Q & A

August 8, 2006

Q: Do you think Doug Williams could make it in wwe (maybe in a British tag team with paul birchill)
A: I think a lot of people could make it. Itís more about whether WWE decides to give someone a chance. Doug is very good and certainly has enough talent.

Q: As a wrestler, do you prefer when fans mark out when seeing you?
A: Iíve always preferred calmer greetings from fans.

Q: I have noticed that when Nick Patrick counts, he pushes the shoulder of the wrestler getting pinned up when he comes down for the 3. Why would he do this when other refs don't?
A: Itís just his style I guess. Iíve never asked him.

Q: Hey Lance, I loved your match with Bryan Danielson in Ring Of Honor and I was wondering why when you entered the ring the crowd showered you with streamers, is this a respect thing? If so do you know when the tradition first started?
A: It is a respect thing and itís quite common in Japan.

Q: I just read your recent Q and A post & in it you said you thought that the womens division in wwe has slipped over the last couple of years because of creative direction. I completely agree. wwe has so many talented women. I personally would like to see the creation of tag team belts for them. What are your thoughts & opinion on this idea?
A: They donít give the girls enough time to properly feature the singles title adding tag titles would be silly.

Q: What advice do you have for women that want to break into the wrestling business whom want to be taken seriously and don't want to be just 'a pretty face'.
A: Unfortunately that is the trend right now. Unless you are a pretty face you likely have very little chance.

Q: I have a question about how WWE title. Do you think by making it "Bling Bling" cheapens it, or does the look have really nothing to do with the prestige behind it?
A: If you mean the spiny Cena belt, I think itís awful I canít take the thing seriously.

Q: Do you think the ECW-style fan chants have gotten out of hand? Sometimes it looks like some fans are more interested in chanting than watching the match, and many chants could be offensive to other fans. What is your impression?
A: As long as they are interested in showing up and making noise, let them chant what they want.

Q: Lance, your killing me. I love the Q and A and always read it but I go crazy reading out-of-the-blue questions about events that I have no idea what anyone is talking about. In particular, the most recent Q and A had a question asking if "Rhino really missed his flight or if it was a work to cover him being a no-show?" I've always been a big Rhino mark so naturally I am wondering what this is all about? Please elaborate on this situation and keep up the great work!
A: We were booked to wrestle on a Stampede Wrestling card near Calgary in May. Rhino no showed the event, which left me no one to wrestle.

Q: Why do you hate/dislike Fred Jung so much?
A: I felt (and still do) that he was a complete con-man scam artist.

Q: What percentage of Indy promoters do you think actually run a legit set up that pays workers well and makes them promoter money.
A: Less than 25 %

Q: Ever work Hayabusa? If so did you enjoy it and your thoughts on him.
A: I worked him before he was Hyabusa. He was a young boy for FMW when Jericho and I worked for them in 1991. He was very green but obviously very talented even back then.

Q: While working indy/japan how hard was it too keep all your bookings straight?
A: I never had a problem, perhaps because there wasnít that many at a time.

Q: Raven has remarked how well indy promotion pays, is that true for a name guy like raven or yourself?
A: All depends on the Indy promotion and who you are. Some pay well others donít.

Q: A lot of guys have said that wrestling results in a lot of acquaintances and not may friends, is that true?
A: Very true. A lot of us only have the business in common so while at work we are friends, but once we part company the friendship ends or is put on hold.

Q: How many people from wrestling do you consider to be friends with?
A: There is likely less than 10 that I keep in touch with.

Q: Did you enjoy doing the music videos is Smokey Mountain Wrestling or were you embarrassed doing them?
A: I thought they were cheesee but I enjoyed doing them.

Q: Going back to an older Q & A, why is ride jumping mid loop such a bad thing?
A: Rental cars cost a lot of money and traveling alone sucks. Once you commit to riding with someone bailing on them is very ignorant.

Q: Was Jericho OK after the Night of Legends show aside from the broken arm, he was bleeding like a champ during that show.
A: He didnít even get stitches. We went to Shoneyís after the show to eat, he slept at my place and I took him to the hospital in the morning for surgery on his arm.

Q: Ever work abdullah the Butcher? if so how was it?
A: Several times actually in Japan. Not my favourite style of match but it was a great experience and at times a lot of fun.

Q: Why do you always wear an elbow pad on the left elbow only?
A: Because only my left elbow is screwed up.

Q: What happened between you and Teddy Long?
A: Nothing happened between Teddy and me. He just messed up a couple finishes when working with me (and others).

Q: Is Jim Ross similar to the way he is portrayed on WWE TV as the down home country boy?
A: JR is very similar to what you see on TV. He is a good old boy who loves wrestling.

Q: If you get another chance to wrestle Chris Jericho, will you make it your last match for good, or would you give it up again?
A: Likely yes.

Q: Is Kenny from The Spirit Squad related to referee Jack Doan?
A: No

Q: What was the official name for your finisher, the rolling half crab? I've heard it named the Canadian Maple Leaf, Calgary Crab, Half Boston Crab. Just what was the official name for the move.
A: Call it what ever you want. I hated the Maple Leaf name and only refer to it as the Rolling Half Crab.

