Q and A

August 19, 2009

Q: If Vince called you right now and said I want you back in the WWE as an active competitor, would you say yes or no?

A: The answer would be no. I am happy with my life at home and the money it would take to get me back in WWE, I’m not worth.

Q: Would you ever consider writing your autobiography, regardless of a publishing deal, and selling it through your website? I understand that right now your plate is full but maybe sometime down the track. You clearly have many stories to tell and a different perspective than that of a lot of your peers. I, for one, would love to read such a book.

A: The work in doing this is just so great, I don’t know. There might be some money to be made with this but I’m not sure it would be enough to warrant the work.

Q: I’m a huge Regal fan and I feel he would be a great heel world champ...What's your thoughts on William regal? Do you think he deserves a world title run?

A: I’m a big fan of Mr. Regal and his work, but I don’t like to consider who “deserves” a title run or not.

Q: You mentioned that you were a Rescue Me fan in your last Q and A. Just wondering who your favourite character on the show is?

A: I think the appeal to the show is the cast as a whole not any individual character.

Q: You may have already answered this question, but being new to your website (which is great by the way); I haven’t read any similar questions so I am going to ask it anyway. Have you been to Australia with WWE, in particular Perth Western Australia, and what is your opinion of the fans down here?

A: I’ve been to Australia with both WWE and WCW but never had the opportunity to work in Perth. Australia was great but the flight is ungodly long.

Q: This isn't a wrestling question, so bear with me...are you a Michael Jackson fan?

A: I never really was no.

Q: Hey Lance, why do you think Canadian wrestling gets so overlooked when compared to wrestling from Mexico, Japan or the UK, I mean Canada has produced some of the greatest wrestlers in the business yet no one ever seems to pay attention to the Canadian wrestlers until they come to the WWE or they go to Japan and make it big.

A: There is no major wrestling company in Canada so I don’t see how anyone is supposed to get recognized until they do make it big elsewhere. It’s not that they are getting over looked, they just haven’t’ accomplished anything until they’ve made it in a large company and there arent’ any in Canada.

Q: Just wondering what is your favourite Corner Gas Episode and who is your favourite Corner Gas Character?

A: Oscar is my favourite character, but I don’t think I can pin down one episode as my favourite.

Q: Lance, when you wrestled Randy Orton early in his WWE career did you think he'd be as good as he is now at this time?

A: I knew he was going to be very good. I didn’t think about it more than that. An interesting note, I was Randy Orton’s first RAW match. I didn’t’ know this but he mentioned it to me when I was at RAW in Calgary.

Q: Lance, did you see your WCW title match against Booker T is the final match on the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD?

A: I didn’t know it was the last match but I knew it was on the DVD.

Q: With all of the comments, both good and bad (well, mostly bad), regarding TNA, did Jeff Jarrett (or any other TNA wrestler for that matter) ever confront you on it, if at all?

A: Most of them congratulated me on what I said and commented that they wish they could say what I do, because they agree with me whole heartedly.

Q: If you hadn't been a pro-wrestler, or if things didn't work out to be one, what other option(s) would you have pursued?

A: I was going to school to be an accountant that would have been what I went back to had wrestling not panned out.

Q: Guys like you, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, etc. have been trained in the Dungeon, which is (and correct me if I'm wrong) the basement of the Hart's house. How big was the Dungeon in order for guys to train to be pro-wrestlers?

A: This is a common misconception. The dungeon was, for the most part where Stu used to stretch guys, and very few people (likely no one) was ever completely trained in the dungeon. Stampede Wrestling was a full time territory and everyone that got stretched in the dungeon would have done the majority of their actual wrestling training in a Stampede Wrestling ring, not in the Dungeon.

Q: Alot of people consider Raven (Scott Levy) to have a great wrestling mind. What is your opinion?

A: Raven is a very intelligent guy and does have a strong wrestling mind, so those people would be correct.

Q: Some of my favorite wrestling commentators from the 80s and 90s were the ones that supported the heels like Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan and early Jerry Lawler. It seems like when the two commentators are “rooting” for opposite wrestlers it makes for more interactive and more entertaining commentary. I could listen to Gorilla Monsoon and The Brain call a shitty match and still be entertained. Maybe I'm too old school but aside from JR and JBL, recent commentators are boring, have no personality and simply state the obvious and constantly plug PPVs. I don't necessarily think it's entirely their fault, I think it's more because of what the WWE is telling them to say that makes it boring. Do you like the old style and why do you think WWE has gotten rid it?

