Q & A

September 18, 2006

Q: 1PW recently stated that you were unable to attend their anniversary show due to a knee injury and also concerns expressed over potential terrorism. Can you elaborate on the latter comment?
A: I had spoke with 1PW a long time ago about the appearance but told them I couldnít commit until me knee improved considerably. We were keeping the possibility open and I was rehabbing my knee. I was on the fence whether I was going to be able to go or not. When the last terror threat hit in London I decided that was just one more reason not to do the show and was the deciding factor in me turning down the booking. Iíd love to work another show fro 1PW at some point however, I had a great time working there.

Q: Where is a good Indy promotion in Canada?
A: I think there are likely a few of them, but you need to work for as many as possible because most donít run frequently enough. NCW out of Montreal was real good, BSE out of Toronto Iíve heard great things about, as well as PZW out of Lethbridge, AB.

Q: It seems the WWE is once again pushing the big men. I would rather see a good talker and good worker. I believe Ken Kennedy has tremendous potential. Of all the newer/younger wrestlers, who do you think has the best chance of success? you like to see in it?
A: I think Kennedy has a bright future, as does Bobby Lashley. I hope Joey Mercury returns because he is an amazing worker.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Kurt Angle situation? Do you believe there are too many wrestlers that push themselves too hard to succeed to the detriment of their health?
A: I think Kurt is a unique situation, as I donít think anyone is as determined or driven as he is.

Q: Hey Lance! I just wanted to be sure that have you written a book? If you have where could I buy it and I you donítī, then will you write one? And have you wrestled in Finland?
A: Iíve worked on a book, but it is not finished and does not have a publisher. I have not wrestled in Finland

Q: What else can TNA do to become a serious competitor to WWE?
A: It shouldnít even try. It should be trying to succeed on itís own merit and ignoring WWE. They should stop putting BAD gimmick matches on TV for free for a start. Having gimmick matches that are short and relatively unentertaining, just guarantees I would never PAY for one on PPV.

Q: Would less racy and risquť content and storylines hurt or help WWE TV ratings?
A: You are asking the wrong question; TV ratings arenít important. WWE doesnít make money off ratings. The question should be would racier stuff on TV help live event attendance or improve PPV buys. My answer to that is I doubt it.

Q: Do you think, given your training, work ethic, etc, that you could have been successful as a MMA fighter?
A: I have no idea. Having the work ethic isnít the whole answer. You never know for sure if you have an aptitude for something until you try it.

Q: I recently picked up Ring of Honor's "Steel Cage Warfare" DVD where, after the Bryan Danielson v. Rocky Romero match, you came out and put over RoH and Danielson big time. As one of the business's best professionals, what are your thoughts on Danielson and do you think he could make it in TNA or WWE if he wanted to?
A: Bryan is very talented but it would depend on whether WWE or TNA wanted to do anything with him, not the other way around. If they donít want to do anything with you all the talent in the word wonít help you.

Q: I was wondering how does someone get booked in Japan or another foreign country? Can you call up the promotion and ask them to give you a trial or something?
A: Each office usually has someone who is in charge of booking foreigners. This person is usually a worker from the US or wherever and when the office needs new people they would ask him to find them new talent.

Q: Other than personal comfort level, is there a reason why a wrestler wrestling as a face would not high five the fans on the way down to the ring the way HBK, Rey or Scotty 2 Hotty does?
A: There could be a number of reasons. If the person was trying to get over the importance of a match he might try to focus on the match and ignore other surroundings.

Q: What did you think of Rikishi's stinkface? Would you have taken it?
A: I did take it. Itís not like you can say no, Steph and Vince took it for crying out loud.

Q: Why in you opinion has Kurt Angle had such a hard time staying healthy?
A: He wasnít healthy to begin with, which is a large part of the problem. He had a broken neck before he started with WWE. He also refused to adapt and work around his injuries. Even with a bad neck he continued to do repeated German Suplexes, etc.

Q: Kind of a long question, sorry: Do you think that WWE is hurting the developmental guys by having them for the most part train in one location with the same teachers? Wouldn't having 2 or 3 different camps with different trainer result in having differently trained workers. Meaning that won't a lot of the guy perform similar, being that they had the same training or is that not the case?
A: These guys are wrestling different people on the live events and TV every week, itís not like you go to OVW and only wrestle Al Snow. A good trainer allows for individual style.

Q: Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer for a purely in ring standpoint?
A: Tommy is more physically limited than myself but is still a very excellent worker. Tommy has heart and passion and knows how to connect with people, and thus is very easy to work with. If I were booking I would push him.

Q: If you were offered say a once or twice a week job as in agent for ECW working under Paul Heyman, would you be interested?
A: No. Iím committed to Storm Wrestling Academytm and will not give that up. I would enjoy that position but that job would not pay enough to make it worthwhile. Even a 2 day a week job becomes 3-4 days with travel.

Q: What goes though your mind during a match? Just thinking about the next spot or does your mind tend to wander sometimes?
A: A million things go through my mind but all of them pertaining to the match in someway.

Q: what was the point in WWE bringing back Jeff Hardy? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he's back, but putting him on RAW and leaving Matt on SmackDown!? Do you think that they will re-unite on RAW?
A: I think the fact that you are thrilled heís back answers your question. People need to see the bigger picture; the obvious answer is not always the right one. For example: You are thrilled now with Jeff returning. If they do a reunion down the road, you will be thrilled again. If they brought him back and reunited Matt and Jeff right off the bat, you would be thrilled only once.

Q: Were you bitterly disappointed when PJ Polaco no-showed the 1PW May 26th/27th shows?
A: I was very disappointed. The match would have been so much more had he been there.

Q: What were your thoughts on Andy Simmons? The guy you ended up teaming with against AJ & Daniels.
A: To be honest I donít have any thoughts. I only spoke with him briefly.

Q: Did you enjoy your match with Doug Williams at 1PW?
A: Very much so. The crowd was fantastic and it was fun actually wrestling in a match.

Q: Would you like to return to the UK and 1PW?
A: At some point I would yes.

Q: Whatís your opinion on Beulah McGillicutty, and Francine?
A: I got along with both of them and thought they worked very hard in ECW.

Q: I was watching better than our best and I loved your title match. Any chance of you making any more appearances for ROH?
A: Iíd be open to it, so I guess you will have to put the pressure on Gabe.

Q: Also, any thoughts on Austin Aries, who happens to be my favourite wrestler
A: Iíve met him a couple times and he seems to be a really good guy. Iíve seen some of his work and think he has a lot of talent.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm