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August 28, 2012

Q: Would you ever consider doing an "In the Ring" DVD with RF Videos? If you haven't seen it, they bring guys like Kevin Nash or Finlay in and give a seminar to guys in training or who haven't been working too long, and then watch guys have matches and give pointers and such. I'd love to see it.

A: Probably not, I do my teaching at Storm Wrestling Academy.

Q: With the brand split all but gone, do you think WWE should (and do you think they will) unify the two world titles and have an undisputed champion like they did in 2001-02?

A: I think they should and I would imagine they will at some point, but I’m pretty sure with two touring crews on live events they like having a major championship to headline each show.

Q: Do you think it was disrespectful of Jack Swagger and (I believe either Tensai or Big Show) to respectfully attempt and use Vader Bombs as set up moves the same night that Vader mad a guest appearance on Raw (and subsequently won his match with a patented Vader Bomb)? I ask because I remember you saying that you stopped using the Superkick when you went to WWE because of Shawn Michaels (though Shawn wasn’t even wrestling at the time I think).

A: I was using the Superkick in WWE and stopped once Shawn came back full time. With Vader only doing the one time appearance I don't see how it matters much one way or the other. Fans were going to react to Vader based on the excitement of seeing him again and someone else doing the same move on the show wasn’t going to matter. With the other guys staying full time I don’t see the point of them altering their stuff for one night.

Q: I just read that WWE was denied being able to trademark the term "Ryback". This is good for Ryback though right?

A: If it's true they will likely rename him or alter the name enough so they can. If they can't trademark it they may not merchandise it at all, which would be horrible for Ryback.

Q: Have you even been in talks to have your school be a development school for WWE? Why would or wouldn't you like that?

A: We've had talks although not real specific ones. There is a geography issue that keeps getting in the way.

Q: I'm left-handed. Watching matches, it seems that some sequences of moves are based on the wrestlers being right-handed. If a wrestler is naturally left-handed, does s/he have to learn to do everything right-handed? Or do wrestlers learn to adapt when an opponent uses the opposite hand?

A: Both, everyone just has to adjust as best they can. I find working left handed people a bit of a pain but nothing you can't overcome.

Q: In the past decade William Regal has shown that in addition to being one of the most talented in ring performers I've ever witnessed he is downright hilarious. From his bits with Tajiri on SmackDown years ago to just a few months ago when he popped up with some funny comments while talking with Johnny Ace. It got me wondering, in your experiences with Regal has he always been a funny guy? Maybe a practical joker?

A: William Regal is a very funny guy, although practical jokes are not his forte. He gets his laughs on his own not at someone else's expense.

Q: I seem to remember reading how, during WM 28 weekend, you jokingly told Teddy Long, you would've been on his six-man team if he had asked. I'm curious, if WWE seriously approached you for an appearance/match to further an angle, would you be up for it (if the circumstances were right)?

A: I always laugh at the "if circumstances were right" If circumstances were right you would say yes, because if you said no it would because some circumstances weren't right. I'd be open to a one off or a few date program, if WWE asked. I enjoy working with WWE so as long as it didn't interfere with my SWA schedule I'd be open for most things short term.

Q: In a previous Q&A you said when you held a title when at all possible you left it with the ring crew to take to the next arena. What I am wondering is when you had to carry it with you did you have to have special insurance incase your bag with it in was stolen. If you had to take it on the plane did you have to take it as hand luggage or did it go in the hold.

A: I did not get extra insurance no. The general rule is you never check a title belt or your gear, you carry them on with you.

Q: If you know you're going into a match with someone that has a move that is part of their arsenal but you had never taken before do you ask to do it before the match or do you take it for the first time during the match itself.

A: Would depend on the move and my confidence of pulling it off the first time.

Q: Why do you think the WWE has never had a television championship? It was always one of my favorite titles growing up in promotions like WCW and ECW but the WWE/F never adopted it.

A: When other titles are defended on TV regularly what is the point of a TV Champion? People don't seem to understand why a TV title was created in the first place. Back in the day Championships were not defended on TV and championship matches were always longer significant matches that wouldn't even fit well in the standard 1 hr TV format. It was off this that a TV Title was created that would be defended on TV and because of the limited TV time often had a shorter time limit.