A: This is a big pet peeve of mine because no one seems to understand it. It’s not a CONCEPT and they didn’t GET RID of it. The reason those guys worked as heel a commentator was because they were great heel personalities that started doing commentary. You can’t just take a commentator and tell him to be a heel; it doesn’t work the same, because there is no frame of reference. JBL, Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura were established heel characters that we knew and hated. They were talented performers (talkers) that we already understood that brought that character, experience and skill to the announcer’s desk. Just telling Michael Cole to be a heel WOULDN’T be the same.

Q: Are you familiar with Kenny Omega? I've been watching ROH for a little while now and he's one of my favourites. He's from Canada too. What do you think of him? Bright future?

A: I’ve only seen the guy in one match, and he does seem to have potential yes.

Q: At Target the other day, I saw a Lance Storm WWE "Classic Superstars" Figure. Do you have, in your home, an action figure representation of yourself? 'Cause you've GOT to be one of the few people who have one from both real ECW and WWF/E.

A: I have a bunch of my ECW and WWE action figures yes.

Q: Do you REALLY think that kids are that much offended by blood? I know Vince wants to hook the kids n' all that, but honestly? If someone whips out a sledgehammer and whacks a dude in the face with it, I'd be more upset if some blood DIDN'T come out from his forehead.

A: It’s all about drawing a line and Blood is a good one. I know that is the one element that bothers my daughter. I also don’t’ think blood draws the emotion it once did, so using it is a bit of a waste anyways.

Q: D'you think a masked referee would be able to get over with fans? On a televised stage, local stage, anything. LUCHAREF! Thoughts?

A: Why would you have a masked ref? I ref is not supposed to draw attention away from the match and a gimmick like this would do just that.

Q: How much are you paying your daughter to help you sort through your Q@A's?

A: Likely not enough.

Q: Hey Lance, love the site and that you take the time to answer our Q's. I noticed that the WWE are including your match with Booker T in the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD. Seeing that you were one of the few good things going during that period of WCW, do you think they will portray that match in a more positive or negative light?

A: Likely a negative light and rightfully so. The promotion and build to that match was idiotic. It could have been a huge deal that should have either been on PPV or at least the Main Event of Nitro and instead it was a throw away comedy segment.

Q: In Chris Jericho’s autobiography he mentions that he has kept a record of every match he’s ever had. Have you done the same and if so, do you ever go through the list from time to time just out of curiousity?

A: This was actually my idea, and I started doing it also but unfortunately I lost my book of 1992 matches and once I didn’t have those I knew my list would never be complete so I stopped.

Q: Maryse has good looks and a strong heel character, but WWE's live audiences, so far, refuses to react to her. They don't boo her, and they don't cheer her, either. She wasn't getting reactions from the fans on SmackDown, but it's even more noticeable now that she's on the live Raw show. What do you think WWE should do to get her over? Maryse herself seems to be doing her part in the effort, but nothing's worked so far.

A: I’ve said this before. They need to put her with the right heel as a valet, she would be awesome.

Q: Do you have any idea why WWE turned you heel about 3 weeks before you retired in 04?

A: The final decision for me to retire and take the head trainer position in OVW was a quick one, so they didn’t know I would be gone when they decided to turn me back heel.

Q: What's your opinion on political storylines? I know you were a part of one with the Un-Americans. I don't know if this is the direction WWE is purposely headed in but we haven't seen one in a while from them. The last one I clearly remember is Muhammed Hassan, although I'm probably overlooking something.

A: Wrestling has always tried to tie into real life and real life issues, this is nothing new. There really hasn’t been anything on the news front to work into the product of late, but I’m sure there will be again soon.

Q: Which gimmick wrestler has had the greatest impact on the business? Would it be Undertaker?

A: I suppose it depends on your definition of gimmick wrestling, but yah Undertaker would be a good candidate.

Q: In my opinion, Chavo Guerrero is a very underrated, underused wrestler on the current WWE Roster. Do you have any stories of working with Chavo Guerrero(Jr.) in and outside of the ring?

A: The night I wrestled Chavo for the WCW Cruiserweight Title was the day after Chris Jericho’s wedding, which we both attended. In order to make Nitro we had to catch a very early flight the morning after the wedding so neither one of us even got to bed the night before so we did that match on no sleep what so ever.

Q: What where your goals when you realized that wrestling at a high level was achievable?

A: My goals were always be to make a living at it and be a respected worker. I achieved both.

Q. Did trying to out do Jericho in training, help you in the long run?

A: I didn’t purposely try to out do Jericho, I have always pushed myself as hard as I could, and that work ethic certainly helped.

Q: I've seen quite a few people mention how funny and quick witted Dean Malenko is backstage. Why then was he almost always cast as the serious (dull) guy and not let his humor show. Personally, I think this is a big rib on the internet reading fans and/or Dean himself.

