The Fallen Angel in Timmins, Ontario

July 9, 2007

Seeing that I am now Semi-Retired, and don’t really take bookings anymore, I seldom get the chance to talk about myself or tell any new road stories. This summer I am taking a couple of rare bookings and thought it might be fun, to talk about the first one, which is coming up in less that 2 weeks. On July 21st I will be wrestling “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, in Timmins Ontario. I am very excited about this match and wanted to take a look at why I accepted this particular booking after turning down so many others.

The main reason behind me accepting this booking is a guy by the name of Mike Patry. Mike and I met through my “Book Marks” Book Club and have become regular online friends ever since. Mike recently started promoting BSE (Blood Sweat and Ears) wrestling events in Northern Ontario and has been wanting me to work one of his shows. Mike was actually the guy who first got me interested in working for BSE and laid the groundwork for my December match with Christian Cage. Mike was trying to put together an Event in North Bay, Ontario with me on the card (I grew up in North Bay) in hopes of promoting it as a Home Coming event for me. I finally agreed (that show takes place August 11th) and then he offered me the chance to work the July 21st event in Timmins. I figured since I was already getting in shape for the August match doing another one a couple weeks earlier might be fun, and when he offered up Christopher Daniels as an opponent I literally jumped at the chance. I’ve heard talk that this was going to be the first ever Lance Storm - Christopher Daniels match, but that is not the case. Oddly enough July 21st will neither be my first match with “The Fallen Angel” nor my first trip to Timmins, Ontario.

It is a little known fact that my longest standing friend, one Brian Benning (we were summer cottage neighbors as kids, and have been friends for over 30 years) grew up in Timmins, Ontario, and I visited him there on a few occasions as a kid, so while this will be the first and likely only time I ever wrestle in Timmins, I am by no means a Timmins virgin. Daniels and I too go way back, and while we haven’t spent a lot of time together on the road we have been friends since back in my ECW days.

Daniels had a very short run in ECW during what was likely my first full year with ECW. We hit it off quite well, but as I said he was only there a short time. Our paths again crossed in WCW. Daniels was one of the many talented people WCW did absolutely nothing with back then and was actually working there (or should I say was employed there, he seldom got to work) when I arrived so we became friends once again. In another little known fact, the gray sweatshirt I wore during my WCW debut run in, was actually Daniels’ shirt. Mine had a brand logo on it and WCW wouldn’t let me wear it, so Daniels lent me his ( I think Daniels’ belt was also on the show). Daniels didn’t last too long in WCW either, despite being far more talented than many of the people they were pushing on TV at the time, so again our friendship was interrupted.

After WCW or paths crossed again in Stampede Wrestling. During my time off between WCW and WWE, WWE encouraged me to keep busy and take bookings so I agreed to work 4 Stampede Wrestling show, which Daniels happened to be booked on, and I requested him as an opponent. Chris stayed at my house while in town for the shows, a courtesy I extend to very few in this business, and we traveled together for the 4-event loop. We wrestled in Calgary, Drumheller, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. The photo in the OTR section of my photo gallery of Stu Hart and I was actually taken right after my match with Daniels, in Calgary. (I wrote a commentary about the 4 events at the time and will try to get that reposted on my site this week)

Our paths crossed again just last year in England for 1PW. 1PW was doing a Tag Team tournament in May of last year and Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles were entered and where scheduled to face The Impact Players in the opening round. Unfortunately Justin no showed the event and I had to wrestle the match with a different partner, but we still got to spend 2 days in England together and managed to have a pretty damn good match.

So July 21st in Timmins, Ontario will most likely be, the closing chapter, the last time our professional paths ever cross. I’m taking so few if any bookings now that the chances of us working together again are pretty much zero. Because of this I plan to make the most of it. I’m going to bust my ass to make this match the best Storm – Daniels match ever, not to mention the best match on the card that night (did you hear that Christian Cage and Kurt Angle?) and I have no doubt he will do the same so it should be a great night.

I hope to see many of you there. I think the last event in Timmins drew 1700 so I hope we can top that this time. Don’t forget:
BSE in Timmins, Ontario July 21st.
Lance Storm – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.
Oh yah, Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage is also on the show. (LOL)

Lance Storm