Q: What other names did you float around before picking Storm Wrestling Academy?

A: I'm not sure I considered any others; if I did I don't recall any.

Q: You've been asked before why you decided to decline the chance to wrestle at Hardcore Justice for TNA, and said it was a long story. Any chance you can give a shortened version?

A: I've written a whole commentary on this, you must have missed it. I had zero interest in work for a Vince Russo booked company nor did I see the need to do another ECW reunion show. ECW ONS in 05 was a great experience and I knew there was no chance this TNA show would top that.

Q: I'm getting married this year, and wondered if you had any advice for a guy who's been married as long as you have...especially a happy marriage!

A: Never lie about anything; even little white lies you think are harmless. Trust has to be absolute. Anything you aren't willing to tell your spouse about is cheating.

Q: There are tons of dream matches many fans have wanted to see, but never got the chance to. Off the top of your head, is there any dream/fan fantasy match that as a fan, you've wanted to see that just never happened?

A: Road Warriors vs British Bulldogs, Ultimate Warrior vs. Sting

Q: I read an interview with Raven where he said strong style wrestling causes more concussions that hardcore wrestling would you agree or disagree?

A: It all depends on who is doing it. Both can be done safely but seldom are. It's more about talent than it is about style. That said the business would be much safer without either style in regular use.

Q: In Jericho's book he says your guy's first match was a 10 minute time limit draw but in your book the event program says 15 minute time limit. Who is right and who is wrong?

A: Who cares? The match is on the Jericho DVD you can go time it.

Q: My question is, In your time in the big 3 wrestling promotions ECW, WCW, and WWE, who was your favourite wrestler to work with, or at least the one you had the most chemistry with other than Chris Jericho I guess? And what was your favourite storyline you were a part of?

A: I can almost never pick favourites, and I don't like Storylines, I like Angles.

Q: Which wrestler do you think has (or has had) the best entrance/entrance theme? Who do you think had the worse?

A; No idea, too many possibilities.

Q: What is your opinion of the early UFC events where there were no weight classes, thereby having smaller guys going up against large behemoths, as opposed to the current scene of UFC bouts? Do you think MMA and/or pro-wrestling would be better off with or without weight classes?

A: MMA needs weight classes, but I don't think pro-wrestling does. If you had the talent depth you could do Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight in pro-wrestling

Q: What is your opinion of Shane Douglas, in and out of wrestling?

A: I've always liked Shane and get along well with him outside the ring and very much enjoyed working with him inside the ring.

Q: What does a typical breakfast meal for you consist of?

A: Now, a glass of OJ and a large bowl of Steel Cut Oats.

Q: Hey Lance, I was wondering how effective resistance cables are when it comes to working out. Are they a good substitute for free weights? I've seen guys like James Storm and AJ Styles use them on Impact! I don't exactly have access to a gym nor can I afford to buy exercise equipment. Thanks.

A: If they are using them on Impact they are just warming up, they are no substitute for proper lifting.

Q: I used to be a dedicated wrestling fan until I started training BJJ and following MMA. Since then I find some of the logic holes of pro-wrestling matches make it really hard to for me to enjoy them. A common example of this would be a wrestler letting his opponent up after a pin attempt; in a MMA match no fighter would back away from having a great position on a stunned/winded opponent because it is such a fantastic opportunity to try and finish the fight. Do you think this is a valid criticism?

A: Before BBJ class the whole concept of being thrown into the ropes and running back didn't bother you? If you want to look that closely, Undertaker being dead and having magical powers is a stretch too. You have to allow some degree of artistic license or you might just as well watch MMA, which granted some people are opting to do.

Q: What do you think of Booker T as a commentator? I really enjoy his enthusiasm.

A: With how infrequent I watch SD I seldom see him. He is not Gordon Solie.

Q: While looking at the class photos for your wrestling school I noticed that in January you had a smaller class and in May you had a much bigger one. What I would like to know what size of class is your preference for teaching. I would imagine that with a smaller class you can give more time to each student and with a larger class they have a chance to practice with a more varied selection of opponent.

A: You've pretty much summed it up, there are plus and minuses to both.

Q: If two wrestlers on the same roster had a feud, tag partnership, et cetera in some other promotion, should their current employer acknowledge that history on screen, or should they take the "if it wasn't part of our product, it didn't happen" approach?