A: Brad Armstrong was like that to. Sometimes a guy’s natural personality does transfer into the ring, especially when his humour is a more subtle style.

Q: When WWE doesn't like a certain sign in the crowd, they have security confiscate it. I can understand this policy if the sign is especially profane, but when they take away signs that read "Bring back Kennedy" or something similar, I think that they risk alienating their paying customers for no good reason. What are your thoughts on this?

A: I understand why they do it. Generally speaking if you are a fan that attends a TV taping and goes to the effort of making a sign, you are a hardcore fan and not likely to quit being a fan because WWE took your sign. On the other hand having a sign promoting someone who doesn’t work for the company on the show is just bad business. Why remind potentially more casual fans that Kennedy is no longer on the show.

Q: Did anyone ever try to pick a fight with you back stage? If so, who and what happened?

A: I have exchanged words with people a couple times, but the concept of “trying to pick a fight with someone” is so childish. If you want to fight someone you just hit the guy and fight him, and I have never been in a backstage fight.

Q: I have seen you mention many times that you ate McDonald's quite a bit on the road. Given the bad reputation McDonald's has for being extremely unhealthy, did you figure out a healthy meal combination? Or did you just eat unhealthy foods and just work it off later?

A: I doubt you’ve seen me mention I ate at McDonalds a lot in my career because I didn’t. There may have been stories I’ve told that involved eating at McDonalds, but it was not a place I frequently ate.

Q: Out of all the newer talent in the WWE that (I assume) you have never worked with, which one would you most like to have a televised rivalry with?

A: I’m not interested in working anymore so I don’t spend time thinking of who I’d want to work with.

Q: How are new finishers or other unusually spectacular moves developed?

A: People think of them and then try them. I’m not sure what you were looking for here; WWE doesn’t have an R &D department that sits around trying to research and develop new moves.

Q: I read somewhere that Dolph Ziggler was trained by you, possibly in OVW. If that's true, how do you see Dolph's future in WWE? He seems like a good worker and I'm totally digging the current mega push he received on Smackdown.

A: I did train Dolph. I was the one who evaluated him when they first scouted him and then trained him from scratch once he was hired. I think the guy is very talented and should have a very bright future. On a personal level I like Dolph a lot too, he’s a great guy.

Q: What is your opinion of the "Martian angle" that Disco Inferno used to talk about on WCW Live? The angle involved you being a Martian and leader of an invasion force. The blowoff for the feud was gonna be you against "The Good Guy", with the match taking place on the moon.

A: I remember him mentioning wanting to call the big PPV, “2001 A Space Odyssey”, and hoped he was joking about the whole concept because I found it unbelievably stupid.

Q: I've read your commentary about Sting and how great it is to have worked with him. I want to know what you think are his chances of an induction into the WWE HOF?

A: I think there is a good chance Sting will make it in once he is fully retired and no longer with TNA. It would be a good chance to promote and sell a Sting DVD, and I don’t’ believe there has ever been heat between Sting and WWE.

Q: Watching RAW last night (July 13) with Chris Jericho complaining about Edge getting injured with his Achilles heel tendon, I was wondering how hard is it to do a promo, as a heel, on a friend, basically ripping into them for some misfortune they've experienced? In continuing the character along the lines he's been developed I get the need to do such a promo, but personally how tough is it to get to that place as the character to go out and blast your friend for being weak and useless like Jericho did on Edge?

A: I’ve always preferred cutting promos on my friends. This business is a work and we all know that.

Q: Just wondering if you heard of/saw the Canadian mockumentary Kayfabe. It's Spinal Tap and The Wrestler all in one. Definitely worth a peek if you 90min to spare and a copy of it.

A: They sent me a copy of the film, but I couldn’t get through it.

Q: What do you make of Christian's push (or lack thereof) since returning to the WWE? And do you think he made the right call to return to the WWE despite being in a great position within TNA (main eventing, working only 4-5 dates a month and rarely having to leave his base in Florida)?

A: Christian was working WAY more than 4-5 dates a month in TNA, likely closer to 12, so I think he is far better off back in WWE.

Q: Are run-ins hard to execute?

A: Not really, as long as you are pointed in the right direction all you have to do is RUN, you eventually hit the ring.

Q: Paul Heyman wrote in a recent article that, while both the WWE and TNA aren't really doing enough to develop young talent, the WWE actually does a better job in that department right now. Do you agree or disagree with that? Considering that TNA used to sell itself as the company that features more younger talent, do you think that they can still make that claim?

