Q & A

August 6th, 2007

Q: Who in your opinion was the most valuable wrestler as far as importance to the company during your stay in ECW?
A: I think RVD was. He was the guy Paul was pushing as the top star and I think Rob was likely the most popular over all. He was exactly what ECW fans wanted and he put out every night. He also had an amazing track record for staying healthy and not missing shots.

Q: Have you ever met Tully Blanchard? What is your opinion of his work, in the ring and on the mic?
A: Iíve never met Tully and didnít get to see too much of his work. What I saw I thought was very strong

Q: I am a big fan of a heel World Champ with the faces chasing and getting close but never quite getting there (the old set up with Flair during the Crockett days). Others prefer a face with monster heels constantly trying to knock him off (such as Hogan in the WWF days). Do you have a preference? Why?
A: The heel champ thing is so hard to do now a days since fans expect clean finishes. Unless the heel champ cheats to win (wins without a clean finish) the Baby Face chase doesnít mean much. I think today feeding a Face champion strong challengers works better.

Q: Who should have made it big from your SMW days that didn't? Why?
A: I may be over looking someone, but I think most who should have did.

Q: Will territories ever make a come back?
A: Nope. Itís too hard to compete with the quality of product and big time exposure of WWE.

Q: What is Justin Credible up to these days?
A: Iím not sure I donít talked to him much.

Q: Describe the fun of lugging around all those belts during your time in WCW. I am sure it was awesome holding all that gold while in front of the crowd, but the weight of them all must have been inconvenient in airports.
A: That was a huge pain in the ass. Airport security would always want to drag the belts out and look at them, which drew more attention to me and wasted so much of my time.

Q: What's your opinion of Kurt Angle's recent comedic role on TNA? Does it help or hurt the title?
A: I donít think it helps the title, but Kurt is very entertaining with it. If they are using it as a means to have him entertaining on TV while allowing him time to rest his body by not wrestling, it is likely a very good thing.

Q: Is Arn Anderson as down to earth as he appears to be? He seems approachable and a perfect fit as an agent, especially in helping young talent develop.
A: Arn is very approachable and very easy to deal with as an agent.

Q: A while back WWE Magazine did an issue that took you inside the homes of the superstars and guys like Edge and The Rock have belts on display that show WWE Championship Title belts they've won and had framed and hung up on the wall. And I got to wondering, which titles that you've won do you own and have on display in the same fashion?
A: None at all, thatís not my thing.

Q: Did you work a program with Scott Steiner in WCW, what was he like to converse with? In the WCW gallery on your website he's holding a metal bar to your throat. What was that all about?
A: I did not work a program with Scotty in WCW. He was a lot of fun to work with though, and that photo was from when I was WCW commissioner. In that role I had on camera dealings with him.

Q: Since coming off the road, are there any hobbies or activities that you've picked up since you have the time?
A: I have less free time now that I am home; being a Dad and Husband, takes up a lot of my time now.

Q: What did you think of ROH's ring? It seems rather bouncy.
A: I believe it is a ďHigh SpotsĒ ring, and yes it is a little bouncy. It is a good enough ring to work in though.

Q: Do you own any of the action figures that have been made of you?
A: I have most of them I think. They are in a box in my basement.

Q: Have there been any standouts from your academy?
A: There have been several which I think stood out and are doing very well. Carlo Cannon and Deryck Cross were in my first class and are doing excellent as are many others. There is usually 1 or 2 that stand out from the pack in each class.

Q: Is it just me, or are more and more wrestlers wearing kick/shin pads? Did you start a trend?
A: I didnít start it but it is certainly the trend. I first saw guys in Japan wearing them and shortly after I started wearing them here everyone started. I think I started wearing them in 1992.

Q: Do the guys ever get a chance to practice new moves in the actual ring? If not, where?
A: Practice isnít something a lot of guys get. More often than not we just do it out there. If it is something guys are unsure of you can sometimes get in the ring before a show and try something.

Q: I know this would never happen but wouldn't be a good idea for wrestling to have an off season to recover from nagging injuries and spend time with there families? I know there is a lot of money that would be lost, but I think that would that would make the wrestlers happy and the fans would eagerly await the next season. What do you think?
A: Iím not sure what the effects would be. A lot of guys hate being off the road, and the potential of a rest period might make some guys more careless with their bodies when working. I think those who would benefit most would be the bookers and writers. Coming up with a season game plan each year would be so much simpler than having to book and write endlessly.

Q: Did the Hart family training school get a great reputation un-justly due to how well a few of the students did? You hear a lot of interviews, where it is not put over very well by its graduates.
A: I think there were a lot of different versions of the Hart Training School over the years and thus a lot of different stories. I think the level of success a few of us made did help their rep. A lot of what I learned was from Gerry Morrow after I had already finished my Hart Training Camp, yet the school gets more credit than Gerry does.