A: All depends on the promotions. If the company they are in now is bigger I'd most likely ignore it. If the current company is smaller, then the chances are most fans are aware of the previous feud and it can be referenced if it helps.

Q: Have you ever been asked or forced by a promoter to continue working for several weeks or months with a serious injury or severe pain?

A: No, any time I worked hurt I did so by choice. I've never had a company pressure me to work injured or hurt.

Q: Do you think it's time to get rid of the titantron? The live audience doesn't seem to care about what's happening in the ring and are just waving their arms trying to be seen, plus it's become so distracting as a TV viewer since they keep changing the angles even more often than usual.

A: If fans don't care about the product the problem is much bigger than there is a big TV out there to distract them. One of its big uses is to air pretaped or back stage segments to the live audience so they can follow the show. Any time you are watching RAW and you see something other than the Arena what you are seeing is being shown to the live audience via the Titantron.

Q: In his blogs, Jim Ross frequently mentions that the wrestlers who come in from the indie scene wrestle too fast, and he urges them to slow down and only have a couple of high spots per match, so the viewers can process them better. This is the "WWE style." Being a veteran of both the WWE and indie styles, which one do you prefer? Which do you teach to your students?

A: It's not about WWE Style it's about maximizing the results of everything you do, which is pro-wrestling style. Working faster at the Indy level is most often just a means by which to compensate for not being able to capture the audience emotionally. Please note the words "MOST often" all of you who want to needlessly point out an exception or two to that statement.

Q: Any idea why WWE never holds PPV events in Canada anymore!? Is there something I'm missing? I seem to remember all recent ones in Canada drawing a good crowd.

A: Maybe there is a tax issue or someone important on the roster that can't cross the border. I have no idea.

Q: If you were in WWE or TNA, and had your own "talk show" (example: The Peep Show), what would you call it??

A: A more important question would be: What idiot is booking a show and figures the best way to highlight my talents is with a Talk Show?

Q: If WWE invited you to participate in next year's Royal Rumble, would you? What conditions, if any, would you have before accepting?

A: I'd want 2-4 week's notice so I could be in proper cosmetic shape, but other than that I'd do it. I'd also ask that they plug my school during commentary if possible. As for pay I'd trust them to pay me fairly based of the gate like the rest of the roster.

Q: Pushing ego aside and thinking objectively, do you think you deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame?

A: Based off some of the guys currently in, a case could be made for me, and I'd accept if offered, but if the call were solely up to me I'd say no.

Q: Do you consider yourself a "Legend" in the same manner as non-HOF former WWE wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and Rikishi?

A: By my definition of the term "Legend" none of us are.

Q: I know you had the big tag run, but did you ever do a singles match against Regal, either in WWE or in Europe in the early 90's?

A: I did a house show loop of single matches with William Regal as well as the one single match on RAW. All were great experiences.

Q: This is the question that I would really like you to answer. As I am from Northern Ireland I am curious if you have any memories or stories about wrestling or visiting there at any time in your career.

A: I've never been to Northern Ireland.

Q: One of my favorite matches I have ever seen you in was your match with Edge at Summerslam 2001. The psychology of that match to me was off the charts with the way you worked the ribs to set up for the Canadian Crab (or whatever you called it those days). I'm curious to see where you rank that match in your career?

A: I don't rank matches, but I was very pleased with that one. In addition to setting up the crap, working his ribs was to set up for the near fall at the end when Christian accidently speared Edge. I was saddened when I watch the match back and neither commentator picked up on nor mentioned the fact that I worked over Edge's midsection the entire match.

Q. Have you ever been told by a promoter or wrestler not to do a certain move?

A: Not that I can recall

Q: Do you think a casual wrestling fan would appreciate Ring of Honor?

A: My opinion doesn't matter, I suggest they try it and see for themselves.

Q: What do you think about the possible ideas that are being mentioned for the WWE's new wrestling show on Saturday mornings directed at children?(ie. having puppets interview the wrestlers backstage, playing a cartoon of the wrestler on the titantron during the wrestler's entrances and a sing along band that plays songs in between matches).

A: I haven't heard anything about this so I'll withhold comment until I hear more first hand.

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