Enough Already

Septmeber 16, 2008

I’ve been critical of Mike Adamle since his debut in WWE. He was a horrible interview guy who couldn’t even remember the names of the guys he was interviewing. He was later moved to the announce desk where he displayed a real diversity in his ability to suck. Mike Adamle continuously screwed up wrestlers names, miss called moves, and displayed a complete utter lack of understanding and knowledge of the product he was suppose to describe and get over to wrestling fans.

He was in fact so inept at his new job that WWE went so far as to make screwing up his gimmick, and started pointing out and drawing attention to the fact that this man was completely ineptt at his job. Even with a gimmick where he was supposed to be bad Mike Adamle continued to find a way to fail. Mike Adamle was bad that he even managed to fail at being bad.

At this point someone in the decision making process decided that making Mike Adamle the RAW GM was the way to go. Again I was very critical of this decision pointing out that even if he was good at this newfound position (and what were that chances of that) Mike Adamle as RAW GM made no sense what so ever. How can you explain a multi million dollar company appointing a new general manager who from a storyline standpoint has zero knowledge or understanding of the industry he is about to run?

When I first buried the Mike Adamle GM announcement, I received numerous emails defending the Mike Adamle appointment, suggesting that I at least give the guy a chance. I won’t go so far as to say that I was open mind (I know myself well enough to know that is not my strong suit) but I did try to over look Adamle’s past “incompetence” gimmick and judge his RAW GM abilities based solely on his GM performances.

After last night’s RAW performance I am closing the book on Mr. Adamle and declaring that he has absolutely no place in this business and needs to be taken off TV immediately. I can’t see how, after last night’s promo debauchery, there can be even one Mike Adamle supporter left out there. He is a completely wooden promo and got so screwed up and lost in his promo last night that he at one point actually announced that he (Mike Adamle) had to defend the World Title and No Mercy. Based on the skill he’s displayed as an interviewer, announcer, and GM, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that Mike Adamle the wrestler is not a good idea. (LOL)

The whole point of RAW last night was to build up and announce the two main RAW matches for No Mercy and Mike Adamle completely screwed that up. He confused and lost the crowd to the point where there was little to no reaction when they announced HBK vs. Y2J in a Ladder Match for the World Title. I’m still debating if the long pause between when Mike Adamle walked off and Shawn Michaels music hit was because they were hoping for the crowd to start an HBK chant (which wasn’t happening after that promo debacle) or because the guys in the truck were so stunned by Adamle’s horrendous promo that they forgot to hit Shawn’s music.

I understand the logic behind trying to salvage something out of the salary they are paying this guy, but enough already. The only thing worse than paying this guy the amount of money they are paying him, is paying him the money and letting him ruin the show in the process.

Lance Storm