Benoit Tragedy

July 2, 2007

I apologize for taking so long to get comments posted about this, but I wanted to make sure all the facts were uncovered before commenting. I think I now have a fairly solid grasp of the facts, yet doubt I will ever understand them.

I first found out about the Benoit family deaths around 5pm MST Monday evening when my wife called to inform me of the news. Very little was known at that time, apart from the three deaths. I had just one day earlier learned of the death of Shane Bower (Benoitís old Stampede Wrestling tag team partner) and could not believe another wrestling tragedy could strike so soon.

I rushed home in hopes of finding more information and like most of you tuned into RAW Monday night to watch a tearful tribute. I got the news that this was not a tragic accident but in fact a murder-suicide just before the conclusion of RAW and turned the show off immediately. I was completely stunned and incapable of digesting this news. I spent the next several hours on line and on the phone getting all the information I could. The more information I got the more disturbed and confused I became; my grief was replaced with complete disbelief.

Over the past week I have thought and talked about nothing else and I think I have come to terms with the events as best I can. I doubt I will ever fully understand what happened but I have at least managed to accept the facts for what they are, inexplicable horrifying facts.

The Chris Benoit that I knew some how ceased to exist sometime before Friday June 22, because the Chris Benoit that I knew, could not have done what is now painfully clear he did do. I can offer no explanation or excuse for his actions and will not attempt to defend him. There is no acceptable defense for what he did. I have kids and I cannot even comprehend this act. I either never new the real Chris Benoit or something horrific happened inside of him prior to the 22nd. Many people are blaming drugs. I donít accept that, and consider drugs an easy scapegoat. If drugs were a factor, then that blame must also fall on Chris Benoit, because from all accounts, he knowingly and willingly took those drugs.

I think one thing is clear, regardless of the role drugs played in Chrisí state of mind; the Pro-Wrestling industry has some serious drug issues that are going to have to be dealt with very soon. I have been very out spoken in the past and will continue to be in the future. We have seen deaths in this industry due to drug overdoses, drug related heart attacks, suicides due to possible drug related depression, and now perhaps even drug related murder. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now!

Iím not sure what else can be said. This is the single most disturbing event I have ever had a connection too. As hard as this has been for me to deal with, I cannot even imagine how hard this must be for the families of Chris and Nancy Benoit. My heart goes out to their parents, and most importantly to Chrisís two surviving children. My condolences and deepest sympathies go out to them.

Lance Evers