Q and A

Septmeber 10, 2008

Q: Who would you rate as a better worker between Bret and Owen Hart? As amazing as Bret was, I always thought Owen was more exciting and entertaining as an in-ring performer. I've always thought he would have made an awesome main event level heel and wondered why he never got that big star push. Your thoughts?

A: I hate rating workers, but for my tastes I thought Bret was the better worker. Owen had far more impressive moves but that is not what makes a better worker in my opinion.

Q: If I could be serious for a minute, what do you think of Raven's recent lawsuit against WWE? Do you think many active wrestlers are secretly cheering on Raven in the hopes that wrestlers will finally get the protection of being an employee rather than an “independent contractor"? What are your thoughts on this?

A: I agree whole-heartedly that the Independent Contractor designation is bogus, I'm just not too clear on what kind of damages are deserved. A contract as agreed upon and signed and honored, by both parties. 5 years after the fact seems an odd time to start taking exception to something.

Q: What's your opinion on the last moments of Brock Lesnar's latest fight? Don't you think it was a little unprofessional to do the celebration he did, rather than continue the fight until the last second?

A: I was surprised that he celebrated a second or two before the fight ended, but there was a fair bit of legit heat between the two camps and this was a huge win for Brock and the guy got excited early, cu the guy some slack.

Q: Do you think that having the ECW championship belt the colour silver completely devalues it. I always think of a world heavyweight title as being gold. Silver in my mind means second, but maybe I'm old school!

A: I can't believe the amount of complaints I hear about this. I could care less what colour the thing is. Saying it's second is actually a compliment; come on lets be honest, if that was the intent, Vince would have made the thing Bronze, because that is where ECW sits in the WWE Universe. Just pretend it's Platinum or White Gold, and be grateful it's not a purple butterfly.

Q: If it was you vs Ian or Axl Rotten and the idea for the Taipai Death match came up to cap off your feud, would you do it? What would be your thoughts?

A: I would have laughed in the face of who ever suggested the idea.

Q: In one of your previous commentaries, you mentioned that Awesome Kong is the best marketable women wrestler today, but that she is not a very good worker. Could you elaborate a little more on that point?

A: You are misquoting me. I said she was the most marketable women wrestler but not the best women worker. Saying that she is not the best worker in the business in no way implies that she is not a very good worker perhaps you need to get your facts straight.

Q: Do you think Brock Lesnar can end up winning the UFC Heavyweight Title? I read your recent commentary after UFC87, and after seeing it myself, he dominated the other guy. And what's more he was absolutely HUGE! Considering the fact he was a pretty clear winner in that fight and his increasing skills in MMA, do you think he will get to the top of UFC?

A: It looks like he will get his shot this November, when he faces Randy Couture for the UFC Heavy Weight Title. I think Brock has a very good chance of winning, and even if he doesn't beat Randy that night, I think he will it down the road.

Q: Bobby Lashley. What happened? He was pushed very well, and then left WWE. I check wikipedia and it had no details of his release, just wondering if you knew why?

A: The rumors I heard were that it was race related. His girl friend who is also black left the company and Bobby left shortly there after. I don't know for a fact that was the reason, but after the Michael Hayes / Mark Henry situation, it makes you wonder. I trained Bobby in OVW and he is a great guy and has a ton of talent, it's such a shame he left.

Q: Do you own a lot of footage of your career or are you disinterested in watching your old matches?

A: I have most if not everything I've done on TV in my career as well as a ton of my early stuff from hand helds.

Q: Do you ever buy wrestling dvd's that don't feature yourself to watch as a fan? For instance, did you pick up the Bret Hart dvd set or the Flair collections?

A: I have picked up a few of the WWE DVD releases. I really like the ones that cover territories like World Class and the AWA. Once I watch them I add them to the library at my school for students.

Q: I know that you have always wrestled as Lance Storm , but would you feel uncomfortable doing certain angles using your real name. like do you feel like if you are using a character name you are portraying a character but if you are using your real name you are somewhat portraying yourself.

A: I did wrestle as Lance Evers once. WWE did a house show in Sarnia Ontario, which is where I was born. I did a pre match promo and talked about how Lance Storm was from Calgary…Albert, Canada but that my birth certificate said Lance Evers was born just up the road in Sarnia General Hospital, and Lance Evers wants to wrestle tonight in front of his hometown. I worked with JBL on the show and had a pretty good match if memory serves.

Q: I really loved the idea behind Natural Born Thrillers when it was formed in WCW back in 2000 when you were there. Mike Sanders was amazing on the mic, and most of these guys had the look to get them further in wrestling then what they did (only Chuck Pulumbo has really gone on to be a recognizable face and name). Just was wondering if you could give us a quick thought on each member of the Natural Born Thrillers and as to why they didn't really materialize into something bigger.

A: In my honest opinion Kevin Nash was the downfall of this group. Kev is a really fun guy to hang out with and he befriended this group and hung out with them a lot back stage. He was like the cool kid that they all looked up to and hung out with. From hanging out with Kev they got very comfortable and relaxed in the locker room and in my opinion forgot their proper place in it. From hanging out with Kev they forgot they were green rookies and acted like they had been in the business far longer than they truly had. When they got to WWE they no longer had Kevin Nash to sit beside so their relaxed comfortable attitudes didn’t fly and was viewed as disrespectful, and got them a ton of heat. You have to also consider that the work rate in WCW was so much lower than in WWE that these guys while “above average” (pun intended) in WCW were well below average in WWE.

Q: Hey lance, I've noticed you talked about heels in your commentary recently, but one thing you didn't touch up on was "cheap heat", alot of the time comedic heels resort to it but i wanted 2 get your take on "cheap heat". Do you consider insulting the crowd a "cheap" way of getting heat?

A: That to me is pretty much the definition of Cheap Heat. To me real heat is what you get from heeling your opponent, and Cheap heat is what you get for heeling the crowd. There is nothing wrong with Cheap but it is the easy way out. Anyone can get booed if they insult the crowd. To be genuinely hated by a crowd is where the money is.

Q: I can't be the only person who read your most recent post and agreed with it almost completely. I'd say that comedic heels don't main event unless they're Kurt angle. He still seemed somewhat comedic when he won the world title. Does being the well endowed dancing guy make one a cool heel?

A: Kurt likely was the only exception as a Main Event Comic Heel, but even that is a bit of a stretch. Kurt's comedy back stage never really translated into his matches and how he worked, and his work rate and Olympic Gold Wrestling medal pretty much trumped the comedy when it came to credibility. I would even go so far as to say that having Kurt do comedy back stage was a politic backstab intended to damage his credibility and keep him out of that top main event spot.

Q: I just read your commentary on comedic heels and found it very insightful. In that commentary, you stated that comedic heels rarely come out on top when working programs with baby faces. My question is, should heels ever really come out on top in big angles? It seems to me that the baby face getting his revenge at the end of a really hot angle is the best pay-off you can get. Without that pay-off, what was the purpose of the angle? To build up the heel for another babyface to eventually beat and get an even bigger pay-off in the long run? I found this somewhat perplexing and was wondering what your views on this were.

A: You are thinking too short term. The matches are but chapters in a much bigger book, and each baby face is but one character in the much bigger story. This was a realization I made after watching WrestleMania 3. JYD and Harley Race where finishing their feud. I, like you at the time, figured JYD had to go over for the triumphant conclusion to their story. That's not what happened; Harley Race won that match and went on to work with Hulk Hogan for the title. JYD in that story was Apollo Creed in Rocky 4. Apollo had to get killed by Ivan Drago so Drago could be a threat to Rocky later on in the film. If you only look at the one feud yes, the face should triumph in the end, but when you look at the bigger picture some feuds need to be won by the heels. That is the downfall of being the #2 baby face. You are the guy the heel moving up to work with the #1 baby face has to beat.

Q: I have been re-reading a lot of your commentaries and I notice a common trend: it is a job that Jericho helped you get. Not trying to discount your in-ring performance (because no one in their right mind can argue that) but more so the self promotion aspect of the business. Do you think you would have reached as far if Jericho hadn't been extolling your performance.

A: I would not have reached anywhere near the success I enjoyed in my career without Jericho’s help. A lot of the doors that were opened to me early on, which lead to me becoming the worker I am today, only opened because of Jericho. I was not nearly enough of an outgoing person to have succeeded in this business without help.

Q: Did you ever read Teitem Brown or Scooter? TB was awesome!!! I highly recommend it.

A: I disliked Teitem Brown a lot and even discussed it with Mick on Byte This once. Scooter I enjoyed quite a bit and thought it was a much better book.

Keep those questions coming,