Back in Action

July 23, 2007

This past weekend in, Timmins Ontario, I made my in ring return for what will quite possibly be, the penultimate match of my career. For those of you who donít have as big a vocabulary as I, or more accurately arenít Monty Python fans (thatís where I learned the word) penultimate means second last. My possible last match (never say never though in wrestling) will be August 11th in North Bay Ontario where I will wrestle TNAís Robert Roode.

The match in Timmins was my first match in almost 8 month. My last in ring encounter was in December of last year when I wrestled Christian Cage in Toronto, a match where I suffered likely the most serious injury of my career. Christian broke the hyoid bone in my throat in that match and it took close to 4 months to heal. I still have clicking in my throat when I swallow from the injury but itís as healed as itís going to get and for the most part doesnít bother me anymore.

Thankfully in this match I wrestled Christopher Daniels who, like in our previous 5 in ring encounters, took great care of me. Because of this I was not only able to enjoy a post match meal, but some friendly conversation as well. Two things I was unable to do after my match with Christian, a fact I pointed out to Christian several times though out the evening.

It was really strange going back out on the road this past trip. Iíve had 4 other matches since leaving WWE but this is the first trip where going back on the road felt completely foreign. The previous trips simply felt like getting back to the grindstone. I dreaded the travel but once back with the boys at the show I felt right back at home. That was not the case this time out, everything felt different. The travel part didnít bother me at all, despite being a grueling red eye flight out of Calgary the night before to make the shot. The flight should have been horrible, as it seems Iíve lost my ability to sleep endlessly on planes (the price you pay for not being exhausted from constant travel I guess) but for some reason not even that bothered me.

Seeing the boys was as it always is, a pleasure, but oddly enough I didnít feel at home with them as I always have. Iím not entirely sure the cause, but I suspect itís that I am now at a completely different place in my life and the boys and I have very little in common anymore. The show in Timmins was just one night of many in their constant grind on the road, where for me it was a weekend to just sit back, have fun, and wrestle. When this is your job and you are doing it regularly you have your set routines and schedules, your regular travel and work out partners. I am not in that world anymore and I felt like a third wheel for the first time in my career.

The match itself was still everything it always has been. I still love the art of doing this job and it was fantastic to do it with someone so talented. I wrestle matches with my students regularly at my school, but I have to work down to their beginner level so it was great to be reminded how fun it is to have to really step up and go with someone on top of their game. Itís also comforting to know I can still hang with the younger guys (although Daniels isnít that much younger (LOL)) despite my inactivity. I do have to admit though that my body aches more the next day than it used to. Iím not sure if that is a sign of old age or just a gentle reminder that my body has gotten used to not being abused regularly and sleeping in itís own bed every night, and wants me to keep it that way.

The show on the whole was a great one. I think we drew just shy of 1500 people, who all seemed to love the event. I canít thank the people from BSE (Rob, Rita, Burt, and especially Mike) enough for the way I was treated. They continue to impress me with the way they treat both the talent and their fans. I look forward to August 11th in North Bay were I will, as I mentioned before, be facing Robert Roode in what very well could be the final match of my career.

Oh I almost forgot, for those of you who missed the event, I managed to defeat The Fallen Angel with a Super Kick, after some unsuccessful off beat shenanigans by Mr. Roode and Mrs. Brooks, which he will have to answer for in North Bay on the 11th.

Lance Storm