this guy had no clue what so ever.

Q: Also what do North Americans think of Dave Finaly and William Regal's wrestling style. In Britain it's called the World Of Sport style, because that's the way wrestlers used to wrestle on the programme of the same name in the 60s, 70s and 80s. That style was hugely popular in that era and I'm curious to no how people view it. I'd hate to think people viewed it as dated.
A: I cantí speak for anyone else, but I love the style.

Q: Do you know Harley Race on a personal level at all?
A: Iíve met Harley and know him a little, but that s all.

Q: How much contact did a midcard worker have with vince as opposed to a top of the card guy?
A: Itís different for everyone, but Vince is very accessible.

Q: Did you prefer working Raw or Smackdown?
A: It was always more about the match itself and my opponent than which show. I had great times on both.

Q: Any difference between working a live Raw and taped SD?
A: Not for me, I consider both shows live. There are thousands of people sitting there live, so for me every show is LIVE.

Q: Would you have retried if you were 100 % healthy yet in the same spot on the card?
A: Who knows, I likely would have waited another year.

Q: Were you backstage for Paul Heyman speech before the 1st ECW ppv barely legal? if so, what was the mood like?
A: I was there and it was an awesome motivational speech.

Q: Thoughts on Mick Foley a stuntman or a under-valued worker?
A: I think Mick is a stuntman, as we all are itís just a matter of degrees. I donít think you can call him an undervalued worker either, as heís been World Champ and given his due. Mick is a very good worker, an amazing talker, and a stunt taker.

Q: Does it make you wonder sometimes how such bad gimmicks as boogeyman etc can get over?
A: If they get over they arenít bad gimmicks. Marty Wright is a very entertaining man; I wasnít surprised the Boogeyman character got over.

Q: do you think you got a fair shot in WWE? or could they have done more to help you sustain the original push you got?
A: I think I could have contributed considerably more had they decided to use me better, but they had other priorities.

Q: Did Rhino really miss his plane or was that just a work because he no showed? If he no showed, then why not just say so and let him take the heat instead of the booker trying to cover for him?
A: He really did miss his flight, although not just because he was late getting to the airport. What is the point in trying to bury someone or wasting fanís time trying to explain in detail what happened? Rhyno didnít get on the plane and wasnít there to work. What else matters.

Q: Why didn't you wrestle someone else on the card? Most gusy were green but I am sure they could have grabbed someone from the area that was a decent worker to work you.
A: The card was set and there really wasnít anyone else worth working. I know that sounds bad, but at this point in my career Iím not working an inexperienced Indy worker.

Q: What were your feelings on the Harry Smith v. TJ Wilson match? Have you seen these guys work and how do you think they compare with the current roster of guys in the WWE and OVW? You had a great vantage point as trainer at OVW so I would love to hear your opinion
A: I enjoyed their match, but it was a shame they are both Baby Faces as it really lessened the crowd reaction to a lot of what they did.

Q: what was the angle you came up with to take gertner's brace off?
A: This was a real long one, which involved several people. It would take a whole commentary to get into, which I might do. The angle accomplished a lot of different things. It wrote Miss Congeniality (Lita) off TV, moved Joel Gertner from the announce booth to managing Doring and Road Kill, and also got Don Callis announcing the TNN show with Joey.

Q: When you were on the road and found a gym to workout at did the staff just let you in because you were a wrestler, or did you have to pay a one time fee like most non members? Can you shed a little light on how that works please.
A: Most gyms allowed us to train for free, while others charged us drop in fees. We hit the same towns often so it seldom took us long to find a gym in each town that took care of us.

Q: Seeing Umagai working barefoot, how hard on the ankles etc is it to work barefoot?
A: Iíve never tried it so youíd have to ask him.

Q: A lot of retired guy talk how there is nothing that can replace the rush you get from preforming in front of a huge crowd, do you miss it?
A: I donít know, but I was never a mark for it.

Q: What are your thoughts on Matt Hardy's gimmick and in ring work?
A: I always liked Mattís work and enjoyed working with him.

Q: Impressions of the tag team of London/Kendrik? Can they get over as anything but a small underdog team?
A: I doubt they ever will, but that is more a booking issue than a talent issue.

Q: What was the favorite WCW PPV that you worked on?
A: I hated the match but New Blood Rising is still my favourite WCW PPV.

Q: Whose idea was the penalty box match on WCW Sin 2001? Did you like the idea?
A: I donít know who came up with the idea. I enjoyed doing the match it was different at least.

Q: Thought's on Elix Skipper, seems to be that he could be used a bit better than he is now.
A: Iíve always liked Elix and agree they could do more with him.

Q: Has your diet changed since retirement and starting SWA? Are you eatting better or is it pizza everyday? What's a weekly menu look like for you?
A: Iíve slackened off a bit since retiring. I allow my self the occasional cheat meal now.

Q: What are your thoughts on The Great Kahli?
A: Heís really big!!

Q: What do you think of WWE splitting MNM up? I know you worked a lot with them in OVW and I would be interested to know if you think it is possible that backstage politics could have broken them up or where they too close for that to happen?
A: There may be a lot of very good valid reasons behind this that I donít know about but Iím disappointed in the split. I think MNM were the best team in the business by a long shot and doubt either will do as well on their own.

Q: What happened to Justin Credible at the 1PW event in England?
A: Justin did not get on his flight, other than that I havenít heard a word.

Q: What did you think of 1PW as a whole?
A: I had a great time and thought the shows were great. I would definitely consider coming back the fans were great the promotion it self was great. I had a lot of fun.

Q: Did you enjoy working with Doug?
A: Doug was a very pleasant surprise. I didnít know Dougís work and very much enjoyed working with him.

Lance Storm