Peter Williams: CWA-Catch

August 27, 2007

This is part two to last weeks Promoters article. Last week I talked about working for Otto Wanz in CWA-Catch where this week I will look at working for Peter Williams, the guy who promoted the Hanover, Germany tournament as well as co-promoted the Vienna, Austria with Otto for CWA.

Life under Peter Williams was a drastic improvement form life under Otto Wanz. I started getting a bit more of a push in Vienna and a considerable one in Hanover once Peter was in full control. Peter seemed far more personable and a lot easier to deal with. Oddly enough I know some of the other boys didnít like working for Peter as much as they did Otto, and didnít have as much respect for him, but my experiences were the exact opposite. Iím not sure if others lack of respect for Peter was because Peter was never a worker (as Otto was) but I looked at them both strictly as promoters and Peter was head and shoulders above Otto in my books.

Peter Williams seemed more concerned with match quality rather than size and really appreciated the faster paced style that I offered the tournament. Peter even introduced the CWA Jr. Title while I was there, which gave both Hiro and I a chance to shine in a more highlighted match. We did a Championship match once each tournament and were a far more featured commodity because of it.

Money too was much better with Peter. As soon as I got to Hanover and Otto was no longer involved Peter gave me a raise which brought me up to, perhaps even over, my promised $1000 per week salary. Working for Peter Williams I was a much happier person; not only was money better but when you feel appreciated as a worker life just seems more worth while. I may have also been adjusting to the road better by this time in the tour, but I went from hating my time in Europe and wanting to head home, under Ottoís watch, to really enjoying myself and considering the possibility of returning the following year, under Peterís.

After the Hanover tournament we were scheduled to head to Bremen for another tournament under Ottoís watch, but with a 10-day break between tournaments I flew myself home for a break. I was planning on returning for the Bremen tournament but got injured at home and was unable to return. After my 1994 run in Smokey Mountain Wrestling I found myself free again and reached out to Peter Williams in 1995 in hopes of returning to Hanover to work for him again.

Like in 1993 Peter was fantastic to deal with and we agreed to a 6 and Ĺ week return for the Hanover, Germany tournament in Sept. of 1995. Peter took care of arranging my accommodations, and travel, and made sure I was set up and taken care of as soon as I arrived. I was given a strong push and got to work with David ďFitĒ Finlay and Danny Collins almost every night. I had some of my greatest matches in Hanover that year and was really given the opportunity to shine and improve as a worker.

As a promoter Peter Williams rates up at the top of my list of people Iíve worked for during my career. I was paid every penny he promised me and I always felt appreciated. The push Peter gave me in CWA and the continued opportunity to work with Dave Finlay played a big part in my development as a worker and I will always be grateful to him for that. I never worked for Peter again after 1995 (I started with WAR in Japan later that year) but we did cross paths a few times later in my career. Peter did voice over work for either WCW or WWE (maybe both) in Germany and we ran into each other in a couple times when I was doing over seas tours for the respective companies. Peter always seemed very pleased to see me and he was very happy for my success.

Peter was a great man to work for and I canít think of a single bad thing to say about him, which is a real rarity in this business. Thank you Peter, for everything.

Lance Storm