Q & A

August 29, 2006

Q: What moves would you say are the hardest to execute or receive without getting seriously injured? And which moves probably result in most serious injuries?
A: I donít think you can generalize like that. All moves have risk and all moves (at least the ones I perform or take) can be done without injury.

Q: Do newcomers into the WWE have any say at all in their "gimmick", theme music, or ring attire for their debut and eventual career?
A: Some do and some donít. If you have a great idea they may use it but in the end final say is always up to WWE.

Q: If you could only see one more 1 on 1 60-minute Iron Man Match, who would you like to see in it?
A: The Great Khali vs. Sylvester Terkay

Q: Do you (or your webmaster) ever collate statistics for where people view your website from?
A: Not that I know of. I used to but Iím not sure we still have the ability too.

Q: So here's my question, if you were still in active competition, would you refuse to wrestle someone who was known for one time being a backyarder? Are you totally against all kinds of backyard wrestling, or do you feel that some of it isn't all completely bad?
A: If backyard were all they had done I likely would yes. I think the Hardys s tarted out that way so it certainly wouldnít completely rule out the possibility, but they would have had to have made other steps in the industry other than juts back yard wrestling.

Q: I've hard a lot of good stories about actual lockerroom/backstage fights between wrestlers. I SERIOUSLY doubt you've been in many because of your positive attitude but please tell a good actual fight story you witnessed or heard about at some point in your career.
A: Most locker room fights arenít good ones, as they are usually extremely short or minor because the guys involved are just blowing off steam more than being truly mad at each other. I witnessed, DDP-Scott Steiner, Bubba-D-Von, Sandman-New Jack, and Jericho-Goldberg.

Q: Since Stacy Keibler left, Trish is going to get married and into acting, and I've heard Lita is also getting into acting, although she's not wrestling much, do you think that the WWE will try to bring some outside help in with women or call up from DSW or OVW, or do you think that those 3 gone will pretty much destroy what's left of the women's division? Trish and Mickie are the only women actually wrestling that could hold the title. Melina wrestles to, she could get it. But if Trish leaves, who could take her place as the top face female?
A: They still have a lot of girls who can work. They still have Victoria, Mikey, Melina, and Beth should be back soon, as well as a few girls still in developmental who can work (Angle Williams for example). They could also move some girls from SD. Jillian is fantastic, and Michelle McCool, is a great athlete.

Q: What do you think of Umaga as the only real monster heel in the WWE? He seems just like a rip off of the classic Abdullah the Butcher, Kamala, Meng/Haku character.
A: He has similarities to those other characters but it doesnít mean he is a rip off. As for being the only ĎMonster Heelí I think there should only be one at a time anyway.

Q: Is there anyone on the TNA roster that you would really like to wrestle?
A: Joe would likely be the only one, as Iíve wrestled pretty much everyone else.

Q: Do you think Ring of Honor could be the next revolutionary underground promotion much like the Stampede Wrestling and ECW's of the past?
A: I think to a certain extent it is already

Q: Who were some of the most genuinely nice wrestlers you have met while working in WWE, ECW, and the WCW?
A: There are a lot and Iíd rather not name names because anyone I forget will be assumed not to be.

Q: Who were some of the best conversationalists on those long trips to and from shows?
A: I didnít travel with a wide range of people. I only traveled with 4 or 5 guys over my career and found them all good to talk with.

Q: Chris Jericho mentioned the term "rats" in a recent interview (I believe it pertains to groupies). Do many of the wrestlers have "groupies" like the rock stars?
A: I think everyone in wrestling has them itís just whether they choose to hook up with them or not.

Q: Have u read Martha Hart's book 'Broken Harts-The life and Death Of Owen Hart', If so what were ur thoughts?
A: I havenít read it. Jericho did and said it was very heavy, and I decided it wasnít an event I wished to relieve.

Q: Do u think it's appropriate for Chavo and Rey to have a feud built around a real-life tragedy and to involve Vicki in it no less. Is there a line that WWE has crossed?
A: Iíve had enough of the continued Eddie story lines, but at least Vicky is involved and I assume earning a pay cheque to help support her family from it.

Q: I was wondering about ur impressions of Randy Orton as a person/performer?
A: I donít know Randy well enough to judge him as a person, but I enjoyed working with him the couple times that I did.

Q: If u could change one thing about the current WWE product what would it be?
A: Iíd reduce the hours of TV product each week. 5-hours per week is too much to follow for me.

Q: AMW have been the best tag team in the world for the past 4 years now in my opinion but they have accomplished everything they can in TNA & gone kinda stale no, Do you think they should go to the WWE together & how well do you think they would do there?
A: I donít think they have been the best team, but that is beside the point. Going stale is a real problem in the industry now because programs run so quickly now. If WWE were interested they are certainly good enough to well there.

Q: I was just wondering.....and i don't know if you ever wrestled in it or not....but in WCW on their show Saturday night...they used to wrestle in the ring, but it was on this contraption where it would spin. wouldn't this make it harder to work if the ring is spinning?
A: I never worked in the rotating ring, but I think it only rotated before and after matches not during.