Q: Aside from Jericho did anyone else in your class at the Hart's doing anything in the pro wrestling business?
A: A couple others had a few Indy matches but Jericho and I were the only ones who achieved any level of success.

Q: Do tag partners get along for the most part, or is it just as common for them to not get along great?
A: Itís too hard to generalize, I think a lot of teams got along but from spending so much time together also had their falling outs.

Q: Ever work with Tim Flowers, any stories?
A: I donít think I ever wrestled Tim, but was on a few shows with him. No stories that could be told in a public forum. (LOL)

Q: How was working in ring with Cyrus?
A: Almost always a delight! Cyrus and I go way back and worked together often. Our pre-match cribbage games were always a highlight.

Q: When your kids are grown up and moved out, do you see getting back in to working full time, be as an agent or in ring?
A: Hell no that will be the time for my wife and I to enjoy some peace and quiet together.

Q: Ever have the desire to go to shoot fighting like one of your former student Paul Lazenby?
A: Not something that ever really interested me to be honest.

Q: Has TNA hit the point of no return, meaning they have been so bad for so long that people are not going to watch even if the shows improve, due to being bad for so long?
A: Absolutely not. I think their ratings have been real consistent. Those who watch continue to watch whether they are enjoying it or not it would seem. TNA needs to just find a way to attract new viewers.

Q: Do you have any interest in doing legends show at all, where you show up take a few photos, and sign stuff or does that not interest you?
A: I donít have huge interest in that, as the main reason I got off the road was to get off the road, not stop wrestling. Doing appearances still involve traveling.

Q: I was wondering, do i need to apply for a Professional Wrestling License when i am old enough to break into the business?
A: No. A wrestling license isnít like a drivers license. You start wrestling first and if you wrestle somewhere a license is required the governing body that requires the license will then license you.

Q: Do you know when title changes are put into the record books. for example, jay lethal lost the x title to samoa joe this last tuesday at the tna tapings, but does it go in the record books as taking place on that day, or when it airs on tv.
A: This is wrestling are there even official record books?

Q: I've always wondered how health insurance works in Pro Wrestling at the WWE level? Do you have to get your own or do they have a partnership with a company?
A: WWE has a health care plan that covers wrestling related heath cost for its talent. Any additional health care you want is your responsibility.

Q: I was just searching on Wikipedia and looking back on your career, and it lists a previous gimmick as The Black Mamba? I was wondering if there is a story behind this or if it is a mistake?
A: When I was working locally in Calgary, the Black Mamba gimmick was just a generic masked gimmick that anyone would use when an extra jobber was needed. I worked under the mask a few times to put others over while still working as myself on the show in a different match.

Q: How do foreign wrestlers that have no connections get booked in foreign countries?
A: They donít they need to get a connection. Generally you work with guys who have connections and they then become your connection etc.

Q: When you're not wrestling or doing an appearance do wrestlers refer to each other by their stage name or in ring name?
A: Almost exclusively we use peopleís stage names.

Q: What happens if a person has a title run in their contract but the person can't get over?
A: You would generally have to be pretty damn over to have enough pull to get a title run in your contract. This generally isnít done.

Q: Why is that wrestlers work through some quite serious injuries while other athletes sit out games for far far less?
A: Our business is not as performance based as other sports. If you are the starting pitcher, in baseball, because you have a 100 mph fast ball and you have a minor injury which results in you only being able to pitch a 90 mph fast ball you will be replaced by a relief guy who can throw 95 mph. In wrestling it doesnít matter so much if you are a little slower you are still a bigger name and draw than the relief player.

Q: Was it hard to maintain your marriage while you were on the road?
A: I donít want to say it was hard, in that we came close to not succeeding but it was a lot of work.

Q: Does the Miz get any respect from the other wrestlers?
A: Youíd have to ask other wrestlers, I donít know the guy.

Q: Where are the hottest crowds? Toronto and Chicago always come across real good on TV
A: They are always awesome, as are Montreal and Halifax.

Q: I think just about everybody would say Jim Ross is one of the best at calling a match, but who do you think are the best colour commentators?
A: Right now I would put my money on JBL. I think he adds so much to the product as a colour man.

Q: When a wrestler passes away you hear a dozen time that they'd want the show to go on? Would you say that's true or a load of crap cause they have sponsors lined up and investor to report to?
A: Depends a little on what exactly you mean. Are you talking actually dieing during the show, which has only happened a couple of times? If I were still on the road with WWE and died on the weekend, for whatever reason, I would expect RAW to go on as scheduled. Nothing is gained by canceling it, Iím still dead, and my family doesnít have to watch if they donít want to. If I died during the show then it is a tougher call.

Q: Konnan has said that virtually all wrestlers are either on something or drink to survive being a wrestler. I can't see that being true, how accurate is he?
A: You canít ever say ďeveryoneĒ but when you include the possibility of just drinking on the road, I think his statement would be true for the vast majority of people who work on the road in any industry.

