Q and A

July 26, 2011

Q: Do you drive your car with your headlights on?

A: My vehicle's headlights are automatic. If it's day light and raining I do turn them on manually if they don't on their own.

Q: I was at the Global Warning show in Melbourne, I thought the show was awesome but I heard that fans at the floor could not see the ring much and a lot of kids were disappointed. What do you think of that stadium as a venue for WWE?

A: It was great from my point of view, the crowd was hot and the show felt awesome.

Q: If WWE had approached you to do a heel/face role similar to what they had Bret Hart do, heel in the U.S., face everywhere else in the world, would you have enjoyed playing that roll?

A: I'd be more than happy to do it. While that was not their intent with the Un-Americans anytime we worked in another Country fans viewed us as faces.

Q: Favorite thing off the Denny's menu if you were stuck going there?

A: I think I used to get the chicken fajita skillet made with egg whites.

Q: Do you think it was or still is harder to push or sell Canadian or Mexican wrestlers to main event status in front of the people's eyes?

A: No

Q: Randy Orton has now grown a beard, which I think doesn't suit him. Do you think he had to ask permission from the office to do that? How much creative freedom a worker has to change his look, like for example, a new tattoo, etc.?

A: I've answered this type of question a million times. It all depends on who you are. I have no doubt Randy can do what he wants as far as appearance.

Q: As you've gone back through each WrestleMania has it caused you to re-evaluate your opinions on any regular 'Mania participants? Do you think any of them seem better/worse than you remember from back when the shows took place?

A: Not really, anyone I had a strong opinion of has been supported by what I see looking back.

Q: What's your favorite story line you've been apart of? My favorite of yours is when you won almost all the titles in WCW. I was let down when you didn't capture the World title.

A: I really enjoyed the program I did in ECW with Mikey and Jerry, as well as the drug testing angle I did with Dreamer. The WCW push was great and all but for the most part it was a 3 week run.

Q: I read your article about tapping out on UFC and agreed 100% commission inaction bothers me but UFC's bothers me even more. My question is with HGH and drugs of the like running rampant in all sports if you were the head of a commission or an organization like WADA what would be your ideal testing procedure?

A: I'd have to write a book to cover this. More frequent testing, and stiffer penalties. I'd be in favor of a second failure being life time ban.

Q: Do you believe when someone like John Cena uses the STF on his opponent and they tap within a few seconds it makes the move and the opposing wrestler look weak? As opposed to when the opponent is locked in for a long time (by wrestling standards) trying desperately to escape the hold. Or do you think it makes the submission move look that much more devastating?

A: I think there is a place for both. If everyone always waits and fights then it becomes the norm and will no longer create drama. If the match is not for a championship or have something significant on the line, then taping earlier makes more sense, and will allow for greater drama when someone is fighting for the Title.

Q: I'm a Boston guy. I know you said you HATED Logan Airport (I can't blame you) but what are some of your best memories of wrestling in Boston? Did you ever run the old dog track in Revere with ECW? That place was a dump. I'm sure you worked the Fleetcenter (TD Garden) with WWE or WCW. Any other New England area venues you worked?

A: I did work the Revere dog track and it was very much a dump. That was the building that Chris Candito almost lost his ear. Chris and I were facing RVD and Sabu and Sabu landed odd on a rolling thunder combo move and almost completely detached Chris's ear.

Q: What was behind the curtain directly after matches like in WWE, WCW, ECW? Did you review the match immediately? Did you go straight to the locker room and stretch and/or ice? Or did you have some sort of routine?

A: Everyone is different but I generally would wait for my opponent to say thank you, then head to the locker room to shower.

Q: I'm aware that you're a fan of fewer titles in WWE (and I concur with that), but do you feel that the Cruiserweight title would be more useful than say the US Title?

A: I'm not sure there is a big enough weight discrepancy in WWE to do weight divisions. When several guys in the 220lbs range have been Heavyweight champ, where do you draw the line for Cruiserweight? If I was to do weight classes I might follow UFC with Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight and use 205, but even with that you have the problem of if a light heavy guy really gets over (Rey Mysterio as an example) you can't really move him up. You also eliminate the fun big guy little guy matches when everyone fights within their weight class. With IC and Heavyweight, you can use the IC as a stepping stone to moving people up the ladder.

Q: With the big movement towards safety (less chair shots in general, the ban on shots to the head, ban on pile drivers in WWE, etc.) do you think companies are cutting down on stiffer workers?

A: I can't speak for companies in general but WWE has generally always avoided stiffer workers.

Q: Were you and Bill DeMott friends during your WCW feud? What was your reaction when you were told that he would be your rival?

A: I did not know him well before the feud but it did not take us long to become friends during it. I don't recall having any opinions on working with him when we first started but like I said it did not take long for us to get to know and like each other. That program was a lot of fun. I would think we both have nothing but great memories from that period.

Q: Were you happy with how the Impact Players ended? How would you have ended that era of your career? I always thought you and Justin could have had more matches to determine who was the better Impact Player.

A: The break up was horrible, but there wasn't much we could have done at the time. My departure happened pretty quickly so we did not have time for a lengthy program to break us up. In a perfect world we would have done it over the course of a year and then feuded with each other for almost another year. Instead it happened over what a month?

Q: What can a fan do to make a good impression if he or she is ever fortunate enough to meet you?

A: Just be polite and respectful; and if you want to really suck up buy me a Tim Horton's coffee.

Q: I know wrestlers take pride in working safely and not injuring themselves or their opponents. But some of the big moves in the ladder matches look incredibly risky...much more so than anything else I remember seeing (other than barbed wire and some of the crazy matches in Japan). When one of the guys is throwing, swinging or ramming the ladder at someone's head it seems that anyone being a step too slow could get seriously injured. Not too mention the leaps and falls from much higher than normal. Is there anything the wrestlers do to make those matches safer? Being thrown onto a ladder from 5-10 feet (or more) has got to really hurt!

A: Yeah all of that stuff does really hurt. The key with the big bumps is to pick them yourself; decide what you think you can do safely and then take your own bump. That crazy spot Jeff Hardy and Edge did that one year I assume was their idea not someone else's. It also helps to do those matches with people you trust.

Q: If you ever had a time where you watched back one of your matches and got really frustrated by the commentary? Did you ever say anything to the commentators and/or producers?

A: There were times I wasn't happy with the commentary but never enough so that I spoke with the commentators about it. The commentary on some of my post-retirement BSE stuff was atrocious.

Q: What are your thoughts on Dean Malenko?

A: Dean is a great guy and very funny. I would have loved to work with him during my career, especially somewhere like Japan, England, or ECW where a long mat wrestling match would get over more.

Q: Are you still open to wrestling some more matches? & if so, which current WWE superstars would you most like to face? Also, would you like to be a surprise royal rumble entrant one year?

A: I'm not taking bookings but never say never in this industry. I certainly wouldn't turn down a Rumble appearance provided they gave me enough notice to get into the shape I'd want to be in for it. I'd really like to work a match with Dolph Ziggler. I trained him in OVW and think he is very good now. If I were back in top shape working a match with Orton would be fun. I worked with him when he first started and it would be fun to do it again to see the difference.

Q: I just finished reading your piece on the UFC, MMA, and steroids. No doubt that the situations regarding Sonnen and Marquardt are ridiculous, no one should be rewarded or enabled when it comes to steroid use at any level, let alone a professional level. My question is, do you think that most, if not all fighters are using some sort of unethical performance enhancer? In your mind, are they all guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around? I want to believe that the majority of the top fighters aren't taking illicit performance enhancers. Do you really think that most of these guys (fighters like Silva, GSP, Edgar, Jon Jones) would be dirty on a drug test?

A: I don't think it is fair to assume them all guilty, but once they fail I think they need to be dealt with very harshly.

Q: It would still seem there could be a role for Managers to help wrestlers get over (even if you called them by a different name). I'm particularly thinking "old school" when the heel manager would get beat up at the end of the night to ensure the crowd went home happy when the heel champ escaped with a win. Is there a role for managers in modern wrestling, perhaps in a different role than I described, and would you ever consider a "manager student" at Storm Wrestling Academy?

A: I think there is room for managers in the business, and would have no problem working with someone who wanted to be a manger at SWA but job prospects in the industry are not good for them.

Q: What's your opinion on Heel champions winning every title match by shady tactics?

A: If they win all of their matches clean, they won't stay heel very long.

Q: Does it hurt the credibility of the title picture by tainting it with cheap finishes or does it benefit by gaining heat for the champion and sympathy for the baby face challenger?

A: All depends on how often it is done and the circumstances surrounding the specific match. Like anything in wrestling there is never one exact answer.

Q: Who is the stiffest wrestler that you've ever worked with? And conversely, who was the wrestler that you found was easiest to work with? (i.e. quick reactions, consummate pro, the works)

A: Koji Kitao was the stiffest I ever worked with by far, as for the other end of the spectrum there were so many to choose from, because the majority of the business falls into this category.

Q: You have written before about the differences between a good/bad wrestler v. good/bad worker. Is there a way to tell the quality of a worker unless you have been in the industry?

A: Yes and No. I don't believe you’d be able to tell the difference between say Randy Orton and Christian without being in there and working with them, but I think even a casual fan could tell who the better worker between Daniel Bryan and The Great Kahli is, even sitting way up in the cheap seats.

Q: Giving you the hypothetical WWE book for the moment, how would you write out the current CM Punk/Cena storyline?

A: You can't do this. It would take an entire book to do and I don't know what the contractual limits are. Punk may have insisted on the next 3 weeks off, 3 months off, 6 months off. I don't know if HHH wants to come back and work, or if Jericho is available, etc. There are too many unknowns for me to say "What I would do".

Q: I noticed that a few of the PWA wrestlers have had names similar to more famous wrestlers (Bryan Van Danielson comes to mind) do you think that helps visibility, hurts their chances of signing with the Big 3 (including ROH), both, or neither.

A: His name specifically I think was just a rib by Bruce Hart. I'm a firm believer in getting over on your own, with your own name and or gimmick. Also for the record it's Brandon Van Danielson. A hybrid of RVD and Bryan Danielson.

Q: Do you collect your own action figures? If so, how many of them do you own? The Classic Superstars 23 figure they made for you seems rare and hard to find.

A: I wouldn't say I collect but I do have most of them, perhaps even all. I'm not sure.

Q: What do you feel was your biggest weakness as an in-ring performer?

A: I think it would depend on when exactly in my career. My game was constantly changing and hopefully improving, so my answer would change as well.

Q: You've mentioned that you were surprised at how well you and Raven got along, considering your opposing personalities. Is there ever anyone that you were surprised you didn't get along with because they were too similar to you?

A: No that I can think of. The few people I disliked in this business were nothing like me.

Q: From a performance standpoint (as opposed to purely a draw standpoint) what current star would you most like to bring in for a one-shot in PWA?

A: Bringing someone into PWA for one shot, drawing standpoint is the only standpoint that matters. The idea of bringing someone in is to DRAW.

Q: Have you ever considered starting an Internet campaign pointing out that just like the Undertaker, you've never lost a match on the WrestleMania PPV? Worst case scenario, it wouldn't even rank in the top 10,000 stupidest Internet campaigns currently underway, best case scenario, whoever Undertaker is supposed to face at WrestleMania gets hurt 3 days before the event and they fly you in as the replacement. What do you have to lose? (After all, you'd really only have to make the challenge once and then your fans would likely run with it.)

A: 19-0 vs. 0-0 WrestleMania streaks, Yeah that's the feud I'm going to sell to WWE. I'm coming for you Deadman!

Q: On the heels of your MMA commentary, I wonder why you're not into any other sports (You played volleyball competitively, correct?). Is it because MMA is closest to wrestling? Is it because it makes sense outside of the sport (fighting is a useful skill, as opposed to chasing a puck on skates)? Or something else?

A: I just never enjoyed watching other sports.

Q: I read your commentary called "Tapping out". If nobody took steroids would there be a wrestling industry for you to work in?

A: Of course there would, this has to be the dumbest question ever asked.

Q: In the 1995 Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels was VERY close to hitting the floor at the end before he won. In 2005 Batista and Cena both hit the floor when supposedly it was just to be Cena. Vince immediately came out and restarted the match. Is there a back up plan for the Rumble just in case the scheduled winner accidentally goes out?

A: Not that I've ever heard of. The idea is don't screw up the planned finish.

Q: Have you ever been to our nation's capital? That being Ottawa to either wrestle or visit?

A: yes to both. I've got a friend who lives there so I was there for his wedding and I wrestled there a few times for WWE.

Q: Have you ever heard of Canadian Indy wrestler called Hickster?

A: Nope.

Q: Let's say the Olympics allowed pro wrestling as an Olympic event (2 men as a choreographed event like synchronized swimming) which 2 wrestlers would you pick to represent the US, and which 2 for Canada. Assume for this scenario that you were not restricted by company (so you could do a WWE v. ROH wrestler.)

A: I need more information. I'd need to know the scoring and judging criteria in order to pick.

Q: Your WWE Alumni page has you listed as 5'11", 231 lbs. How accurate are those stats to when you were active in WWE?

A: I'm a bit taller 5' 11 1/2" and my weight was between 220 lbs and 225 lbs during my WWE run.

Q: You retired from WWE in 2004. If they had been pushing you more and featuring you in top storylines, would you have stayed with WWE longer than you did? It looked like you still had quite a few good years left in you when you retired.

A: My back was bothering me when I packed it in, but if I was making top of the card money I likely would have stuck it out a couple more years yes. When I decided to hang them up I compared reward of staying vs. sacrifices to staying. The sacrifices outweighed the rewards. If my income were considerably larger it would have tipped the scales in the other direction.

Q: You mentioned Jinder Mahal got signed shortly after you started booking PWA. Are there any wrestlers on the current PWA roster you think are "ready" and have a good chance of being signed by WWE in the near future?

A: I'm hopeful for at least three maybe 4 on our current roster; Dylan Knight, "T-Bone" Jack Sloan, Camikaze, and Taya Valkirie, all have potential to get picked up in the not too distant future.

Q: Ravenous Randy Myers & Pete Wilson are two names I recognize from the local Calgary Indy wrestling scene. Have you met or worked with either? Thoughts?

A: I know them both they work for PWA, but I have never wrestled them, at least not in a match. Randy comes by SWA on occasion so I've worked in the ring with him. Randy is a tremendous personality, and Pete a really good flier.

Q: I was wondering if World of Hurt will be released on DVD and be distributed in the U.S. The show sounds great but I couldn't see it while it was airing.

A: This is completely out of my hands, I think the hope is after season 2 they will be able to market all 23 episodes to the US.

Q: Do you think Gama Singh Jr. has the potential to follow in his cousin's footsteps Jinder Mahal to the WWE?

A: I think he has the potential to but I don't know if that is his goal at this point. I know he has a good regular job, so I don't know if wrestling is his prime focus at this point.

Q: Out of your favorite books, which hero(s) & villain(s) do you think fit you the best?

A: While I am not the gun enthusiast Joe Pike is I think if I were to play a character from the books I read Joe would be the easiest for me to pull off.

Q: Do you think adding a physical Hall of Fame museum (as WWE is rumored to be intent on doing) would add some kind of legitimacy to the whole thing? Would it be something you might venture to see?

A: I think it would add to the HOF concept, especially if they separated the "celebrities" from the wrestlers very significantly. Depending on how it was done and what I heard about it I would likely be interested in seeing it if they do one.

Q: In keeping in shape and staying out of trouble, along with learning your craft, you have always seemed to demonstrate impressive discipline, and it might be one of your defining traits of your career in my eyes. Was this instilled in you or part of your natural personality? Also, is this something you try to teach your students?

A: Likely a bit of both. I've always been disciplined but that has also been a bit of an Evers trait, which my father also displayed. I make a big deal of the importance of hard work and discipline play in success in this business.

Q: Is there a match that you would have liked to see growing up that just never took place?

A: I wanted a Savage – Steamboat rematch at Mania IV in the title tournament.

Q: Have you watched or heard comments regarding TNA lately? I was wondering what you thought of Sting's recent Joker-like persona? It's just too awesome for words! IMO, the only Sting persona that rivals his current Joker persona is his silent, mysterious Crow one in 97. His Joker persona is just that good.

A: So of the three Sting personas you think this one is in the top two? I haven’t seen TNA in a year to a year and a half.

Q: Do you ever watch Right After Wrestling on the Score in Canada following RAW or SmackDown? Arda Ocal, Renee Paquette, etc. all do a great job of recapping the shows and giving their opinions. Check it out!

A: I do catch it when I can. Arda is a friend of mine.

Q: Was there ever a time when you were unaware of a run-in or an angle change and just had to improvise on the spot?

A: Not that I can think of off the top of my head. Although I've seen it happen, Steve Austin did a surprise run in on a house show during a Taker & Kane vs. The Alliance tag match during the Invasion days. We were all back stage and he just took off his watch, asked Jericho to hold it and ran in during the post match brawl.

Q: Did you ever meet Andre?

A: Saw him live as a fan but never met him no.

Q: What are your honest thoughts on Alberto Del Rio, his style, character, promos, and ability?

A: On the whole I like him but I'm finding the "My name is…" is getting old.

Q: In a recent q/a commentary, you described yourself to having to have a Bret Hart-type of push if you were ever to be the face of a company like WWE. What exactly is a "Bret Hart" push? How does it differ from other types?

A: His push was based around him being the best wrestler, it was a serious push based on match results and quality.

Q: I understand you are opposed to steroids, how do you think athlete's pass drug test's?

A: It depends on the sport and the particular test. Most tests have a slightly elevated level as their base for failure so most people on low doses would pass. HGH is still not really detectable, so guys can take that all they want. In sports like UFC or the Olympics for example they know when the main tests will be so they know when they have to get off in order for the drugs to be out of their system by test time.

Q: You broke into the business in the 1990s. Is there another time/decade/place/territory that ideally you would have rather come up in?

A: I think the territory days would have suited my abilities well, but I'm not sure I would have done well in that life style. I'm happy with when I broke in.

Q: Can indies/territories make a comeback?

A: No. You can't compete with WWE TV.

Q: Has there been any wrestler you've seen hang it up after years of not getting a big push that really bothered you? For me it's Stevie Richards.

A: Not everyone gets a big push. You get what you get. I've never worried too much about what others got.

Q: You've been away from WWE for some time now. With new guys coming up that you haven't worked with, have you/do you now feel "out of the loop?"

A: I still watch the shows and have met most of them, at one time or another. I'll be at RAW and SD in a few weeks and meet any I haven't then. You can stay in the loop if you want to.


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