Q: I just heard this week Heath Ledger was cast to play the Joker in Dark Knight, the second Batman. Do you think he will pull off a a good Joker charactor or will we just have to live with the BrokeBat Mountain jokes for nothing?
A: I canít even put a face to the name Heath Ledger, so I have no idea if he will be good or not.

Q: Whats the worst experience you've ever had at a hotel in the states? Like if you got woke up with gun shots in the next room, or their were rats bigger than Rey Jr in the room?
A: There was a hotel in LA I stayed at during a lay over before flying to Japan. It was a ridiculously long walk from the front desk to my room (endlessly long hallway after hallway) when I got to my room it was occupied by someone else. I had to walk all the way back to the front desk, get a new key and walk all the way back. That night around 3 am a water line burst in the bathroom, which woke me up and flooded the room. I had to switch rooms again.

Q: What is your opinion of the incident that occurred during, I believe the last Tough Enough competition, between Daniel Puder and Kurt Angle?
A: I think it was incredibly foolish to put such an important star in a Ďshootí situation on live TV.

Q: Do you think now that WWE has launched their own version of ECW that they might think about relaunching the WCW name again? I've always thought they should've kept the WCW name anyway as it would give the feeling of 2 distinct brands instead of just Raw and Smackdown. And Smackdown already has the 2 big WCW singles titles.
A: I donít think WCW has the name value of ECW and relaunching it would just be more trouble than it was worth.

Q: Do wrestlers really find titles as important as it appears on television?
A: Some do, some donít.

Q: Do you like the concept of shoot videos or do you think they reveal too much of behind the scenes info?
A: I have no problem with them, you can reveal as much or as little back stage stuff as you like during them.

Q: Did you use to or maybe still do get other workers calling wanting you to try to get them a job in wrestling?
A: Not really, I do occasionally but not enough to be pain.

Q: Raven has said that Paul Heyman is the greatest wrestling mind he has ever been around, you agree?
A: I wouldnít disagree.

Q: Did you ever work Nova, is so how was it?
A: I worked with him in ECW and OVW, and enjoyed it.

Q: What to you think of Raven's work in the ring?
A: I havenít seen any of it recently but I enjoyed working with him in ECW. He is very smart in the ring.

Q: Were you in ECW during the Raven/Sandman Crucifixion angle, if so your what were your thoughts on the angle and Raven's apology for it.
A: I was not there then, and never saw the whole thing.

Q: What are your thoughts on Tommy Dreamer for a booking/creative standpoint?
A: I think he needs a detail man to dot the Iís and cross the Tís, but other than that he is awesome, very creative and smart.

Q: I know this is way out on the hypothetical question tree, but say the Vince/Hart screw-job was reversed, where Bret screwed Vince and changed the finish, would there be as much heat on Bret and sympathy for Vince?
A: If Bret had switched the finish and beat Shawn in the match, there would have been HUGE heat on Bret!

Q: How ingrained is going for a pinfall? I ask, because you see guys go for a pin quite a bit in matches where no pin is required, such as ladder matches.
A: I have never seen a guy go for a pin in a ladder match, but it does become habit in matches.

Q: Hey Lance, because you are putting all the matches you have onto DVD. Is there any chance that you will sell them on the website.
A: I donít own enough of the footage to make it worth while.

Q: Looks like you were "smart with your money" How did you do it? Real estate? Gold & silver? American stock exchange? Please tell.
A: I never went out on the road, so many guys spend hundreds even thousands of dollars drinking and partying on the road. No drinking, or drug habbits to support saves a lot of money. I set money away to cover taxes so I never got behind and owed money. I also didnít waist my money. I donít own a Rolex, or a boat, or an $80,000 car. My house while nice is modest by most boyís standards.

Q: I heard so much about a wrestler named CM Punk. I hear that he's really talented, he's really this, and he's really that. Before making his debut in ECW, I've never seen him work. When I finally did get the chance to see him; I wasn't really impressed. He looks like a copycat Somoa Joe but slower. That should be a low blow for Punk because Joe is a much bigger man. Question is what do you think about CM Punk?
A: I saw one pre-ECW CM Punk match and it was real good. Iíve seen one ECW match of his and wasnít overly impressed. 3-minute TV matches donít do him justice. I would imagine his house show matches better demonstrate how talented he is.

Q: Are you aware that Christoper Nowinski (IMO, very underrated) stole your Q&A idea?
A: I didnít invent the concept!!

Q: Christopher Nowinski mentioned on his site that he rode with you and Christian Cage. If that is true, how come you never bring that up?
A: We did briefly yes. I guess it was a much more significant part of his career than it was mine (LOL)

Q: Are you still eating and exercizing like you were during your wrestling days or have you eased up at all?
A: I have lightened up a little, no both the diet and the exercise. I still train and stay in shape but there is no need to stay TV lean.

Q: What originally drew you toward adopting a mat based wrestling style as opposed to any other style?
A: When I started I would have been considered to have, an aerial based style. High flying got higher and higher and I just stuck with what I did because it was working for me and I didnít see a need to needlessly injure myself. I was always solid in my mat work so I guess that ended up standing out.

Q: In the last commentary you mentioned referrees wearing earpieces. What other things are they being told from backstage?
A: Youíd have to ask them.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm