Bad Week

July 6, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on what’s going on with me, so I thought I would try to do that here. I’ve been heavy into my Q and A’s of late (should be another one up this week) but I figured I’d get to some more personal stuff and then jump back into the Q and A’s.

Last week was a real crappy week for me. Everything had been rolling along perfectly with my preparation for my ROH return at the end of July; my cardio has been coming along great, I’ve been real happy with my lifting in the gym, and then Tuesday morning things took a turn for the worse.

In addition to the ring time I’ve been logging with my regular SWA class, I’ve been doing 2 matches a week with my former student Chris Knight, in order to push my in ring cardio. Chris was in my Sept. 2007 class and is back in town helping me with this current session, so the extra ring time has been good for him too. Tuesday morning just as we were getting into the meat of our match I rolled my ankle. I haven’t sprained an ankle since high school (more than 20 years ago) and this time I did it, doing of all things, throwing a chop. Yup that’s right I somehow managed to sprain my ankle throwing a chop. It wasn’t even during the chop but right after. I threw the chop and just as I stepped forward with my left foot, it folded underneath me. I can only imagine the surprised look on Chris’ face when I hit him with a chop and for no apparent reason just collapsed in a heap in front of him.

I got it elevated right away and had ice on it, off and on, all morning but the thing still swelled up pretty good and by the next day was taking on several nice shades of black and purple. Thankfully classes are to a point where we are doing matches and drills that do not require me to demonstrate and take part, so I managed to point and talk my way through classes all week, but my cardio and training came to a screeching halt.

If that wasn’t bad enough there is a nasty bug going around class this session causing everyone to take turns staying home to vomit. This started Wednesday when Bubbles (obviously not his real name) showed up looking extremely ill, and telling us that he had been up vomiting all night. By Friday we had 4 people home sick doing their impressions of a bulimic super model, one of which even spent 8 hours in hospital dealing with dehydration issues. There were two new victims Monday morning, in addition to Bubbles having a go at round two.

Fortunately I’ve managed to avoid the bug thus far, and I’m taking as many precautions as I can to keep it that way. I’ve started washing all door knobs and light switches at the school with anti bacterial wipes, and making sure anyone even remotely sick, STAYS HOME. With a week off from training for me ankle I sure as hell don’t need another week off being sick.

As bad as that all sounds, last week wasn’t a total loss. As swollen and ugly as my ankle got, it bounced back pretty quickly. I was actually debating on getting back in the ring for matches Friday, but decided to give it the weekend and start back today. I picked up a good quality ankle brace on Saturday and was back in the ring for two matches in class Monday. The ankle held up very well, although admittedly the matches were not my most athletic endeavors. I hope to get back doing cardio this week as well as pushing myself back to full mobility in ring very soon. I doubt the injury will affect me much at all by July 24th and 25th for my ROH return in Toronto, so I think I dodged a bullet.

The quick recovery wasn’t the only highlight of last week, because two thirds of the Hart Dynasty stopped by SWA on Friday to check out my school and see the new class. Harry (David Hart) Smith has been by before but this was TJ’s (Tyson Kid’s) first visit and it was great to see them both and I think my students enjoyed “marking out” a little for their visit. After class the three of us went out for lunch and shared road stories.

Catching up with the boys is always a lot of fun, but much like my week, the stories were also a mixed bag. The highlight of course was sharing mutual Christian stories. TJ and I took turns burying the miserable bastard, which is always a lot of fun. For those of you who have never met Christian he has the amazing ability to somehow be a great guy and your best friend, yet still be a tremendous pain in the ass. The lowlight of our lunch was not TJ pulling the “I forgot my wallet” gimmick (which he did by the way) but him inadvertently making me feel so unbelievably old. Now he didn’t actually use the dreaded line, “I used to watch you when I was a kid” but he told a story about watching Christopher Daniels and I wrestle a match for Stampede that was pretty much the equivalent. He was putting the match over but the fact that he was a fairly young kid at the time and that match was actually in the latter part of my career, I felt really old.

I’ve posted a picture of the three of us taken at my school, so click the link below to check it out, and before you ask, Harry is not standing on a box, he’s that freakin tall!

I also want to send out a get well soon to my good buddy Edge who will be having surgery to repair his Achilles tendon which will keep him out of action for several months.


Hart Dynasty visits SWA