ECW Lita Angle

July 9, 2006

I mentioned this angle a while back and someone asked me to tell the whole story so I figured I would take the time to share with you the angle I booked in ECW to explain the departure of Miss Congeniality from ECW. In the end it was never used, which is a shame.

Miss Congeniality was Amy Dumas now know as Lita. She worked for ECW and was the valet for Danny Doring and Roadkill. When she signed with WWE Paul told me I could book her departure from ECW. He wanted a few things accomplished but otherwise it was all going to be my call. He wanted to get a 6-person match with Amy, Danny, and Roadkill facing the Impact Players and Dawn Marie. He wanted either Justin or I to Bump Amy for her departure. I decided to take the angle a little further. I also thought we needed to elevate Danny and Roadkill as Justin and I needed new challengers, I also wanted to move Don Callis (Cyrus) into the permanent commentary position, rather than Joel Gertner. I thought Joel was more entertaining as a manager with his Sexual innuendo ring introductions. Danny Doring’s gimmick was very sexual based so I thought Joel would make a good manager for them and be a means by which to add to their credibility as a team. Joel after all managed the Dudley’s to a bunch of ECW Tag Team Championships. So here is how it was all laid out, to the best of my recollection.

Justin and I were the tag champs, Joel was Color commentator, Cyrus was the Network Guy, Danny Doring and Roadkill were a mid-level tag team, Miss Congeniality was, for lack of a better term, Danny’s main Rat.

It would start off slow with a week or two of Joel becoming more infatuated with Miss Congeniality while calling matches. We would establish that he had a strong lust for her and was becoming obsessed.

There had been a small confrontation between Amy and Dawn at that point so I was going to use that to book the 6 person tag match Paul wanted. In this match we would go over, and along the way give Amy the Deep Impact Pile Driver. Once we bumped Amy, Joel would freak out and leave the broadcast booth and storm the ring to help Amy. He would remove his own neck brace and put it on Amy. Joel would demand that Doring and Roadkill get even with us for what we did to her. Doring would ask for Joel’s help touting his managerial success with the Dudleys. Joel would be reluctant because of his commentary duties, but eventually a deal would be struck where Danny promises Joel a night with Amy (without Amy’s knowledge) if he manages them to the tag team titles.

We then have a couple weeks of Doring and Roadkill picking up tag wins while being managed by Gertner, Amy still wearing the neck collar. Gertner still does commentary just leaves the both for his match. We continue to establish Joel’s lust for Amy and his goal to sleep with her. He constantly rubs up against her and tries to cop a feel. Amy is unhappy about his but Danny convinces her to put up with him so they can get to the tag titles, insisting he is harmless.

Finally it is announced that next week on TNN Doring and Roadkill get their title shot. Gertner is ecstatic but Cyrus ruins the party by confronting Gertner about conflict of interest, stating that he can’t be both a commentator and a manager. The Network won’t allow it, so he must make a decision. Close the show with Gertner unclear about what to do. Open the next weeks show with Cyrus asking Gertner for his decision. Before he can decide Doring and Roadkill arrive and remind Joel that he is one match away from sealing the deal. Gertner gets excited and quits his commentary job and leaves with Doring and Roadkill.

For the match we could go two ways, with either them winning the titles or coming so close but us cheating to save our skins. After the match Joel either confronts Amy with “We won so it’s time to put out” or Doring with “Hey I did my part, she’s still going to put out, right?” Amy is of course confused and angry, and when she figures out what the hell is going on she freaks out slaps Danny, and when Joel tries to grab her she hits him with the Hurricanrana. Joel takes the bump and grabs his neck selling like a banshee. Doring is furious and hits Amy with his finisher followed up with Roadkill’s splash off the top. Doring tears the neck brace off her and puts it back on Gertner.

Amy is now dead and gone and headed to WWE. Danny and Roadkill have been elevated and are either the champs or at least seen as top contenders. We can have Joel try to go back to commentary but Cyrus points out that the position has already been filled (by him) so Joel stays with Doring and Roadkill, and can continue to wear the silly neck brace. So why didn’t any of this happen? Amy had her breast augmentation surgery bumped up and couldn’t give us the time we needed, so it was all scrapped. What a shame it could have been a hell of an angle.

Lance Storm