Q: I was reading an old commentary and was curious to what the "Lex Luger approach" to keeping a straight face was?
A: I was often asked how I kept a straight face so well, when working with funny people like The Hurricane and William Regal. I eventually revealed that my secret (I am not joking here) was to visualize Lex Luger matches in my head and think about how much more money he made than me, and I found while doing that nothing seemed funny anymore.

Q: This isn't a wrestling question, but have you read any books by Robert Ludlum, more specifically The Bourne trilogy?
A: Iíve read almost every book Ludlum wrote including the Bourne trilogy. I thought they were excellent.

Q: Lance I am a huge fan of your wrestling any thoughts of coming back to WWE.
A: NONE. I enjoy not being on the road.

Q: Do you ever get students in your wrestling school who don't intend to be professional wrestlers but instead just want to know the basics, or indeed just "get fit"? If so, what's your attitude towards them - do you think they're wasting their and your time or are you OK about it?
A: No one has ever said this was the case, but as long as they put forth a strong effort and respect the business they are learning I have would have no problem with that.

Q: I noticed in you recent commentary on Marc Mero that you "signed" it Lance Evers, but on the commentary about the BSE show you signed it Lance Storm. Why is this?
A: I feel when talking about a serious matter using my real name adds credibility to it. If Iím just talking wrestling Iím Lance Storm.

Q: Is it a bad idea to have almost all training done by a small group of people such as OVW? Will a lot of talent end up working similar styles, and you will end up with a roster full of guys who all work the same?
A:This can happen with the wrong trainer. The key is not to teach a specific style or be too ridged in how you teach. You should teach execution and psychology, but not style, you have to encourage people to find their own style.

Q: Is it frowned upon by the office to have a lawyer or agent look over a WWE contract before signing it?
A: WWE had no problems with me wanting to have a lawyer look over my contract.

Q: Is it a bad idea to have an agent on the active roster, could it lead to them abusing the power they have?
A: Agents donít have a lot of power. They are primarily a middleman between creative and talent; they fill a mentoring role more than a power role. Having a spot in production meetings could help them influence their own push, but some talent are in those meetings also.

Q: Is the political environment as bad as many say it is, or is it just an easy excuse for a guy to blame a lack of success on?
A: There is a strong political element to this business.

Q: I know you were not the most political guy in the business, but would it be possible to make it in pro wrestling with out being a bit political?
A: You could make it. I think I did. I doubt you could ever be World Champ without someone politicking heavily for you.

Q: Not to single out Jim Duggan, but why use a guy like him when his spot could be given to a younger guy? You know what you will get with Duggan, but seems like the few minutes of TV time would be better spent on a guy who may at least develop into a star.
A: To be honest I donít understand the reasoning behind Duggan still being featured on RAW. WWE may feel that his veteran presence has a positive effect on moral or locker room conduct.

Q: I donít know if it would hold up in a court of law, but what about if WWE put a clause in talent contracts that they can fire a guy for a failed drug test, and said worker can not go to another promotion for the remainder of the contract. Think that would help curb drug use at all, if it were even legal?
A: I donít think it would float legally so there is no point debating it.

Q: How hard is it to get time off? Say you are a mid card guy that they seem to have no immediate plan for like say Dave Taylor, could he just go up ask for 1 month off and get it OK?
A: Absolutely he could get time off. Most guys donít want time off, which is the problem. I was still featured on RAW half decently when my back first started bothering me and I was asked several times (by Vince himself) if I needed time off. If John Cena wanted a month off WWE would fight hard to keep him on the road, but if he stuck to his guns for time off, due to injury, I suspect he would get it. It would likely cost him his top title spot (at least for a while), but itís his choice, money or health.

Q: What did you like working most house shows, TV, or PPVís and why?
A: I would say PPV, house shows, and then TV in that order. PPVs had great crowds and you still had time to have a good match. House shows you had the freedom to do what you wanted but it wasnít as big of a deal. TV was my least favourite because you seldom had enough time to have a great match.

Q: Which promotion was least and which was most political?
A: I think WCW was the least, because with guaranteed contracts guys were more secure and less apt to fight over a specific spot. WWE is likely the most because, where you are on the card determines how much money you make. Getting that last PPV spot makes a HUGE difference in your pay.

Q: What percent of todayís workers do you think could go out and call a good match on the fly?
A: Likely not all that many, at least not a good match.

Q: How big of a deal is it to call a match on the fly? And does it really make the match that much better?
A: It isnít an absolute must but it is a handy skill to have. Sometimes you donít have the luxury of a lot of time to prepare, or if something happens in a match that you have to abandon the game plan you will be better able to handle it.

Q: Why could this possibly be your last match August 11th? Are you planning on retiring?
A: I consider myself retired now. Storm Wrestling Academy is my job and the few bookings I take are more a hobby for me now than anything else. As I get older and work less it is harder and harder to get into the shape I want to be in to work, and my body aches more after each match as well.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm