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August 13, 2014

Bunch of stuff to talk about today so I'm just going to jump all over the page and cover as much as I can.

- Thursday Aug. 21st I will be wrestling in Halifax, NS for Wrestle Centre. I will be wrestling Christopher Daniels. I'm very excited about my return to Halifax because Halifax may have been the city where I was most over my entire career. The Maritimes and Halifax in particular have always shown me an incredible amount of support so I am excited for my long overdue return.

- I will also be wrestling in Rahway, NJ Sept. 20th for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. This match will be the return of the Impact Player, which should be a lot of fun back in our old ECW stomping grounds.

- A lot of people asking me about the WWE Network, and boy do I have a lot to say. For starters I still do not have the WWE Network; it is not as yet available in my area, at least not via proper channels. I know WWE announced their big deal with Roger's cable in Canada for the Aug. 12th launch, but that is somewhat misleading. For Roger's customers the WWE Network is now available, or at least a partial version (more on that in a minute). Anyone in Canada who doesn't use Roger's is still out of luck, at least for a little while. Roger's owns the distribution rights to the Network in Canada and will be offering it to other cable providers; it's just no deals have been finalized, so no other providers offer it this time. Approximately 20% percent of Canada uses Roger's, primarily in Ontario, so 80% of Canada is still unable to access the WWE Network. Roger's is not available in western Canada so switching to them is not even an option. I get my cable through Telus who I'm told will start offering the Network in Sept. I would assume most of not all other cable providers will also eventually follow suit, especially if they get enough requests for it. If you use a different cable provider in Canada and want the Network, call them and request it.

That said Canada is not getting the full WWE Network, we are getting what they are calling "The best of the WWE Network", which includes the Live Network feed, which will be a regular TV channel up here not an Internet Streaming service, and a very limited on demand channel as well. I'm told it will have quickly rotating on demand content but the on demand content will primarily be the content airing on the live feed throughout the month totalling about 40 hrs of content. Now before everyone freaks out and starts complaining the WWE is screwing their Canadian fans, you have to understand that, much like Gene Snitski, it's likely not their fault. The fact that the Network is a legit TV channel up here and not an Internet service may limit the amount of on demand content they can provide. We also have weird Canadian Content regulations up here that require a certain percentage of content be Canadian. Because of this WWE and Roger's may not be able to just offer up the entire library and I wouldn't be surprised if a large portion of the on demand content will be shows featuring Canadian talent as a way to fulfil the CRTC Canadian Content requirements. In any event that's where the WWE Network stands in Canada. Oh it's also $11.99 cnd up here, which when you take into account the exchange rate is just slightly higher than the $9.99 US price but I don't think we have the 6 month commitment, which mean it's actually a bit cheaper than the US month to month price of $12.99. We also shouldn't have any of the buffering issues Internet customers elsewhere in the world might have to deal with.

Will I get the Network when it is available on Telus? I'm still not sure. I'm actually leaning towards acquiring the US Internet version through "alternate" means figuring that even with the $5 a month US IP address, it will only be a few dollars a month more to have access to the entire library, and being able to watch the Network on the go with my iPad might be more convenient than only being able to watch it on my TV. If I had more free time I'd get it for sure, but with running my school, working out, a wife, and 2 kids, life is pretty busy and while I'd love to watch a lot of the on demand content I'm not sure I've got the available time to make it worth my while.

- Summer Slam is less than a week away and while I am very excited about the show I won't be watching on Sunday. It will be the first thing that I watch should I subscribe to the Network, but I promised Taya Valkyrie I'd watch TripleMania XXII this Sunday instead. Taya is an SWA grad who has been working for AAA in Mexico for about 2 years. Taya has a women's title match at TripleMania so I will be watching and cheering her on, on iPPV this Sunday. If you are interested you can go to to order the iPPV. It starts at 7 EST on Sunday and is just $14.99.

- I've been reading a lot of good books lately. I recently discovered Brett Battles, who co-writes an Alexandra Poe series (only 2 books thus far) which I enjoyed and solo writes a Jonathon Quinn series (8 books in the series) which I'm currently working my way through. I'm about half way through book 3. Great author so check him out.

- TV shows: I'm 3 or 4 episodes into season 2 of Homeland which I'm enjoying. Very stoked about Haven season 5 starting up Sept 11th, and of course the return of Walking Dead in Oct. Other shows I watch and enjoy if you care, Game of Thrones, Justified, and Longmire. I'm also watching Boston Legal on DVD and just finished Season 1. I was a big fan of the show when it first aired but the show was a few seasons in when I found it, so my wife and I are filling in some of the holes. Denny Crane is such an amazing character.

- Oh... because many people have asked, Megan Miller, Daniel Bryan's physical therapist on RAW this past Monday was in fact a girl by the name of Chelsea Green who, like Taya Valkyrie, is an SWA Grad. Chelsea was in my Jan. 2014 class so I was very happy to see her making a WWE RAW cameo this early in her career. I guess it's true, it's quicker if you sleep your way to the top. That was a joke people, remember the storyline!

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