Q: Lance,in my opinion the fall of 1999 was my favorite period of time watching ECW.The Impact Players were red hot and not even the returning Raven and Sandman could stop you. I was wondering if you could share a couple funny stories or memories from the 1999 November 2 Remember Impact Players/Rhino vs Dreamer/Raven/Sandman feud time period?
A: I only have one little interesting bit to share on the feud. I was telling one of my students about this. The PPV from Buffalo when we did the 6-Man. We were the main event, and on PPV it is very important to finish the match on time. In WCW and WWE the ref has an earpiece and gives you time cues. In ECW we had no such budget. During that match I actually jumped of the apron periodically during the match and checked the watch of a fan at ring side to tell how much more time we had on air.

Q: Do you have any good Vince McMahon stories? Either involving you or someone you know?
A: The very first Un-American promo that I cut was very long, and it was actually written by Vince. Before the show Vince grabbed me back stage and wanted to hear my delivery. I had to go into his office and cut the promo in full character like I was going to do on the show. I donít think I was ever more nervous in my life. Just me and Vince in a room and I have to cut this promo that he wrote and hopefully not suck! I think there was one word he wanted me to emphasize more but otherwise he liked it.

Q I asked last year if you'd see a Rocky VI if it came out and you said no. However, would you at least look at the trailer for Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI) and if it was good, would you see it?
A: I might rent it but no way go to the theater.

Q: Do you think Chris Benoit's 3 German Suplex sequence lessened the effect of how the crowd views the impact of a single german suplex?
A: Iím actually not a fan of the triple German or any other repetitive moves. I donít think they get 3-times the reaction of one, and are thus more bumps than they are worth.

Q: Have you had a chance to watch the D-X storyline? If so, what do you think? I think it's refreshing to put a little comedy back into wrestling but are the writers running out of ideas since they have gone back to an old storyline?.
A: I like a little comedy too, but I find the DX stuff to adolescent for my tastes. These guys are older than I am and acting less mature than my children.

Q: I don't know if you read the "Rise and Fall of ECW" book recently released. If so, were you disappointed as I was that so much seemed to have come directly from the DVD and so little was new material (plus calling Mick Foley "Mike" one is inexcusable).
A: Both the book and DVD are telling the same story so Iím not sure how they could be different.

Q: How tough of a guy is Sabu considered by the boys backstage?
A: Depends on how you mean tough. I donít think heíd be one to win a lot of locker room fights but doing what he does night after night he is an amazing tough man.

Q: Why does there seem to be a lot of matches spilling over into the crowd? It seemed bigger in ECW than WWE, but it in my opinion it makes it hard to see in person and awkward on TV, what is the point of going into the stands?
A: I think a lot of times this is done because it is an easy reaction. It makes the match seem more violent and exciting. If you cantí hook the crowd in the ring, spilling to the crowd often works.

Q: Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer, strictly from a in ring point of view?
A: Dreamer is a great performer when given the chance. He knows how to sell and be a baby face and is very easy to work with. You canít have a classic wrestling match with him, but unless you are completely useless you canít have a bad match with him either.

Q: Was it awkward working RVD at Barely Legal, you being somewhat new and him being some what unhappy ?
A: I was so absurdly tired and Jet Lagged as well that night, so there likely was some difficulty but I was too tired to notice till after.

Q: How far up the WWE ladder do you see Charlie Haas making it?
A: What rung of the ladder is Heat? No seriously it all depends on creative.

Q: Did you enjoy working Bam Bam Bigelow, How does he rate as a big man worker?
A: I loved working with Bam Bam, he is one of the best working big men.

Q: In the last Q & A you said you have worked guy you did not think could protect you in the ring, how do you get around that and work with them?
A: You never let them pick you up so all your bumps are your own.

Q: During your busiest year as a pro, how many days that year were you on the road?
A: I did a couple 200+ years for WWE.

Q: Before signing up to train with the Harts, did you think Bret would be involved in the training at all?
A: He was working full time for WWF, I knew he wouldnít be there.

Q: Any interest in doing another shoot video?
A: Iíd consider it.

Q: Why do you think that tag teams are not given much thought in WWE anymore? Seems like a great way to push 2 talents to me.
A: I write an article for Fighting Spirit a wrestling magazine in the UK, and next months article covers my thoughts on Tag team wrestling. You should try to track the magazine down.

Q: I know some wrestlers that share rental cars think it's disrespectful for passengers to sleep since the driver doesn't have that luxury. But with the schedule (only getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night) most of the boys have, it would seem like the perfect time to catch a quick nap. What is your opinion of passengers sleeping in a shared rental car?
A: There is an unwritten rule that you have to stay awake to help keep the driver awake but some guys do sleep. Most guys will ask the driver if they mind before going to sleep. When Christian Hurricane and I would travel together Christian and I would stay awake and cover the driving and Hurricane would sleep in the back.

Q: You mentioned in a recent Q&A that if WWE put out a Lance Storm DVD they would have to pay you royalties. I know you don't know the specifics of the Ultimate Warrior's contract, but I got the impression that they didn't have to pay him any royalties for the DVD they did on him. Your thoughts?
A: I would assume Warrior got royalties for the DVD, unless his law suits with WWE some how covered future royalty issues.

Q: Hey, I read a rumor recently that Kane is considering retiring as early as January next year, do you think he will? He's in such good shape, I can't see it happening. Also, do you ever see him winning the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship again some day down the track? He sure deserves it!
A: It would not surprise me if he retired. I know he has had some serious back issues over the years, and I believe he was smart with his money. I genuinely liked and respected Kane and if he retires I wish him the best.

Lance Storm