Q and A

August 4th, 2008

Q. Wow. Is it just me or did ECW become watchable again once Adamle left the announce team?

A: I seldom catch ECW, it has a horrible time slot here in Canada, but I would imagine the program was improved greatly since Mike is no longer at the desk.

Q: I have notice you on the Rock's dvd, do you get any royalties for ur brief appearance?

A: WWE is very good with Royalties and I get a piece of every DVD I appear on.

Q: What are your thoughts now that your good friend and favorite play-by-play man, Mike Adamle, is the GM of Raw?

A: I missed the episode of RAW when he was named GM but I think it is an absurd idea. Mike Adamle’s character has been that of a guy with no wrestling background or current knowledge of the sport. He has been pushed as and made fun of for being inept and completely clueless when it comes to the sport of pro-wrestling. So how in the HELL do we get to the point where Shane and Stephanie McMahon decide he should be in charge and running RAW? This is completely ridiculous, and makes me far less inclined to watch RAW.

Q: I was wondering your opinion on Tracy Smothers, I've heard several people say he is one of the legit tough guys of the wrestling industry, just wondering if there is any truth to this?

A: Tracy is certainly a tough guy. He is like an old pick up truck, after the first dent the rest don’t matter. I think in a fight you’d have to kill him to get him to stop fighting.

Q: You mentioned in one of your Q&As that it would be unlikely for Robert Roode to get a title run. Why would that be?

A: Do you watch Impact? There are a ton of guys they push more than him, and there are a lot of politics in getting that title run and I don’t seem him having the pull to get it done.

Q: What kind of guy is Scott Steiner? In his interviews he's oftentimes outspoken about other wrestlers (i.e. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, etc.)...How do you think he might do against guys like those? Is there any truth to what he says about them also?

A: I always liked Scotty and thought he was a good guy. He certainly does speak his mind. Scott is pretty straightforward so I believe there is a lot of truth in what he says based on his personal experiences. Everyone relates to people differently and has different experiences. I’ve heard guys bury one person and then heard someone else praise that same person. Not everyone sees eye to eye. When you ask how “he might do against these guys?” Do you mean in a real fight? In a real fight Scotty would be the last guy standing even if the others were working together. Scotty is a scary man if he wants to be, which is likely why he is comfortable speaking his mind.

Q: What do you think of TNA lately (i.e. new talent, Abyss' new look, the segments, matches, etc., etc.)?

A: Lately I’ve been hating the show and skipping it frequently.

Q: I have a question about the way you kick/stomp. You stomp your opponent the way Davey Boy Smith used to do it, like you hop off your one leg and kick with the other. I always assumed you got this from your instructor, but then I realized Jericho doesn't kick that way, so why do you? Is it just a style choice, or did it just come natural?

A: I picked it up from Johnny Smith, here in Calgary, whom I worked with a lot more than Jericho did. I was struggling with kicks until I adapted Johnny’s style, which I was comfortable with. Johnny may have got it from Davey.

Q: I read that Marc Mero took issue with some of your comments last year. Has anyone else in the business ever approached you or contact you because you wrote something about them that they didn’t like and/or agree with?

A: I’ve received a few responses to things I wrote. Marc Mero and Lance Hoyt, to their credit, were man enough to contact me directly about things I wrote, that they did not like. Hoyt and I actually ended up getting along quite well, and have traded email since. Others have emailed me with compliments for things I wrote.

Q: What is the Undertaker like backstage?

A: Undertaker is the consummate pro, be it backstage, in the ring, or away from the building.

Q: I have noticed that the majority of wrestlers wear their own merchandise (t-shirts or hats etc) to the ring. Is there a strict "in ring" dress code? Could a performer wear a Metallica t-shirt (for example) out to the ring if they wanted to?

A: There are issues with outside promotion on clothing, so guys tend to wear WWE merchandise or clothing without prominent logos or advertisements.

Q: You have mentioned food / catering ? If so is it any good (ha)?

A: It depends on the town and catering company. Some places it is awesome, while others you are stuck eating dry chicken breast.

Q: Do they have work out equipment readily available?

A: No we have to go to a regular gym to work out.

Q: I was wondering if you have met Paul London, and what your opinion is of him both personally and his work. Do you think they should have kept he and Brian Kendrick together?

A: I’ve met Paul but do not know him well. I loved London and Kendrick as a team, so I would have been happy if they kept them together and did something with them.

Q: I know you must be sick of "how come so-and-so never got pushed" questions, but I unfortunately, have one of my own. Jerry Lynn. Everything he did looked amazing, he told great stories in the ring, and I've heard from you as well as other workers that he worked really safe. Even at his size, it seems like he could still have gotten a leg up just by being able to adapt his style, since he could do high-flying, mat wrestling, chain wrestling, etc.

A: My best explanation for this is that Jerry was an Academy Award winning supporting actor and everyone was too busy looking for the leading man to notice. Because of his size and not being that Rock level most electrifying man in sports entertainment, I think he was dismissed as contender for leading man, and no one in power realized how big of an asset the guy really was.

Q: Since you and Shawn Michaels both used the super kick how would you rate your kick to his?

A: I’d have to take his to fairly judge. I think both look good and I know mine is extremely light, so it would depend how light or stiff his is.

