UFC 100 Thoughts

July 12, 2009

I just want to offer my UFC 100 thoughts while the show is still fresh in my mind. I absolutely loved this show and I would imagine it will set a UFC buy rate record. The local buzz for this show topped any past events and it was the biggest turn out I’ve had at my house for an event. Every person I invited over, came and pretty much everyone I know in town saw this show somewhere.

Prediction wise I continue my streak of accuracy with all three of my predictions coming through. I picked Henderson, and GSP to win, and picked Brock winning by ground and pound stoppage before the end of the second round and that is exactly what happened.

As I said I really enjoyed the show. The opening Akiyama – Belcher fight was, despite the questionable decision, very entertaining. I personally would have given the fight to Belcher, if I were judging and would have award him extra points for the Superman punch of the cage.

Henderson – Bisping was great too and what a knock out, the big flying forearm shot after the knockdown was both very scary and spectacular. I guess both Bisping and Mir learned a valuable lesson tonight about not letting your mouth overload your ass. I’ve heard Bisping is okay after the KO, which is great news but boy you don’t want a guy to take too many of those. I remember making two comments after the finish of this fight: the first being “I assume Henderson will get Knock Out of the night”, and the second a quick revision “I hope Henderson loses Knock Out of the night to Brock Lesnar.” Sadly he didn’t, but I was more than happy with the finish to the Main Event anyway.

What can you say about GSP – Alvez but GSP is one amazing athlete. If there was any doubt in people’s minds who is the pound for pound best fighter on the planet I think this fight should remove all doubt. This guy is one of the best pure athletes on the planet. Finding him another challenger is going to be tough. I know everyone now wants him to face Anderson Silva, but making him move up a weight class from 170 lbs to face a guy whose next fight is at 205 isn’t really the best way to go.

Lesnar – Mir made me so happy. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I am a HUGE Brock Lesnar supporter and out right hate Frank Mir. I don’t know how much of Frank’s trash talking was legit arrogance and how much was hyping a fight, but that guy got under my skin and I wanted to see him get his ass handed to him. Brock Lesnar is a real life Incredible Hulk and when he first started in WWE we joked that he should only say 2 words in his promos. No matter what he was asked we thought it would be great if his only response was, “Brock Smash”. That’s what I wanted to see tonight and that’s what I got, BROCK SMASHED.

I took so much joy in watching Frank Mir get SMASHED. On the count down special Mir ran his mouth about all these technical moves Brock couldn’t do and after running through all these fancy names for moves, joked that he would explain them later to Brock if he was lost. Well he was right in that Brock didn’t do any of those moves; Brock just held him down and punched the shit out of him like a bully in grade school.

Brock’s post match promo is sure stirring up a lot of people and I’m guessing the vast majority of people would have been much happier if Brock’s only response to Joe Rogan after the fight was, “Brock Smashed”. Brock pissed off a lot of people, and while I agree burying a huge company sponsor (Bud Light) was a real bad move, I loved this promo. It was an awesome pro-wrestling style promo. The fans booed him, he flipped them off, and basically said he didn’t give a shit, he said he was going to beat Frank Mir and he did, and then he told them he was going to go home and jump on his wife. That was awesome, and anyone who doesn’t think so is a mark. That kind of heat draws money, all the hardcore MMA fans will be dying to see someone knock this guy off his throne, and that is money.

The one thing that disappointed me however was Dana White’s spin on the whole thing at the post fight press conference. He made Brock apologize for a lot of what he said (the Bud Light apology was the right call) and tried to explain that, that was Brock’s pro wrestling instincts kicking in and he didn’t want that in UFC. One reporter, who was very offended by Brock’s comments about Mir post fight, pointed out how others who trash talk seem to be able to hug at the end of the fight and show sportsmanship. Dana pointed out that UFC was real and we didn’t want any of the fake hype and pro-wrestling antics that Brock showed in his post match promo including flipping off the crowd.

I see things the exact opposite. Brock was the real deal and all the other guys are the fakers. How many times have we seen fights hyped with guys trash talking an burying their opponents only to see them touch gloves before each and every round, hug at the finish and then put over their opponent after the fight claiming all the trash talking was just hype to sell the fight. Brock genuinely (at least in my opinion) hated the fact that Frank Mir beat him in the first fight and wanted to kill him in the second one. He believed everything he said, and Frank’s cocky trash talking really pissed Brock off. Brock’s emotion was REAL, and he was so jacked up after the fight that he likely spoke, not from his head or likely even from his heart, but from that pure competitive rage that fuels a competitive combat athlete of that caliber. Brock sent a message, a simple and clear one: “If you mess with the Bull, you get the Horn” end of story.

In the Randy Couture fight, Couture was a total pro and so was Brock Lesnar. You treat Brock Lesnar with respect and as a professional, he acts like one. If you run your mouth, disrespecting him and do everything you can to piss him off, expect to see a very pissed off angry man come fight time. This goes back to what I said in the beginning, Brock Lesnar is a real life Incredible Hulk so the old saying holds true: “Don’t get him angry, you won’t like him when he gets angry.”

Lance Storm

P.S. I want to clarify one thing because I’ve read a few other wrestler’s comments on Brocks’ success and want to make this perfectly clear. I am not happy for Brock’s success because I somehow think he is representing pro-wrestling or he somehow brings credibility to pro-wrestling with his success in “real” fighting. I don’t think Math Teachers are tougher than I did before, based on Rich Frankiln’s fighting ability and the same is true about pro-wrestling and Brock’s success. Brock is representing himself not pro-wrestling, and I’m happy for his success because I liked him when I knew him in WWE, and think he’s a good guy.