Clash of the Champions VI

September 12, 2014

While I had seen some of the previous Clashes before this the first one that I watched back around the time it aired. I didn't watch it live because it was held the same day as WrestleMania V, which I attended live in Atlantic City, NJ. My step dad had a satellite dish so I would have had him record the event so I would have watch shortly after getting back from Atlantic City.

Clash VI "Ragin' Cajun" took place April 2nd 1989 (1 day before my 20th birthday) at the SuperDome in New Orleans, Louisiana. It drew what had to be considered a terrible crowd of 5,300 fans and pulled a 4.3 rating on TBS. The rating was down a bit from the previous Clash, but considering it was head to head with the Mega Powers Melt Down, Hogan vs. Savage at WrestleMania V, which drew an incredible PPV buy rate that year, maybe it wasn't that bad. The WWF was on a big roll in 89 so they were taking endless pot shots at WWF during the show pushing that the NWA was Real wrestling, governed by athletic commissions.

The Midnight Express vs. The Samoan Swat Team: I'm not sure it's possible for the Express to have a bad match and I always like the SST so I enjoyed this match a lot. They went 20 minutes telling a great tag team story, before the SST managed to use Paul Heyman's phone to KO Bobby Eaton and score the pin.

The Great Muta vs. Steve Casey: This was the first I'd ever seen Muta and I was a fan instantly. What an amazing athlete and performer. Steve Casey as I mention on the previous Clash was not very good, but he was just here to get beat up and he did that just fine.

Junk Yard Dog vs. Butch Reed: This was a big feud in New Orleans from back in their Mid South Day, but for someone who hadn't experience any of that feud, this was a bit dull. JYD came to the ring to a New Orleans Jazz band, which like the match was pretty slow watching on TV. I think Dog's best days were behind him at this point, the match was okay and Dog picked up the win after running Reed into his manager Hiro Matsuda.

They pitched to commercial break promising us a Dick Murdock vs. Bob Orton match next but when we came back from break there was a tag match in the ring and this match was never mentioned again. After checking Wikipedia it seems they edited off the Murdock match, a World Tag Team Title match between the Road Warriors and the Varsity Club, and Ranger Ross vs. The Iron Sheik. I'm not sure why they edited these off perhaps there were issues with the tapes they got from WCW when they bought the library.

Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner vs. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey (US Tag Titles): I guess the show was going long because this match went less than 4 minutes. Eddie and Rick retained the titles with help from Missy Hyatt's Gucci bag.

Rick Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (World Title Match): That is not a typo I specifically spelled Flair's name Rick because the moron running the video wall actually spelled the 5 time World Champion Ric Flair's name wrong on the screen. This was a 2 out of 3 falls title defence for champion Ricky Steamboat. There were still 2 other titles matches booked on this show but to put over the importance of this match and the potentially long match they put this match on next to ensure it would air on the broadcast. It should surprise no one that I loved this match. The back and forth struggle between these 2 was fantastic and they kept me interested for the 54 minutes this match went. Flair picked up the first fall by reversing a small package about 20 minutes in. About 35 minutes in Steamboat tied it up making Flair submit to the double chicken wing. The third fall wasn't a great finish because it really looked like both guys shoulders were down but they counted it as a pin fall for Ricky and it was determined after the fact that Flair had his foot in the ropes, which would lead to their 3rd and final big show match the upcoming PPV event, where Flair would regain the title.

This match took us to the end of the broadcast and the last 2 title matches: Sting vs. Rip Morgan (TV title) and Lex Luger vs. Jack Victory (US Title) happened after the show went off the air and parts of the match aired on the regular WCW Saturday Night show. Must have been fun following the near hour long World Title match that night.

I had much founder memories of this show but I'm pretty sure my DVD of the event includes those middle three matches. As it was the only good stuff we got was a solid tag opener with the Express, a Muta squash, and the Main Event. With a Main like that you can't complain but I would have liked to see the whole show. If I have a chance to grab my DVD this weekend, I might watch those middle three matches and add my thoughts.


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