Attention Marc Mero

July 20, 2007

I watched the Glen Beck show tonight on CNN Headline News, and Beck was talking about wrestling yet again, and one of his guests was Marc Mero. Mero has been doing a ton of interviews lately, but something he said tonight struck a chord and really pissed me off. If someone has an email address for Marc please feel free to send him a link to my rant because I would love for him to read it and perhaps even send me his thoughts on it. I will make an attempt to be professional here but I can’t guarantee I will succeed; as I mentioned I am pretty pissed off.

The comment that Marc made that got under my skin was his response to Glen Beck, when he asked what Marc was on when he was in WWE (actually Beck kept calling him Mike, but I’ll let that slide). Marc responded (I don’t have an exact quote but this should be damn close). “Mainly pain killers, because you had to, to make all the towns and deal with the punishment you inflicted on your body.” BULLSHIT!!!!! “Had to” is a F---ing excuse used all the time by guys on drugs. Marc also talked about taking steroids because he “HAD” to, to compete and get a job. Well you know what Marc, I didn’t f---ing have to. I didn’t take Steroids, or pain pills to work. EVER!!!! I respect the fact that you are trying to do a good thing here but you are doing your cause a disservice by not admitting you were part of the damn problem. You are spewing the same bullshit excuses that the boys have been spewing for years, and it is this cop out bullshit excuse of “HAVING” to do it to deal with pain or get ahead, that perpetuates the very drug problems you are trying to stop.

Let’s be honest here, and this is where I may stir a lot of heat, but I don’t care, I’m pissed off. Marc Mero was not a very talented guy. When he was in WCW he was not, what you could call an in-ring general or great worker, so why did he have a job? He had a job because he took steroids to get a job he didn’t deserve. Steroids gave him the look that the company was willing to push despite his level of ability. Now Marc Mero can defend himself as much as he wants, with if he didn’t do steroids for the spot someone else would have, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. I was a worker at that time Marc, and I was close to your size and a hell of a lot more talented, and I wasn’t doing steroids nor have I EVER. Have you ever considered that you taking steroids cost a more deserving person who wasn’t on steroids, the opportunity he deserved, and in turn then put additional pressure on them to do steroids, to get the spot they actually deserved in the first place? Thankfully I had the backbone to not cave in to steroid and drug pressures, and enough talent to still make a career for myself, but so many others didn’t.

I’m not saying Marc Mero is the only guy in the business to have done this, or that he is a bad person today because of it, but he needs to realize not admitting he was part of the problem, completely kills his credibility. This bullshit mentality of “I did steroids because I had to”, or “I took pain pills because I had to to make all the towns” is a complete load of crap. This business is tough yes, but less talented, or smaller guys who take steroids to get a job or push they don’t deserve just makes it tougher.

“Everyone else was doing it” is a bullshit excuse your Mother wouldn’t accept when you were 10, Mark, quit using it now. Not EVERYONE else was doing it and those of us who weren’t either suffered for it, or gave into the pressure and got dragged down the toilet with you. You may be trying to do a good thing here, but admit that you were part of the problem, and realize that your past actions may have pushed others into drug use, maybe even some of the people on your “Dead Wrestlers” list.

Speaking of the “Dead Wrestlers” list, I’m begging you to get an accurate one so those within the industry can’t bring up valid arguments to defend themselves. The list we keep seeing includes deaths from Breast cancer, accidents, you name it. Instead of pulling out a bogus list of 100+ people, can we not use the accurate list of 50+, is 50-60 dead people not tragic enough?

Before I wrap this up, I want to point out that I am not attempting to defend WWE or the Industry as a whole here. I think they should share some of the responsibility and blame for drug use in this industry. I also think for the most part Marc Mero is trying to fight a good fight, with good intentions. It just angers me when the people who started the problem or continued to perpetuate it, deny they are the biggest part of the problem, and then after reaping the rewards of their actions later claim victim status and try to dump all the responsibility on those who are likely more guilty of not stopping the problem or looking the other way than actually causing the problem in the first place. I respect Marc Mero for trying to do something good here, and this tirade should actually be directed at everyone in the industry who has used these excuses or done the drugs to get ahead, Marc’s just the guy using them on national TV and getting my attention. This was not meant as a personal attack Marc, and this was far stiffer that I originally intended, but I think my points are valid and stand by them.

TNA should send Marc Mero a thank you letter for giving me something new to rant about.

Lance Evers