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July 11, 2007 (first posted June 27th 2001)

Sorry, Iím a bit late this week, but I have been busy. This past week (Thurs. thru Sun.) I worked 4 shots for Stampede Wrestling. It was the most active wrestling week Iíve had in almost a year. Even when WCW was up and running, we seldom ran more than 2 or three days in a row, and of late, due to the shut down, Iíve been even less active than that. On top of the Stampede shows I had to fly to New York to be at RAW and Smackdown and as luck would have it I am still on the road now.

It was like stepping back in time, doing the Stampede shows. Working towns that I worked when I first broke in and even seeing some of the boys that I worked with, way back when. It reminded me of the expression, ďThe more things change, the more they stay the same.Ē

It was good both physically and mentally for me. I needed to get back in the ring and really work, to remind my body what it was like, and to make sure my body was in good enough shape to make it through a hard worked match. Iíve been running on the treadmill, while Iíve been off, but itís not the same thing as working in the ring.

Of the four shows Friday and Saturday where the best, they had the better crowds and I had my best performances. I wrestled Chris Daniels all four nights, at my request; I had wanted to wrestle Chris since I first met him in ECW and this was my chance. I figured he would be safe and worked regularly enough to test my conditioning. I was right on both counts and Chris and I gelled well right from the start. I was very conscious about pacing myself but by the second night didnít have to hold back at all.

The hardest part of the matches was actually adjusting to being a baby face again. After about 3 years as a heel I donít much care for being a baby face and I found the transition a bit difficult. Your mind set and repertoire changes when you are a heel and switching it back takes a bit.

It was funny, right before our first show I mentioned to Chris that I hate being a face and he looked at me with a very concerned expression on his face and asked, ďYou arenít planning on making me the baby face are you?Ē I looked at him and laughed and said, ďnoĒ but for the split second he thought I was going to try and make him get over as the face in my hometown. Actually it would have been a fun test to try to see if we could do it.

Anyway the matches went real well and the crowd seemed to like them. My thanks to everyone who showed up, (especially the girls from Arizona, who made the drive to Calgary to see the shows), Chris for making me work and giving me good matches, Michael Modest for coining the title ďLure MogulĒ, and last but not least the ďIndy Parking Lot SweeperĒ for giving Chris, Mike and I one of the best laughs weíve ever had. Look for her in a parking lot near you she is Tremendous!

The last show on Sunday is where things really got busy for me. I had to go on first because I had a red eye flight out that night to New York. I wrested the opener, showered, hopped in my car and raced back to Calgary. (The Sunday show was in Drumheller, which is about an hour and 45-minute drive from Calgary). I made the airport in time and flew all night to get to Madison Square Garden by 10 am. The rest of the boys didnít have to be there until 1pm so I had time for a short nap before everyone arrived.

I didnít do anything on the shows, but I did get a chance to get in the ring, before hand, to better acclimatize myself with the much bigger WWF rings. It was cool being in what is likely the most famous arena in the world, but after being up for almost 2 full days and having to get up early everyday since, Iím wearing out and in need of rest.

So on that note Iím going to rap this commentary up. Itís not my best work, but as I said previously Iím really tired and need to go to bed.

Till next week, good night!