This and That

June 29, 2010

Sorry itís been so long since Iíve updated; things have been very busy on my end. My Grandfather passed away two weeks ago and this past weekend was the memorial service. The service was in Ontario and I was giving the Eulogy so all of last week was spent writing and making travel arrangements. The service ended up being very nice and my Grandfather was almost 93 so it was not a surprise or a shocking tragedy. He had a wonderful life and it was simply his time.

I was hoping to come up with a smooth transition from that news into the rest of this commentary but I havenít come up with anything so I guess Iíll just move along and talk about everything else I want to cover.

Itís been over a week but I figure I should comment on my most recent return to the ring. Saturday June 19th was my big return match for PWAís Night of Champions event. It was PWAís biggest show of the year and the night was a big success. With this being the biggest card of the year ticket prices where raised quite a bit and we drew a far bigger crowd that usual so the event was a big success. Thanks to all who attended.

On the card I tagged with long time friend Jerry Lynn to face former PWA Tag Team Champions SuperWild. The match was a little shorter than I would have liked (the event was starting to run long) but on the whole I was very happy with the match. I didnít get to see all the matches but from everyone I talked to it was a very strong card.

I want to offer a special thanks to Booker T who worked the Main Event of the show where he was defeated for the PWA Heavyweight Title by former champ T-Bone Jack Sloan. Booker T was a consummate profession that night and not only put on a great match but did business the right way and really help out PWA. This business needs more people like Booker T; all hail King Booker!!!!

Our next PWA show, if you are in Alberta, is Friday July 23rd in Calgary at the new Century Casino (Formerly the Silver Dollar Casino). This is a new venue for us and also holds the distinction of being the very building where Chris Jericho and I trained to become pro- wrestling 20 years ago. As much as you hear about the Dungeon that was more just a place where Stu stretched people and Keith Hart (who was running the Hart Brotherís Pro-Wrestling Camp when Jericho and I went through) actually rented a room at the Silver Dollar to house the ring and run our camp. If that isnít crazy enough the Silver Dollar was also the home of CNWA, which ran regular weekly shows in Calgary and was my first regular gig back in 1990 and 91. Itís going to be very strange full circle moment for me going back to where it all began. I donít have the line up worked out yet, but it should be a great show, I hope al of our regular fans make the effort to find us at the new venue. I donítí have the exact address but itís on 42 Ave. in the SE just past Stage West. Iíll post the exact address and line up in the next week or so.

In other news Iíve got a TV project in the works. Iíll give you more details in the coming weeks, but Iím working with a production company here in Calgary and we are putting together a documentary series involving my Storm Wrestling Academy. The show will be called ďWorld of HurtĒ and will focus on an International cast of mostly former SWA students who will take part in a grueling advanced training program with me to try to take their game to the next level. The International cast includes 6 male and 4 female Independent wrestlers from Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia, and Kosovo. We will be shooting the project from now till the end of the year and it will be airing in early 2011 on a National Canadian Network.

Iím also very excited about the pending Ricky Steamboat and Chris Jericho DVDs from WWE. Itís about time on both of these DVD sets and I will be running out and buying both. Ricky Steamboat is awesome and this DVD will not only be super entertaining to watch it will also be a valuable asset to the Storm Wrestling Academy library. Iíve had a lot of people ask me if Iím going to be on the Jericho DVD and the answer is yes. I sent Jericho a copy of our first match together (our pro debuts), which will be an extra on the DVD. Chris also laid down commentary for the match, which should be priceless. Itís a shame I couldnítí have gone down and done commentary with him, but in any event it should be an awesome DVD.

One last thing, donít forget to check out Jerichoís new Game Show on ABC ďDOWNFALLĒ it airs Tuesday Nightís on ABC and is a lot of fun. Itís on right after WIPEOUT, which is also a fun show so be sure to check it out and support Y2J with his new project.

Thatís it for now,
Lance Storm