A: I agree WWE is doing a way better job, yes. They are at least trying with new young stars, ECW is full of them. In the last couple years TNA has acquired more past stars (guys over 40) than they have new young guys.

Q: You mentioned in a commentary that Christian is a great guy, but he can be a pain in the ass? Can you explain what you meant by that?

A: Christian just needs to be experienced. If you have a sibling you should be able to understand. As much as you love your brother of sister there are times when you just want to smack them.

Q: Recently watching WWE's roundtable discussion show "Legends Of Wrestling", Michael Hayes made the comment that during the "Un-Americans" angle...everyone except Regal was afraid to get the legit heat from the fans which made the angle fail. What was really the story?

A: That was the BS excuse going around at the time and I guess people believe it now. It all stems from the MSG angle we did where Test was going to burn the American Flag. I think there was already forces back stage trying to sabotage us and this was the night they succeeded. We were in MSG in New York around the 1-year anniversary of 9/11, and were going to attempt to burn the American Flag. Everyone was expecting a lot of heat out of this angle and during the day someone mentioned to us that things could get ugly after the show because at MSG we had to park in the public Parkade across the street, and could get hassled very badly by fans. This person suggested that we get security to bring our car to the loading dock so we could leave right from the building. We thought this was a great idea, because getting out of the Parkade was always difficult and this would save us close to an hour as well as avoid potential confrontations with fans. Less than an hour after this discussion word was going around that we were “Afraid to Get Heat”. To top it off the segment did not generate a ton of heat (I think because fans felt it was in such bad taste they didn’t believe we would do it) and we were then blamed for not selling the angle enough for it to work, because “we were afraid to get heat”. It was complete BS.

Q: Have you ever seen the legendary "Strange Kentucky People" video Chris Jericho talks about in his autobiography? Is it as awesome as Chris made it out to be?

A: I had a copy at one point, but cant’ find it. Yes it is awesome.

Q: Did you ever go to the creative team with an idea for a storyline or to make a change with your character and it was rejected? And if so can you share what the idea was? Or can you share some ideas you may have wanted to try out for your character in WWE, but didn't have the chance to pitch them.

A: I made a few pitches to creative that were never done. Some of which they loved but for some reason were never followed up.

Q: What would be your top 3 priorities to change about TNA?

A: A New Booker, A Square Ring, Bring back strong focus on X Division.

Q: In your UFC 100 thoughts, you talked about judging the Akiyama – Belcher fight and how you would have awarded it. With all your experience in the ring, and if the opportunity arose, would you consider training to be a fight judge for such contests (MMA or Boxing)?

A: I’ve been saying for 5 years now that I am off the road and enjoy being AT HOME. Why would I want to get into a new line of work that would require me to be elsewhere?

Q: Having lived in both the United States and Canada, with all the health care debate going on here in America, I was wondering what your thoughts were or which country's health care system you preferred?

A: I lived in the US briefly while I was in ECW and the deciding factor in my moving back was the health care system. We wanted to have another child and doing so in the States would have likely bankrupted us.

Q: Have you recently heard about Jim Cornette's rant on Joey Styles, Vince McMahon, and the right wing politics in the United States? If so, do you think Mr. Cornette would have an excellent career hosting a politically themed talk show or as a political pundit?

A: I think Jim Cornette would have a great career doing anything that involves him speaking freely. Cornette is one of the greatest talkers I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Q: WWE is portraying CM Punk as a preachy, obnoxious heel. How do you feel about them using someone whose character doesn't drink or take drugs as a villain?

A: I think you can just as easily blame the crowd for being willing to boo someone based on his admiral traits. The truth is not drinking and doing drugs while admirable qualities does not in itself make someone a good person. Fans are booing Punk because he is a preachy prick, not because he doesn’t’ do drugs.

Q: Is it true that wrestlers add inches and pounds to their billed height and weight? I read somewhere that you add 4 inches and 20 pounds but that sounds like a lot to try to exaggerate haha.

A: Some guys exaggerate, but there is no rule of thumb and 4 inches is absurd. That would make Christian 5’ 6” in real life because WWE billed him at 5’ 10” for years. The funny thing is he’s actually 6’ 1”.

Q: I have been a fan of yours for years, and a wrestling fan in general. That being said, I often find my fellow fans a source of frustration. Do you think, as I do, that fans can often be too impatient to see a wrestler get pushed or given a title reign? I ask because someone I knew was confused by Miz losing several times to Jonh Cena. I told them that even wrestling Cena is a good gig, loss or not, and was quick to remind them John Cena spent a lot of his early days into his push losing to Angle, Lesnar, Undertaker, and others. It takes time. Which one of us would you be more in agreement with?

A: I’m on your side on this one.

Lance Storm