Q: I was wondering how do guys that speak different languages communicate with each other in the ring. For example, guys from Japan and Mexico coming to the States and wrestling, but they don't speak English and the other guy doesn't speak their language.

A: Clothesline, and Drop Kick are pretty universal, it’s not like we are having deep conversations out there.

Q: Out of all WWF/WWE performers since 1985, do you rate yourself as the greatest WWE Superstar never to have performed at WrestleMania?

A: Interesting idea. I’d have to check through rosters over the years, there may be someone else who got over looked, but there is certainly the possibility that I am the most talented guy in WWE history to never have a WrestleMania match.

Q: Did you ever wrestle against the team of Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller? If so, what are your thoughts?

A: I don’t think I ever even met these guys before, and I definitely didn’t get to work with them.

Q: Who was a better combo for the Heavenly Bodies-Stan Lane and Tom Pritchard or Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Pritchard? Why?

A: I didn’t see any of the SMW stuff with Stan Lane but I would imagine the combo with Del Rey was better because he worked a lot harder that Lane did back then.

Q: In your opinion, why hasn't Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat been conducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

A: I believe the problem was a legal one. From what I understand his ex-wife held the rights to the “Ricky Steamboat” name and they couldn’t use it. I think that issue has been resolved and I expect him to get in before too long. He very much deserves it. You know you have a bad divorce lawyer when you don’t even get custody of your name.

Q: Did you ever wrestle Curt Hennig? If so, what are your thoughts on him as a worker?

A: I only got to tag with him for the live Heat match before WrestleMania 18 in Toronto. Curt was great.

Q: Would you consider going to Japan and wrestling under a mask as "Wasabi Man" only to return to the US as Lance Storm in TNA, then lose a loser-leaves-TNA match and then wrestle there as "Wasabi Man?" Now THAT would be money!

A: It would be as much money as Curry Man, although not nearly as entertaining.

Q: Was Bam Bam Bigelow the best "big man" you ever wrestled? If not, who?

A: He absolutely was.

Q: Did you ever wrestle Vader? Thoughts on him.

A: I never did no. He was a very good big man, although I heard one who took liberties with smaller guys. Not sure if that is the case, but I’ve certainly heard that often.

Q: Did you ever have a singles match with Jerry Lynn? Memories from it if you did?

A: Are you serious? I’ve had countless single matches with Jerry Lynn. He was likely my favourite guy to work. Every match with Jerry was a pleasure.

Q: Konnan once said he has never worked with anyone who had not used steroids or who had problems with other drugs. I find this hard to believe, seeing as him and CM Punk worked in TNA at the same time. Do you think what he said is true?

A: I’ve worked with Konnan so his statement is definitely not true. That being said I have no doubt Konnan believed that statement to be true when he made it. Most guys in the business have at least tried steroids and many also have had or still have drug issues, so in a general sense his statement is fairly accurate. There are a few exceptions and I am definitely one.

Q: I don't believe we ever got your thoughts on CM Punk's title win on Raw, so I was just wondering what they were? Personally I am never surprised in wrestling, but this move took me off guard.

A: Yah the Punk win surprised me. I liked that it shook up the show but I would have preferred it if they had gotten behind him more and portrayed him as a little more deserving.

Q: What is your best singles match in your whole career?

A: I don’t think you can pick just one, but the ROH match I had with Bryan Danielson would be up for strong consideration.

Q: Did you ever get to wrestle Rick Steiner? If not what was he like in person?

A: I didn’t have much interaction with Rick Steiner. I think he was off a fair bit during my run in WCW. I worked with him once on a house show in Johnson City, TN. It was a three way for the US/Canadian Title between Rick Steiner, Hugh Morris, and Myself. I don’t remember anything about the match other than as we went over the match one last time, backstage before going through the curtain Rick looked at me for a long time and then asked, in a very quite serious voice, “What’s your name again?” I still to this day pop at the thought. I guess Rick wasn’t following the product too closely back then.

Q: Since the Benoit tragedy, have you used him as an example for his wrestling skills in your Academy or in interviews you give? Do you think that those who keep using and mentioning him as a role model lose credibility?

A: I think there is a huge difference between using someone as an example or reference and making him a role model. What he did has nothing to do with how he wrestled. I don’t need to know if Michael Jordan is a good person to want to play basketball like him. If I demonstrate to someone how Chris Benoit threw an elbow, it is in no way endorsing what he did to his family.

Q: Have you read any of those controversial books mentioned in "Pain and Passion"? Like "Under the Mat" or "Broken Harts"? If so, what do you think about those?

A: I tried to read “Under the Mat” but gave up because it was a complete load of crap. “Broken Harts” I avoided because I was told it was very heavy and quite sad.

Q: I just read an online commentary by Ted Dibiase where he basically ran down the training and staff at OVW. He stated that he did not allow Ted Dibiase Jr., to train there because none of the trainers were ever main event guys. I was curious to your opinion on his comments.

A: His is not an uncommon view but I think it is a very miss placed opinion. I would rather be trained by say Brad Armstrong (who never main evented) than The Ultimate Warrior (who almost always main evented). Being a Main Eventer or having drawn money in no way qualifies you to train someone nor does not being featured in Main Events exclude you from being qualified to do so. You have to look at the individual’s skills and ability to train.

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